This is taken by me at home of my baby Peanut. 

This was taken when he was 6 weeks old (dob unknown)

I adopted him from a stranger… (yes i did)

He is just a domestic short hair (which really means no particular breed)

He is an adorable cat, where he was given up by some random strangers. Stranger 1 threw him away, stranger 2 then gave him to me. (It’s complicated)

My family hated him, despite it I adore him and still do. *Don’t tell Nala, but he’s my favourite.*

He’s my little tiger and I love him to pieces.

Everyday my baby grows older, everyday I become more mature as a person, as a care taker. Over the past year I started becoming more responsible. An important family member is no longer with me and I had to take care of myself. Now I not only take care of myself but my two beautiful cats that I am so thankful to have everyday. I am blessed to have these two little cats with me everyday no matter if I’m happy or sad they are always here for me. So for that I thank them.

Taken by iPhone 5C
Edit using: after light and viscocam

You don’t need expensive cameras to take a good photo. I know that everyone does not have the cash to buy an expensive dslr, using your phone, digital camera to even film camera can produce amazing photos. So for those of you who ask whether u need a professional camera, the answer is no. You do not. All you need is passion, creativity and motivation. I wish all of those fellow photographers good luck and the best!