pear and chocolate

Pear and Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

with real chocolate because I was feeling greedy.

  • 200ml milk
  • 50g melted dark chocolate
  • 4tsp cocoa powder
  • half a tinned pear, blended (mine was quite small)
  • 1/4tsp ground cinnamon
  • tiny pinch salt

Verdict - oh my god that was delicious. The pear was subtle but added a light aftertaste to an otherwise very intense drink. It was a lot sweeter than I’m used to, though, next time I’ll stick to 20-30g chocolate. But as it depends on the chocolate you use and your own tastes, 50g could be the perfect amount for someone else so don’t let me put you off trying this, it is a lovely flavour combo and really thick and creamy.

(edited to delete the sugar rant because it’s unhealthy to get so caught up over these things)

bad and naughty children get put in to the C̞̣̈́̓͗̈̉͂͐͆̚H̟̞̹͖̳͔̻̓ͥ͗Ö͙͓͖͍̞̝̤̃̐̒Ċ̻̮̦͇̮̓̃O̞̞̝ͩͯ̔ ̗͓̥̬̮̪͍̊̆̉̓̆͋ͬͥW̦̝̠͍̤̝̭̮͔̽̅̓ͥͪ̓I̮͓̝̬͈̖̮̓́ͧG̲̹̑̔G̤͖͔͚̬͓͕̦ͬ̅̉̈́ͨ̅̅ͅL̻͉̯̟̪̬͎̭̗̅ͧ̅ͫ̓ͯ̆Ė̗͕̦̰͚̆ͬ́ͯ̂R̦̤̭̠̺̗̥͐͗̊ͅ to atone for their crimes

Tb  - Chocolate proats topped with pear, goji berries, toasted coconut, cottage cheese and Meridian smooth peanut butter (before vegan)

Get to know me?

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Last Movie you Watched: Deadpool. I watch this movie on regular basis.

Last song you listened to: Light - Sleeping at last. I LOVE this song, It can apply to both my OTPs (Desus and Destiel) so double pain for me, yay~~

Last show you watched: I’m binge watching The Walking Dead again because I’m making my mom watch it. She doesn’t speak english and call it The Worldking Dead, IT’S SO CUTE.

Last Book you read: Les Rois Maudits. It’s the french books that inspired G.R.R Martin to write the Song of Ice and Fire saga. It’s really good but lacks dragons ^^

Last thing you ate: A pear and chocolate pie my grandma made. It was perfection.

If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?: Canada. I’m actually trying to move in Canada. Vancouver would be perfect since that’s where they shoot Supernatural.

When would you time travel to?: 19th century but in Japan.

First thing you would do with lottery money?: Buy a house for my mom.

Character you would hang out with for a day?: Jesus and Tara they’re the chillest, we’d have so much fun!

Time Right Now: Monday 01:01 AM. I’m in the future and waiting for the Walking Dead. I hope Daryl and Jesus have a scene together!! *fingers crossed*

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My body

Pear shaped, Round
Dark chocolate
A maze I used to hate
I will guide you as you listens carefully
My thighs sweet like Hersey kisses
Stretch marks represent all my loving
Big, Round
Hands so attached to them
My stomach firm, but loose
One kiss, one touch
Touch each mark on my stomach
Each line represent a word of poetry
But a love of insecurities

I will be deleting this because I feel like it’s bad😓

—  frsehprince