peanuts that is

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Any.... yoonseok recs...????? 👀👀👀

i went to my bookmarks and realized a lot of my favs were deleted and now i’m dead inside. here are the ones i found in my recs, hope you enjoy~

1. Oops, Sorry by VeryGhost (78.2k, wrong number!au)
2. dizzy on the comedown by CaptainButts (18.2k, magic realism!au)
3. forgive me by CaptainButts (11.1k, fluff)
4. Let’s Not Fall In Love by hobe (8.4k, smut)
5. It’s Too Cliché (I Won’t Say I’m In Love) by cute_nerds (3.3k, fluff)
6. Snapstreak by nyxphrodites (10.6k, snapchat!au)
7. Dead Leaves and Spring Flowers by infinitizeit (10.4k, soulmate!au)

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This may not be the best format, but this is a dire question that I have been meaning to ask you for quite some time. I have been trying to approach you for weeks about it, but being so fearful of the response has left me in a state of paralysis. Reaching this point where I can actually ask you has been a long journey filled with great emotional strife. I know I cannot return to my life of seclusion and solitude after this, but it must be done. So I ask: what is your opinion on walnuts?

i’m very allergic to them :(