pearl aqua sea

tokyo dome (day i) - 150314

the encore was like melon daesang x10. jonghyun wouldn’t stop crying and even taemin lost control over his emotions.

in one of the vcrs shinee went “undercover” (dressed as women) to a “shinee academy” where fans are trained to be saesangs. undercover shinee can’t keep up with the stamina of the academy fans but they somehow graduate…, and then they get caught.

during “colors of the season” they stood on tiny platforms that extended straight up. it looked so dangerous. they had a handle bar to hold on to but i just wanted them to come down as soon as possible.

after the encore, shinee took turns speaking and jjong cried but, when it was key’s turn and he cried, jjong teased him for it.

love” was the last song and it had a full orchestra (even a harp) as expected. they asked shawols to sing. it was their white day special and, after “love” ended, we raised the colored paper banners (most shinee color, some yellow) and they spelled: “thank u shinee.”

the lightsticks (watches) were really impressive. the way they were programmed to change colors depending on the member singing and the song. speaking of light watches, after the encore, jonghyun asked if the staff would turn down the lights so he could see the view again, and cried. (source: fodfran)

jonghyun cried many times. he first started during the ballad set and the waterworks kept flowing at the end too.

everyone was deeply touched by the fan message. everyone was crying. jonghyun asked the lights be dimmed to see the pearl aqua sea.

jonghyun instructed fans on how to sing the “la la la” part of “déjà-boo”. he had the shinee suit on and the contacts to match! (source: missezri)