peapod kid

I don’t think Peapod will be at San Lorenzo with Arnold and his classmates unless the writers will go back to the season one days where he use to be one of them. Also what confused me about some of the new designs is that Helga is the only one not wearing a sweater or jacket. Would she get cold or something? Or she’s too bad ass for one?

Daily Challenge: Draw a Minor Character

I chose Peapod Kid.  Why?  Because he’s awesome!  He’s barely seen in the show but everyone knows who Peapod Kid is.  He’s the kid who we never find out what his real name is!  Whenever there’s a list with the kids’ names on it his is listed as literally either ‘Peapod’ or 'Peapod Kid’.  Even the other kids refer to him by this name.  And he doesn’t seem to have an issue with it which makes him all the more cool.