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Hello everyone! Katherine, Patrycja and I are very excited to announce The Jewelry Awards! Here are the info if you want to join!


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-Best Overall: Boodles Diamond Tennis Bracelet
-Best URL: Bulargi B.Zero1 ring
-Best Theme: De Beers Aura Pear Cut Pendant
-Best Posts: Cartier Pink Gold Love Necklace
-Nicest Blogger: Cartier Love Bracelet
-Best under 3k: Bulargi Parentesi cocktail ring
-Laila’s fave: Cartier Rose Gold Love Ring
-Katherine’s fave: ForeverMark Pear Shaped Diamond Ring
-Patrycja’s fave: Sweet Alhambra necklace


-A follow from us, if we don’t already follow you
-A feature on our awards page (under construction)
-Promo a week from each of us (if requested)
-We can help you with anything
-Three new friends!

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-This magnificent banner was made by Katherine!
-If you have any questions you can ask us
-We will announce the winners once we are happy with the notes
-The proof of being under 3k send here

good luck to everyone!

“Daddy Buckwoo and Izzy”

Summary: In honor of Father’s Day, here’s a one-shot about Bucky, his girlfriend and her 3 year old daughter, Isabella Marie. Love doesn’t always occur in conventional ways. Sometimes, chance meetings can lead to a lifetime of happiness.

 Words:946 (kinda got carried away)

 Pairing: Bucky Barnes, Reader, OFC Isabella Marie

 Warnings: Extreme fluff 

 Ah, yes Father’s Day, the hallowed 3rd Sunday in June. Some dad’s consider it Holy Grail Sunday because their loved ones showers them with breakfast in bed, homemade crafts, and a vast array of gifts; ranging from ties, tools, and fishing equipment.

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spaceorphan18 replied to your post: I’m so fucking angry at The Bachelorette finale…

Why what happened?

Girl, I knew Bryan was going to win because of the edit and of course that’s how they set it up, and then they mixed in the goddamn after the finale rose into the finale so you kept having these breaks of live commentary like it was the goddamn super bowl which is just super fucking awkward.  AND THEN she gets angry that Peter’s all ‘when I propose I want it to be for real, and I just don’t know if you can do that after knowing each other for only 7 weeks, so would it be terrible if we just kept dating??’ and Rachel, WHO FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON HAS BEEN THE MATURE AND GOOD CHOICES BACHELORETTE, was all ‘look, this bitch needs a ring so what do you mean you can’t tell me right now you want to propose?? I mean, you have a 50% chance of me saying yes!!!’ and so they break up with a fucking hour left in the show which means we’re only left with Bryan who is smarmy as fuck and his mom is insane.  AND THEN they cut to the live bit and they bring Peter on to talk to Rachel and he’s all *apologizing for hurting her and explaining he still loves her even though she dumped him for a ring* and she real salty side eyes him and says ‘I’m living my best life’ and I swear to god you have never had someone jump from best bachelorette to worst SO FUCKING FAST.  And Chris Harrison that baiting little asshole keeps promising that you don’t know what happens and keep watching so EVERY FUCKING ONE OF US on twitter is like ‘is she going to tell Bryan no and then Peter proposes on the live show??’ BUT NO SHE GETS REAL EXCITED AS SOON AS SHE SEES THE RING FROM BRYAN and to make matters even worse it’s a goddamn pear shaped ring and I’m just like, girl, Rachel… Rachel Esq., you were way more emotional over Peter leaving than Bryan but you just wanted a goddamn ring and to get proposed to on national tv and it was just supremely disappointing. SUPREMELY.


Escape Verse: Put A Ring On It

This is a prequel, for @ninzied, who generously also betaed for me.

Graham goes ring shopping and employs literally the worst person to help him in said endeavor - lovesick puppy dog Robin.

It is also on

Chapter 1 is here

He hates this guy.

He hates to even give him a name. Unless he absolutely has to, he refers to Graham as “him,” “that guy” or “Regina’s boyfriend” as much as possible, because his name tastes like ash in his mouth.

He really, really, intensely dislikes him.

In every occasion where he’s had the, uh, pleasure of Graham’s company, he finds himself wanting to get away from him as fast as he can. He humors him, chats him up and occupies him, because he’s important to Regina, and hell, what’s important to her should be important to him, right?

