Good morning from vacation 💃🏼💋 no better way to start the day than with some yummy peanut butter toast with blackberry honey & banana & some umm…. Milk… There Is milk in that cup 😉 making healthy decisions all day today & throughout the entire vacation will help keep me energized, strong, & confident! So let the fun begin!! Time for a morning run to put these carbs to good use!!

ALSO FUCKING ALSO libertarians, while generally way more socially left wing than conservatives, are VERY VERY economically conservative. like they really don’t like obamacare or like government regulations. while they won’t take away marriage equality or abortions it’s more because they hate government involvement not because they’re super left wing. like voting libertarian as a Bernie fan or socialist is like putting peanut butter on your toast instead of jelly. the end result is still a delicious breakfast, but they’re still completely different condiments.