Mensaje de #Frankenstein y novia: Este Domingo 31 de Mayo a las 19:00 os esperamos en el @lunchboxandtikiroom c/ barco 8, en la exposición “UNIVERSAL VS HAMMER MONSTERS ART SHOW”. Y a las 22:00 concierto de Dia X menos 60.

LOVE DIES por @stevecasino hecha con #cacahuetes pintados!

This Sunday opens the UNIVERSAL VS HAMMER MONSTERS ART SHOW curated by @susanitalittle Don’t miss it.

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Aw yeah number 7 (i'msobadatthesechallengesomgdon'tlookatme)

but ye idk i kind of liked the way it looked just filled in like that, and omg i have so many hatchy wips on my computer i need to finish, this was one of them

lmao okay so this is like my first fully drawn and colored furry pic

i’m still trying to learn the ways of the anthros

so this is my fursona Mika, my girlfriend tori designed her for me a while ago, i just told her species and colors, which she’s a striped hyena btw C:

she’s got like a man body with lady parts?? don’t judge aha

expect more pictures u v u <33