pear and chocolate cake

CBaBP Mother’s Day One Shot

@jroseley suggested this one! Hope you enjoy!

Peeta popped his head into the living room where Katniss reclined on the couch. “I’m going to start filming for my channel. You need anything?”

She shook her head and ran her hand over her stomach. The baby was due in just a few weeks and he knew she was ready for it all to be done. “I’m fine. Gale and Prim are coming over later, so don’t make a huge mess.”

He gave her a smile. “I clean up the kitchen better than you, sweetheart.” He winked and went into the kitchen.

The camera was set up and ready to go. Peeta leaned close after he turned it on and spoke softly. “As you all know by now, my wife is just days away from giving birth to our first baby. And since Mother’s Day is today, I’m going to surprise her with a special treat: pear upside-down cake. With chocolate cake.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I want to make a really good autumn dessert, but I'm really allergic to pumpkin. Do you have any suggestions?

sorry about the pumpkin allergy that is no fun :(

a lot of pumpkin recipe are just ‘Pumpkin Spice’ which don’t actually have any pumpkin in them, just spices ( cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove) but i am sure you already know about that :)

also apples are in season which make great autumn desserts!

and chai spice is very fall !!

and finally here are some other no pumpkin fall recipes!

let me know if you try any :) 


shit is very serious… Very philosophical; deep.

Not Just a Math Tutor (You x EXO Xiumin)

Could I request a Minseok scenario? Where, he’s your Math tutor and you end up falling for each other and he confesses? A long and fluffy one please? :D I love your blog and writings btw. ^^ thank you~ (Hope I make it~ o.o)


[Peach tart with cream ribbons and pureed pear]

[Chocolate cake with roasted almonds and cinnamon flakes]

[Strawberry waffle with blueberry glaze topped with crushed peppers]

Your eyes grow wide as you peek into the glass cases, looking at pastry you wish you could afford. This was the newest bakery in town, and also the trendiest. You could buy yourself dinner three times over for the price of the pancake set, and that didn’t even include the topping!

“Can I help you?”

The cashier, a short-haired girl with gold earrings, peers at you unassumingly, watching you drool over the cakes. “Oh, um, I’m here for Minseok?” You stutter. ”He said to just come to the front…” A cheerful Minseok appears over her shoulder, waving at you. “You came!”

“I did.” You blush. “This place is really, really nice.”

“It is, right?” He grins. “Hold on, let me go finish the muffins up and I’ll be right out. You can sit anywhere you want.”

You nod to him and pick a table out by the window so you can look outside, sliding your backpack onto the floor. You were here to receive an hour of tutoring for calculus, which you were taking for the second time. Your older brother Luhan had recommended you get tutoring after your last set of exam scores (and he had even offered to pay!), and referenced you to his roommate from university, Kim Minseok.

You’d reluctantly agreed, mostly because you really needed to raise your scores, but also because Minseok was incredibly cute. Maybe he would give you the motivation to study even harder! You’d met him in passing a couple of times (a few dinners at Luhan’s apartment, a baseball game once, and a really embarrassing drunken incident you didn’t care to talk about), and he was cuter each time.

When he’d accepted Luhan’s offer to tutor you, you couldn’t have been happier. You know got to spend two and a half hours a day with Minseok in one of the trendiest places of the moment. He worked at a brand new five-star bakery, located on the third floor of one of the most expensive hotels on this side of town.

“Did you wait long?” Minseok eventually comes over, carrying a paper bag and sitting it on the table. He pulls off his apron, the same burgundy one that all the employees wore, revealing his crisp white shirt and dress pants. You nearly fall over. “No, not long.” You say innocently. “Not long at all.”

“Here, I grabbed these.” He sits beside you and opens the bag, pulling out a few plastic containers. Your mouth drops open. Dessert after dessert comes out—little cakes decorated with flowers, tiny cookies lined with pearls made out of sugar, and even a cake dusted with something that looks like chocolate snow. “I wasn’t sure which one you would like.” He shrugs. “So I just grabbed them all.”

You dab a bit of drool from your mouth. “I pretty sure you grabbed everything I liked!” He laughs, brushing the hair out of his eyes. “Okay, let’s take a look at your work.”

