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Engagment - Tom Wilson

You were just putting laundry away when you found it. Tom was still at morning skate and you were trying to get things done before your day started. It’s not like you’d been digging around or snooping through his drawers. You had simply finished folding laundry and were putting away some of Tom’s t shirts when you found it. 

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If they had a kid (or a fourth kid) rania and frank

Name: Daniel Wesley Denouement (Dan for short) 
Gender: Male
General Appearance: Looks like his mother; medium height, pale skin (although a few tones darker than Rania’s), dark eyes and oval face, although he has his father’s sharp chin and angular frame.
Personality: Very serious, moreso than any of his siblings. He’s shy, sometimes aloof and indifferent, but very focused and interested in a lot of different subjects. Scientific-minded. He particularly likes botany.
Special Talents: Botany. He has a garden.
Who they like better: Rania, probably
Who they take after more: Frank
Personal Head canon: His favorite fruit is prickly pear. He has unique culinary tastes. He probably is Sunny’s best critic. 
Face Claim: I have no clue I am bad a faceclaims


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halo-style rings by kateszabone

bam, these rings smack you in the FACE with sparkle! love ‘em both.


Elizabeth Taylor X Richard Burton X 1964

In 1961 on the set of Cleopatra when Elizabeth Taylor met and began dating co-star Richard Burton, despite both being married to other people. They tied the knot on March 15, 1964 in a small ceremony in Montreal 9 days after her divorce was finalized. Elizabeth and Richard were initially married for 10 years during which time they were arguably Hollywood’s most high-profile couple. During their marriage, Richard presented his wife with some of her most famous and expensive jewelry – from the 70-carat flawless pear-shaped diamond ring that was subsequently renamed the Taylor-Burton Diamond, to the 33-carat Krupp jewel she wore in several of her movies. They divorced on June 26,1974 in Switzerland  only to remarry in a secret ceremony in October 10, 1975 in Botswana. Their second marriage ended on July 29, 1976.


Closeup of the amazing $13 million worth of diamonds Beyoncé wore to the 2016 VMAs (all by Lorraine Schwartz).

Earrings are made up of emeralds, pink diamonds and paraiba.

On left hand: trio of diamond rings, including a diamond wrap around ring, a pear shaped diamond ring, and a 7 carat pinky ring.

On right hand: a beautiful 12 carat pink diamond teardrop ring.

Bonus: Blue Ivy also wore a bejeweled tiara by Lorraine Schwartz!