I am one such an individual, and last night I was super pumped to try this concealer. Out of curiosity I read the ingredients and saw something called arachidyl behenate.

Anything with the root “arachi” such as “arachis oil” is probably peanut related. And, sure enough, I did some research and arachidyl behenate is peanut-derived. Which is the story of how I nearly smushed a deadly food allergen into my skin.

There’s a report here from last year that seems to indicate that some food allergens are neutralized when processed for cosmetics, but I’m not sure that applies for peanuts. And at any rate, they did indicate there was still a risk of a reaction if such proteins weren’t processed properly.

Now, I’m gonna say it outright - I’m not one hundred percent sure that a heavily processed peanut-derived chemical such as arachidyl behenate will cause a reaction. I’ve worn a lot of makeup over the years without checking the ingredients, so I could have easily used a product containing it without knowing. Still, better safe than sorry.

Alternate names for peanut products (anything with the prefix “arachi-” should be considered suspect):

beer nuts, earth nuts, goobers, groundnuts, groundnut oil, hypogaeic acid, katchung oil, mandelonas

A full list can be found here, another cosmetic-specific one here.

Here’s some articles on the subject:

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Please fire me. I am sure my next workplace would love to know you wrote me up for giving a man, who was going into anaphylactic shock, some benadryl.  Yep, it says “dealing drugs” in the write up.

Scientists say they’ve cured peanut allergies

Doctors successfully cured babies and toddlers of their peanut allergies by feeding them small doses of peanuts, according to a study published Wednesday in the Journal for Allergy and Clinical Immunology. The treatment, know as “oral immunotherapy,” involves introducing small doses of peanuts (or any substance) into the subjects’ diets and gradually increasing the dose. Despite the therapy’s success rate, it remains a controversial method.

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39. I am no longer allowed to walk around the corridors in a fairy costume, just to walk around in a fairy costume.

A/N: Warning for homophobia, using a homophobic slur, fighting, and an allergic reaction to peanuts. Which may seem like a strange combination. But it will all make sense in the end. Maybe.

“I’m not gonna lie, I don’t know if I really want to be seen with you like this.”

“C’mon James, it’s not that big of a deal,” Sirius answered back, turning his body to move through the crowd so his large glittering fairy wings didn’t hit anyone.

James rolled his eyes, but didn’t answer, pointedly avoiding looking down at Sirius’ tight pale pink leotard with purple and silver glittering swirls.

It was one of their few Hogsmeade trips and Sirius was taking advantage of being away from the school by wearing his fairy costume.

He’d gotten the costume several weeks before, when he overheard a couple of kids picking on a smaller boy for being a ‘fairy’. They were beating on the kid, so Sirius stepped in and told them to scram. He pressured the boy to tell him what was going on, and the kid, whose name was Kenny, admitted that the other boys found out that he didn’t like girls.

“So?” Sirius had asked, not seeing the problem.

“So, I like boys. It’s not normal. I’m not normal. And these guys hate everything that isn’t normal,” Kenny had answered back despondently.

It made Sirius want to do something to try and help – and that’s when he got the idea.

He ordered the fairy costume and had it delivered, wearing it around the school’s hallways whenever he could.

He’d been told by Professor McGonagall he wasn’t allowed to wear the costume to class, but there was no explicit rule saying he couldn’t wear it in other places. 

So, here he was, proudly wearing his costume on their trip to Hogsmeade. He and his friends had just gotten some candy from Honeydukes and were walking to the Three Broomsticks to get some butterbeer.

He hadn’t told his friends about the experience with the bullies, mostly because Kenny begged him not to. He didn’t want the whole school finding out his sexual preference, and making his life worse than it already was.

Because it wasn’t anyone else’s business, Sirius agrees to stay quiet, (although he was adamant that there was nothing wrong with the boy) and instead decided to take on the silent role of justice, knowing his friends wouldn’t abandon him no matter how strangely he was dressed.

Sure enough, when he put on the costume that morning, his friends looked at him strangely, but they stayed by his side anyway.

As they navigated the busy crowd, Sirius spotted Kenny sitting over in the corner and waved happily, pulling along his friends to go meet with them.

“Hey guys, this is my friend, Kenny!” he said to his friends, pointing out the kid who was sitting with a dark-haired girl and was staring wide-eyed back at Sirius in his costume.

“Hey Kenny,” James said with a nod, clearly accepting that being Sirius’ friend meant you were automatically his friend too.