The two of work until late until the night, pausing for a break at an hour to eat dessert and catch up. Despite the fact that the bakery was popular, it closed relatively earlier. At exactly eight o’clock the lights begin to flip off one by one. “Minseok-ah!” You look up from your math to see a herd of people coming towards you. The short-haired girl from earlier throws her arms around Minseok’s neck, cuddling him close.

“Oppa!” She announces. “We’re going out for beer and chicken! Do you want to come?”

“I’m working.” He laughs detangling her arms from his neck. “I’ve still got an hour left.”

She gives you a side glance. “Math? I didn’t know you tutored kids.”

Kid? You fume. Who is she calling a kid?! He’s only two years older than me!

“Ah, well, maybe next time.” She huffs. “Work hard.”

Minseok waves to them a returns to you, but you burn holes into the quadratic formula with your eyes. “Hey, don’t let them distract you.” Minseok says, tapping the paper. “Show me how you did number seven.” You turn to him. “You should have gone. That girl really wanted you to go.” He gives you a funny look.

“Oh, Haejin-ssi? But we still have work to do.” He says simply. “And I am getting paid to do this. I can’t just skip out.”

So he only stayed because he’s getting paid. You think sadly. I see.

“Get back to work!” He chimes, flicking you on the forehead.“ So we can get out of here!”


Although you keep meeting with Minseok, you don’t feel any better about it. Okay, so your math scores are improving a little. But Haejin regularly interrupts you every night at closing to invite Minseok out, to call you a kid, and to sniff her way out. You begin to feel bad. Minseok is missing so many dinners and parties and get-togethers because of you. It’s actually starting to become harder to work with him, especially today.

“No, we went over this already!” Minseok huffs, using your strawberry-shaped eraser to swipe your work away. “What’s going on with you? We’ve done this a few times today, haven’t we?”

Your cheeks burn as you try again, feeling the heat of Minseok’s frustration. Your final exam was coming up soon, and Luhan had paid him to tutor you for nearly four hours at a time, nearly doubling our regular meeting time. You were mostly feeling embarrassed—you couldn’t focus, and it seemed like Minseok was getting irritated. He had ripped off his tie and tossed it onto the table, and the first three buttons of his shirt were undone.

“This still isn’t right.” He chides. “Do it again.” You try it again. Still wrong.

“Is something bothering you today?” He huffs, shoving the paper away. “This is stuff we reviewed. Now just isn’t the time for you to be forgetting things!”

“Then why don’t we just stop!” You blurt. Minseok gives you a funny look. “What?”

“You always stay here and tutor me!” You blurt. “You should be going out with your friends. We both know that you don’t want to be here with me, so why don’t we just stop, okay?” You stand up and begin shoving things in your backpack blindly. “Hey, stop.” Minseok touches your arm. “That’s not true.”

“It is.” You retort. “You’re only here because Luhan pays you. You even said so yourself. I’m keeping you from meeting your friends, and it’s making you dislike me.”

“Actually, it’s the opposite.”

You turn and look at him. “What?”

He chuckles. “Did you ever stop and think that maybe I was here because I wanted to see you?”

You’re silent. Minseok wanted to see…you? “I don’t care about going out with Haejin or the guys or any of them!“ He says. “Even though we’re only working on math…” He trails off, getting shy. “I didn’t think I would do this tonight.” He scratches the back of his neck I embarrassment. “I actually…like you.”

"Me?” Your mouth drops in shock.

“Yeah.” He confesses. “Ever since Luhan introduced me to you…I really liked you. But it’s kind of weird to like your best friend’s sister, y’know.” You blink at him. “This can’t be real.” He looks at you with confusion. “But…it is?”

“Not, it’s not.” You say. “The guy that I like actually likes me back?”

“You like me?” He says in astonishment. You nod. “But it’s kind of weird to like your brother’s best friend, y’know.” He grins from ear to ear. “I think we can make it work.”

 He hook his fingers in your belt loops, tugging you a little closer. “Can I kiss you right now?” You blush. “Well, if you want to, I won’t stop you.” He presses his lips against yours. Your head swims, the effect of maybe the best guy ever, and all the white chocolate dipped pears you had earlier. “Well.” You smile. He grins at you. “What?”

“I think I’ll definitely be able to pass my test now.”


Scenario end! How was it? Okay? I was trying not to make it too long haha! But I threw some Luhan in there because I was in a Luhan mood lol! ~Jjangpanda