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Es Un Dia Muy Importante


Pickle And Peanut

Milo Murphy’s Law

Star Vs The Forces Of Evil


I scooped Anchovy and said “Are you having nice cuddles with your brother?” and he put his little head on my thumb and looked like he was having flashbacks. So I fed him a mealworm and he seemed to perk up! He still looks a little concerned, though; or maybe he’s just overwhelmed at the thought of Peanut Butter cuddles, as anyone would be.

Speaking of, I have no pictures of Peanut Butter because he’s an unphotogenic cryptid, but today I pulled him out for an eyedrop and while I was fiddling with the dropper he climbed up onto my shoulder and admired the view. I felt him put his pixel nose in my ear, then both his mittens. Then he really stuck his nose in there, and I heard ‘WHIF WHIF WHIF.’ Then I received a kiss on the earlobe. Peanut Butter is a Very Good Bean.


Bobby dresses up like Santa Clause every year when the families get together for Christmas, to ‘surprise’ the kids, tell them how wonderfully “nice” they’ve been, & to hand out gifts… and even though the older ones know it’s him, they all play along, and the littler kids always get upset because he has to leave before “Their Bobby” gets to the party… and April swears the only reason he does it is so he can hear the kids talk about how much they love him but really Bobby just likes to be the purveyor of Christmas Spirit and his favorite part is when they all run to him after he ‘arrives’ and tell him all about how happy they were to see Santa and how much they love the presents he gave them.

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cc step siblings au

candy: Nikki can play the piano

Neil: really

Nikki: NO!

Candy: 2 years of lessons

neils dad: why dont you play something for us sweetheart

Nikki: *sighs loudly * alright i only know one song *Plays the peanuts song*

Neil: im done *starts walking away to turn around* 2 years of lessons and this is the only song you wan play??

later  that day Nikki changes Neil ringtone to the Peanuts theme song

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Splatoon 2's getting a big update, like, tomorrow!! They're gonna add 140 new pieces of gear/clothing, including bringing back some stuff from the first game! How do you feel about that?

i’ve heard, i’m always so excited about new gear!!!!! i’m really hoping they bring back the rugby shirts too hehe but i’m not counting on it pfft. i also really dig the irish squïd musique

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Your friends are dirty little whores and you're a terrible friend too lmao. They're fucking psychotic and retarded why are you friends with them it just makes you look stupid.

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You’re going to have to be a lot more specific than this – preferably without gendered  and ableist slurs, because that just makes you look like an unintelligent and hateful troll.

“dirty little whores” What are you, a ragingly jealous old man from the 18th century?

Which group of friends are you referring to? Because there are a lot of subgroups I travel in, and knowing which one you are will go a long way to identifying what brand of cowardly idiot you are.