Kenny waved awkwardly at the four, obviously having no clue what he should do.

“How’s it going?” Sirius asked casually, leaning against the booth.

James whispered something to Remus nodded back and traded places with James as he went to grab the group butterbeer. Peter stepped closer as well, munching happily on his peanut brittle he’d purchased.

“Good, I guess?” Kenny answered nervously, his eyes raking Sirius’ body, lingering in some areas a little longer than others, “What are you doing?”

“Just hanging out at Hogsmeade. Same as you.” Sirius replied with a smile and a wink.

Kenny blushed profusely, opening and closing his mouth several times when a holler came from across the room.

“Would you look at that? Two fairies, getting cozy together.”

“Just lookin’ at ‘em makes me sick.”

Kenny’s shoulders immediately slumped as he tucked his chin into his chest, trying to make himself smaller.

Sirius turned around to see two guys sauntering up to his small group. They were both sneering over at Kenny and making their way closer.

The room went silent as everyone watched these boys, waiting to see what would happen.

“And, who are you?” Sirius asked, unimpressed.

One of the boys, a heavy guy with a crooked nose, opened his mouth to answer, but Sirius held up his hand to cut him off, “Nope. Don’t answer. I just remembered. I don’t actually care. Now run along boys, I’m sure you can find another seat in this place.”

“Sirius, what are you doing?” Remus muttered beneath his breath, leaning forward so Sirius could hear him.

“Just trust me on this,” Sirius answered back softly, sighing in relief when Remus nodded once in agreement.

“Hey! You can’t talk to me like that!”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Sirius spoke sincerely, looking mildly troubled, “I didn’t realize – no matter. I’ll speak in a way you can understand,” he leaned forward and spoke in an exaggeratedly slow voice, using big arm motions with every word, and said loudly, “Seats. Here. Are. Full. Seats. Over. There. Empty. You. Go. There.”

Laughter spread throughout the room.

“Sirius,” Remus said in a warning tone, realizing the boy’s faces were turning an alarming shade of red.

Sirius waved off his concerns and folded his arms, waiting for storm to come.

“How dare you? I’m not gonna let some fairy talk to me like that!” The bigger one spat out, rolling up his sleeves.

“What’s going on?”

Peter looked down to see a little girl staring curiously at the scene. She had on a pink dress and had her bright blond hair in to pigtails.

“Why are those mean men yelling at the fairy?” she asked curiously.

“Uhh,” Peter said, his eyes wide, looking in between the small child and the fight that he was sure was just about to happen, “Where are your parents?”

The little girl shrugged.

Afraid she would be in the way, Peter pointed to an empty seat and said, “Why don’t you sit there.”

When she didn’t go right away, he handed her some of his peanut brittle, “Here. Now go.”

She nodded, satisfied, and jumped up into the seat, happily munching on the corner of the candy.

Peter turned back to the others.

You want to fight me?” Sirius said with a disbelieving laugh, shooting a wink at Remus.

“I want you to stop parading yourself around with your boyfriend. Learn how to act like a real man.”

Sirius squinted his eyes in confusion, “My – who?”

He glanced over at Remus, whose eyes were wide, as they both realized they were talking about him.

Sirius shook his head, “Oh, no, he’s not my boyfriend. I mean, he’s a boy, and he’s my friend, but he’s not my boyfriend. He’s just a friend. A close friend, yes, but we’re not – we’re not together. In that way.”

He quickly turn over to Remus and Kenny, lifting his hands in front of his body in a defensive position, and continued, “Not that there’s anything wrong with having a boyfriend. Or with you being my boyfriend. You’re very – boyfriend material. Any bloke would be lucky to have you.”

“Yes, thank you, I think we get your point now,” Remus replied pointedly.

“I wish I could just get rid of every one of ya. That’d take care of the problem,” the big guy said to his friend, spitting on the ground in disgust.

The room went quiet at the threat, and Sirius turned back around slowly, his voice dangerously soft as he answered back, “Excuse me? Did you just make a direct threat against me?”

“So what if I did?” the guy said mockingly, cracking his knuckles.

Sirius stretched his neck, his lips pursed, and reached back to take off part of his costume.

“Remus, hold my wings.”

Remus took the wings, holding them close to his chest, and stepped back.

Peter heard a couple of choking noises, and a small gasp for air, and glanced back to check on the little girl whose face was turning purple.

