Before Diamond Days was released, I wanted to make my little Christmas Special.

First, with Pink as the Ghost of Christmas Past. 

Hope you like ^^

Blue Pearl

After I made my post on what fights Blue Diamonds wave of sorrow I’ve been thinking a lot about Blue Pearl and what she could be like. What with it looking like we’ll be seeing more of her in the upcoming episodes I’d like to post them now and see how accurate I was. Let’s start by looking at, for want of a better word, her genetic makeup.


Publicly blue gems tend to appear, cool, elegant and somewhat aloof. However in private they’re shown to have difficulty coping with strong emotions, generally shutting them out and refusing to acknowledge them until they can’t be contained before they violently explode outwards. From what we’ve seen of the low points in Sapphire and Ruby, and Peridot and Lapis’s relationships they also have trouble empathising with others. We’ve yet to see Blue Pearl in private, but publicly she matches up with this image.

Next we have chest gems, who are generally greatly influenced and driven by their emotions and beliefs, they also tend to be somewhat spontaneous and speak out when they feel someone has wronged them. It’s here, among Amethyst, Bismuth, Blue and Yellow Diamond that Blue Pearl, with her poker face and soft voice, really sticks out.

Appearances in show:

For most of her time on screen Blue Pearl stands still with a neutral expression. When she moves she does so elegantly and when she speaks she does so softly. She is to all appearances the perfect Pearl. Including the latest prime, there are only three times when she chooses to experience her emotions and twice when she does so involuntary.

The first is during That Will Be All, here Blue Pearl gives a little grimace when Yellow Pearl comes and stands next to her. Form this we can deduce that, at the very least, there is something she dislikes enough about Yellow Pearl for her to decide to show it, if only for a moment.

The second is during The Trial, which is a relative gold mine in terms of Blue Pearl emotions. I agree with most of the fandom that drawing is an acceptable way for Blue Pearl to express herself and show her feelings, however if we were to take out her log and look at it I don’t think the drawings we’d find world be as nice as many people seem to think. Let’s look at what she drew during The Trial. Other than her drawing of Stevens face with a big x through it she also drew Steven falling to his death and Blue Zircon looking distressed (remember that, in terms of court records, Yellow Zircon was the one who was talking and there for was the Gem Blue Pearl should have been focusing on).

These are not happy or nice pictures and yet Blue Pearl shows evident joy in their creation.

Other than that and the ‘where was her Pearl moment’ (which I will write about at a later date) there is one other time during this episode where Blue Pearl shows emotion, and that is during Blue Diamonds wave of grief. I’ve all ready talked about this in more depth within my other post so I’ll just briefly summarise: If I’m right then Blue Pearl crying only one tear and having relative immunity to her Diamonds powers suggests that anger is her dominant emotion.

(Unfortunately I can’t find a full version of this clip to screenshot.)

The final time (so far) Blue Pearl expresses emotion is the small smile she gives after she welcomes home our Pearl. I believe this is the first expression of genuine happiness we’ve seen from her and shows that while she may dislike Yellow Pearl she likes and probably got along well with our Pearl.


If the Pearls do represent the wise monkeys then Blue Pearl, with her hair that completely covers her eyes, is see no evil.


As a chest gem Blue Pearls feeling and beliefs are likely very important to her, however as a Pearl she can not voice or act on them. As a Blue gem she’s also not great at dealing with said feeling and so, if you also remember that White Pearls existence probably serves as a reminder of what happens if a Pearl steps out of line all she can do is hide how she feels.

Unlike Amethysts, who have each other and seem to always have someone they can vent to about their superiors with, Blue Pearl has no one except perhaps for the occasional meetings with the other Diamonds Pearls. We can immediately write off venting at White Pearl because this would be like venting at a creepy puppet that may be full of listening devices. Yellow Pearl however is fully conscious but she also seems to genuinely love her Diamond and enjoys her position as a Pearl to the point of secretly taking selfies of herself and Yellow Diamond while at work. She likely won’t hear a word said against either Homeworld or the Diamonds (I’ll try and write a post on why I think this is later). This would make her not only a write off but, as a peer to Blue Pearl, who already has to conceal her feelings with her superiors, she would be a source of annoyance at the very least. Given the speed at which our Pearl managed to work out how to break the rules consequence free in Now We’re only falling apart, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that our Pearl has always had something of a rebellious streak to her. This and the fact that Blue Pearl seems genuinely happy to see our Pearl again makes me wonder if Blue and our Pearl were once close and if Blue used to vent to her when things got to much.

I would be interested to see whether when alone with our Pearl, Blue Pearl displays the warmth and almost boisterous nature we’ve come to associate with chest gems.

As I have already said, I believe art is one of Blue Pearls venting tools. Drawing is a way she can manifest her anger and, if she and Pearl were close, it’s the only way she’s had to do so since Pink Diamond was ‘shattered’.

The final point is that Blue Pearl, with her hair completely covering her eyes, looks to represent the ‘see no evil’ monkey. Many people have described her as ‘spacey’ but I believe that, as that’s an ok thing for a Pearl to be, she purposely blocks out most of what happens around her so as not to add to the ticking time bomb her feelings already are. This last part is a bit far out but I also wonder whether, if she and Pearl were close, she knew about Rose Quartz being Pink Diamond. Pearl would be smart enough to work out a way of her knowing that meant she didn’t have to tell her Diamond unless she was asked a direct question, which if Blue was doing that to her Pearl of all people, then she pretty much already knew everything.

In summary I’d say that while people joke about our Pearl being Salty I think Blue Pearl is bitter, and rightfully so.