When Regina mentioned Graham felt left out of company matters, Robin sucked it up and started inviting Graham golfing with the guys. He shared his baseball and football and basketball tickets with the man, because well, it made Regina smile.

But typically, Robin only sees Graham when he is Regina’s date to black tie events, where he always ends up acting like a neglected child, begging for Regina’s attention, when she needs to network. Robin finds himself playing babysitter, keeping Graham occupied so Regina can schmooze in peace.

Graham’s just a child. An ungrateful, pathetic child.

It doesn’t help matters that Regina recounts his antics with him over coffee. She’ll show up, frustrated and sleep deprived, admitting she had spent yet another night arguing with Graham over god knows what.

Graham doesn’t like to go to those black tie affairs her job dictates she attends. He complains about the long hours of her job, yet when she has time off, he’s always made plans of his own.

He blames her for their lack of intimacy, and Robin hates it.

And Regina’s revealed that there is a lack of intimacy, sadly. He knows Graham hasn’t shown much of an interest in her sexually, which could just about make Robin lose his mind. He’s terribly jealous, and terribly frustrated because this man has the whole world in his hand and doesn’t even appreciate it.

So, he hates Graham. And to be quite honest, he’d assumed the feeling was mutual.

Which is why he’s extremely puzzled to find Graham calling him in the middle of a work day.

“Hey it’s Graham. Ya gotta moment?”

Robin frowns. “A few I guess. But I got to be going—”

“It won’t take long. I just…need your advice on something.”

“You want my advice?” Robin asks. What pearl of wisdom was this man trying to grasp from a single father who spends his days pining over his coworker and best friend?

“You’re her best friend, right?” Graham asks. “I need shopping advice.”

Oh, well. Years on television have taught him more about women’s fashion than any man should know, but oh well. Such is life. “She likes jewel tones and black. She’s a size two, though if it runs small in skirts or pants she can be a size four.” Because she has the world’s greatest ass, he thinks. But he’s not going to mention that. Besides, Graham knows that, the bastard has held her ass in his hand — god he hates that man. “The set dressers always describe her style as sleek and sexy sophisticated. Go to Neiman Marcus or Saks and tell a saleswoman. She will help.”

“Not clothes,” Graham grumbles, “god why would I ever bother shopping for clothes, she’s impossible and too damn picky.”

Robin bites his tongue.

“What then, mate?” he asks, trying to stay cool.

“A ring.”

Robin nearly falls out of his chair. He never saw it coming. They don’t seem there yet.

“Engagement ring, I take it?”

“Yeah. We’ve been together forever, and she’s always saying that I don’t make an effort… well this is a helluva effort, isn’t it?”

Robin rolls his eyes. “I suppose…”

“She’s picky, I figure you’re her friend, you know about this stuff, you’re always complimenting her hair and jewelry and outfits, so you must know what she likes. You’re like her gay best friend or something. Though, obviously you’re not gay, I’m not saying that. Anywayyyy…. any chance you can come meet me at the mall for lunch and help my pick something out?”

Robin groans and wipes a hand over his face. God, this guy. “ Not the mall. Go to a proper jeweler. Kings on Second Street. And it’s not something you’re gonna be able to figure out during a lunch hour.”

“Really?” Graham asks. “It’s just a ring. How complicated could it be?”

He really hates this guy.

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Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton on their wedding day.  March 15, 1964.

In 1961 on the set of Cleopatra when Elizabeth Taylor met and began dating co-star Richard Burton, despite both being married to other people. They tied the knot on March 15, 1964 in a small ceremony in Montreal 9 days after her divorce was finalized. Elizabeth and Richard were initially married for 10 years during which time they were arguably Hollywood’s most high-profile couple. During their marriage, Richard presented his wife with some of her most famous and expensive jewelry – from the 70-carat flawless pear-shaped diamond ring that was subsequently renamed the Taylor-Burton Diamond, to the 33-carat Krupp jewel she wore in several of her movies. They divorced on June 26,1974 in Switzerland only to remarry in a secret ceremony in October 10, 1975 in Botswana. Their second marriage ended on July 29, 1976.


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 4 | 7.22.16

halo-style rings by kateszabone

bam, these rings smack you in the FACE with sparkle! love ‘em both.