“Remus?” He asked panicky, tugging on Remus’ shirt sleeve.

“Not now, Peter,” Remus dismissed him immediately, refusing to take his eyes off of Sirius who was casually walking closer to the boy threatening him.

“Yes, now!” Peter answered, grabbing Remus’ arm and jerked him back to face the opposite direction.

Remus blinked once as he stared at the little girl, who now clearly couldn’t breathe.

“What happened?” he asked darting forward, ignoring the chanting in the room (FIGHT. FIGHT. FIGHT.) trying to egg on the fight that was about to happen.

“I don’t know!” Peter said, his voice going shriller with every syllable, “She doesn’t know where her parents are, so I gave her candy and told her to sit.”

“What candy did you give her?” Remus asked, grabbing Peter’s shirt and shaking him.

“It – it was just some peanut brittle!” Peter answered back.

Thinking quickly, Remus pulled out his wand, aimed it at the little girl, and yelled, “Redintegro corporis!

Almost immediately, the girl took a breath of air, choking as she tried to get more down into her lungs. Color was returning to her face, and she was looking a little less blotchy.

“What did you do?” Peter asked in awe.

“She was obviously allergic to peanuts!” Remus growled in return, setting the fairy wings down on the table and patting the girl gently on her back, “Are you okay?”

She nodded, sniffling quietly to herself, “I wanna go home.”

Remus looked around frantically, “Oh no, don’t cry. It’s okay.”

Seeing the wings on the table, he grabbed them and handed them to her, “See? Look at these. You want them?”

She nodded shyly and stood up so Remus could fit them onto her back (muttering a charm to make the straps smaller).

“Do I look pretty?” she asked, twirling on the seat.

“You look beautiful,” Remus answered, kicking Peter’s leg, “Tell her.”

“You’re very pretty,” Peter answered immediately.

She giggled happily, before her mouth formed and o-shape and she waved at a figure over at the door, “It’s my mom!”

Remus looked over and saw a woman looking frantically around the room.

“You better run to her,” he suggested.

“Do you want your wings back?” she asked.

Remus immediately shook his head, “No, between you and me, they look better on you than my friend, anyway.”

The girl gave Remus a quick kiss on the cheek and Peter a big hug, thanking him for the candy, and then ran to her mom who greeted her with a hug.

Remus smiled as he touched his cheek, before remembering what was happening behind him and turned back to Sirius and the bully who were still trading insults with each other.

The bully finally said, “That’s it - you’re done for.”

He cocked his arm back and stepped forward to punch.

Sirius ducked effortlessly and came back up on the other side of the swinging arm. He grabbed it and twisted it back so the arm was facing the wrong direction. The bully yelped at Sirius dropped him to the ground in one swift movement, and lifted his knee to push deep into his gut. He stepped back, looking bored as he stared at the crippled figure below.

Leaning over the boy, Sirius asked mockingly, “Was that man enough for ya?”

He looked over at the second bully who looked even more enraged, seeing his friend taken down so easily by someone wearing a leotard, “How about you? You want some of this too?”

Before the friend could step forward to attack, an arm appeared out of nowhere, hitting him square in the face and flopping him onto the ground with his friend.

“Sorry, didn’t see you there,” James said, stepping over the groaning body and back towards Sirius, “I was distracted by the masculine wingless fairy over here”.

Disbelieving laughter filled the room as everyone realized the fight was already over.

Leaving the two boys on the ground, they all turned back to continue what they were doing before.

Sirius sighed as James returned to the table, “You didn’t have to do that,” he said.

“Of course I did,” James answered back immediately, “You’re my best mate. An insult to you is a direct insult to me.”

“Thanks,” Sirius answered with a smile, clapping James on the back.

“You know I’ve got your back,” James replied, setting down a tray of six butterbeers on the table.

Ignoring the two figures on the floor, and pretending as though nothing were out of the ordinary, James held out a drink and said, “Now, I’ve got a drink here for Sirius, the Fairy Fighter –”

“I like that title,” Sirius said, accepting his drink.

“ – one for Remus, the boyfriend –“

“I’m never going to live that down, am I?” Sirius moaned, watching as Remus smirked as he took a sip.

“ – one for Peter, the reason why we have stranger danger stories –“

Peter’s face turned bright red, “You, uh, you saw that?”

James shot him a look before handing him a drink, slightly scolding him, “Don’t pass out candy anymore.”

Peter nodded glumly.

