Started off today with a good breakfast (banana, peanut butter, toast and coffee). Good lunch too! Went to a new Thai place that opened up a few minutes from my house! Ordered the beef Thai salad with light vinaigrette 😁
Dinner was a treat of tacos! 😁

Today was chest shoulders and triceps, then swimming in the evening! 💪🏼🏊🏻
Overall a great day! 😁🎉

Photo with the fire from yesterday of a catch up with friends! 😅

Ten Things About Me

1. I’m not a gambler, money is too hard come by.
2. I like Marmite. With crunchy peanut butter, on toast.
3. I use words to make a living.
4. My heart belongs to Jacqueline.
5. Manchester United are my team.
6. I miss my dad a lot.
7. My favourite poet is Dylan Thomas.
8. My favourite place is wilderness.
9. I am secretly emotional.
10. I wish I was taller.
11. I’m not very good at rules.