“ – and, finally, one for Kenny here and his lovely friend, whose name I never received.”

“Karen,” the girl replied immediately, accepting the drink, “and thanks.”

Kenny took the drink, his gaze never leaving the figures on the floor.

Glancing to make sure no one would hear over hear him, Sirius leaned forward to Kenny and whispered, “I don’t think they’ll be bothering you anymore.”

Kenny blinked twice, “You don’t?”

“Nah,” Sirius answered, “See, anytime they mention a fairy from here on out, you bet they’ll be reminded of this moment right now.”

Kenny looked up at Sirius, deep contemplation on his brow, before he finally came to a conclusion and said, “Thanks.”

Sirius winked at him right as Madame Rosmerta walked back out from the back store room, halting at the scene before her.

“What on earth happened here?” Madame Rosmerta asked, staring down at the two boys moaning on the floor.

Everyone in the room went silent and turned to look at Sirius.

Sirius merely shrugged, taking a casual sip from his mug, “They got beat up by a fairy.”

Feeding Babies Foods With Peanuts Appears To Prevent Allergies

Babies at high risk for becoming allergic to peanuts are much less likely to develop the allergy if they are regularly fed foods containing the legumes starting in their first year of life.

That’s according to a big new study released Monday involving hundreds of British babies. The researchers found that those who consumed the equivalent of about four heaping teaspoons of peanut butter each week, starting when they were between 4 and 11 months old, were about 80 percent less likely to develop a peanut allergy by their fifth birthday.

“This is certainly good news,” says Gideon Lack of King’s College London, who led the study. He presented the research at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. It was also published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

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This is Why Your Grandparents Didn’t Have Food Allergies (But You Do!)

So why didn’t your grandparents have food allergies? It’s really quite simple…

They ate food that had no preservatives, and were not processed. Foods came from farms and markets. Babies had a great start to life with breast milk. Those days, you seldom heard of dieting, not like today, as most foods we eat can cause bloating and obesity with all the added chemicals, additives, stabilizers, preservatives, food coloring, flavoring, and GMO’s so prevalent in today’s foods. The meats came from animals that were not pumped full of chemicals like today. Eating out was when you visited family and friends, eating good traditional home cooked meals from scratch. Old fashioned Chicken broth was used for most ailments.

Our grandparents didn’t have the choice to stay inside, on cell phones, computers and gaming systems. They played outside on the grass, climbed trees, rode bikes and had good healthy fun in mother nature!

They never ran to Doctors either for everything. When they got a fever, they waited it out. When they felt sick, they ate soups, broths and rested a lot. They did not have their doctor or nurse on speed dial, and trusted the body’s natural healing process a whole lot more than we do today. Their food was medicine, whether they realized it or not.
Peanut allergy theory backed up by new research
The long-lasting effects of eating peanut products as a baby to avoid the risk of allergy are supported by new research.

The effects of eating peanut products as a baby to avoid the risk of allergy have been backed up by new research.

In 2015, a study claimed early exposure to peanut products could cut the risk of allergy by 80%.

Now researchers say “long-lasting” allergy protection can be sustained - even when the snacks are later avoided for a year.

The New England Journal of Medicine study looked at 550 children deemed prone to developing a peanut allergy.

The latest paper builds on the results of the 2015 research, which was also carried out by King’s College London and marked the first time scientists were able to suggest that exposing children to small amounts of peanut snacks could stave off an allergy.

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Peanut allergy researchers say they may have found key to a cure

Australian researchers have found a possible key to a cure for people with potentially fatal peanut allergies.

A Melbourne-based study has already transformed the lives of many of the children who took part in the clinical trial.

Researchers from the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute gave about 30 allergic children a daily dose of peanut protein together with a probiotic in an increasing amount over an 18-month period.

The probiotic used in the study was Lactobacillus rhamnosus and the dose was equivalent to eating about 20kg of yoghurt each day. At the end of the trial 80% of the children could eat peanuts without any reaction.

“Many of the children and families believe it has changed their lives, they’re very happy, they feel relieved,” said the lead researcher, Mimi Tang. “These findings provide the first vital step towards developing a cure for peanut allergy and possibly other food allergies.”

Shadow’s Anti-SJW Rant of the Day: 5 Breakfast Cereals That Are Equal in Hardcoreness to My Fight Against SJWs

“My butthead co-bloggers keep angrily asking me to tag more so there will be real tags, ugh, I’m so inconvenienced, SJWs are so oppressive.“ I spit at the ground and put my other pistol (jet black with a crimson streak) into my pocket and spin a cool donut on my motorcycle (jet black with a crimson streak).

“Now, here are those 5 cereals”

1. Cocoa Puffs

I huff and cackle, “Yes, indeed, the true nourishment for any warrior against social justice is a bowl of chocolate-flavored puff balls. It matches me in that it’s really dark-colored. In my dark and mysterious past, I was once a little hedgehog that saw the TV-Y7 warning on my television. I was so angry I bit into my spoon really hard and chipped a tooth. I swore vengeance on the SJWs ever since.”

2. Captain Crunch Chocolate Donuts

I shoot a victorious and cocky glance at the viewer, “Only the truly privileged can feast their eyes upon Level 2 of my best breakfast cereals.” I check to see if that darn blue hedgehog is even around. “Looks like the coast is clear. I use this cereal partly as fuel for my motorcycle. That’s how it reaches Mach 5 speeds.“ My bike sputters in agreement and spins a donut.

3. Reese’s Puffs

“There was a picture that had double the box tops, but I refused to use it because one of my agendas is to privatize all education and absolutely no handouts from anyone. Schools should make their own money from poor people somehow, I’ll tell you all later in my really long-winded dissertation of my dark and mysterious past. But yeah,” I shrug, “I stand with Rand, both Paul and Ayn. Anyway, Reese’s Puffs for when I use my iPad (jet black with a crimson streak and a gun plugged into it) as a DJ booth. Sometimes a funky flow destroys the SJWs. By funky flow I mean none other than Nickleback.“

4. Cocoa Pebbles

The near-final ultimate form of a breakfast cereal descends into my hands from a secret military complex that I stole from the government. My gun itches to shoot the nearest attacker, but alas, no such danger exists. I release my hopes and turn to the viewer, confused as to why I would put cocoa pebbles over Reese’s Puffs.

“You may think I’m a monster, but it takes a monster to spell out the truth.” I boldly declare, puffing out my white puffy chest. “Cocoa Pebbles has, indeed, a more intense taste than Reese’s Puffs. Everything before it was less intense, or riddled with sugar and sprinkles and peanut butter and other nonsense. Pebbles takes it to the heart of the matter. Pure, unadulterated chocolate.” I look to the sky in search of what’s beyond the horizon, for I have spoken the one true truth.

“For ages, it was believed that Reese’s Puffs was the ultimate cereal, but the cult of Pebbles had grown strong, and exposed me to the one true truth. Only the foolish SJWs would tell you that Reese’s is unrivaled, that there is no living cereal that can beat it. But to think that Reese’s Puffs is even contestable to the forces of chocolate is a laughable misconception. Pebbles isn’t even the strongest. In fact, the next cereal can only be eaten when I’m Super Shadow.“

I pull out seven chaos emeralds. “This is merely for demonstration purposes,” I glare, “If I truly used this power, I would split the world in half. Be warned, this power in unrivaled. I have to retrieve it from the East. When you follow your anger, and search yourself for your darkest memory, the forces of chocolate smile upon you, and direct you to the heart of South Korea, where a God sleeps.”

5. Oreo O’s

The earth trembles, the sky darkens, the oceans becomes restless, the birds scatter, the sun strains against the atmosphere. My energy is manifested twenty-fold. I gain twin katanas that are made of pure chocolate but are sharp enough to cut through adamantium. Edible, but deadly. My gun becomes a chocolate sniper rifle machine gun. My hair turns gold, with a crimson streak.

“I give you… The Legendary Dead God Oreo O’s.”

The cardboard box roars a deafening echo, a long and proud “O”

I laugh a bellowing, evil laugh, “O Yes… it is alive, after all! And with over 12 energizing vitamins to supercharge your battle against the SJWs!“ I proudly proclaim. The audience is terrified by the might of this power. “This is for when a battle looks like I might lose. My final card, my final trick. Sometimes, I might even resort to eating it at any time of the day. But I have to conserve the energy, for it takes weeks for it to ship through Amazon.Com or Ebay.Com”

“But that’s enough for today,” I sigh. Everything fades back to normal, and calms down. The sky becomes blue once more, the sun regains its power, the trees turn back to green, and there’s no lava anywhere. “I warn against all SJWs and anon hate that may attack me on this blog… my cereal equipment is unfathomable, just like my power.”

- Shadow, Signing Out.