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Hi! I’m sorry if this is not an ask, but I can’t put pictures in asks. I was just wondering if you have an idea on what this is? If you can figure out what it is, then great! But thanks either way, whether you figure it out or not. Thanks again (and sorry)! (P.S love your blog) (*I know that there was footage of this thing on YouTube, but I can’t find it anymore.*)

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Hi! This is very interesting, I love mystery larvae of the deep sea. I recognized this as a Lophotrochozoa-larvae (so-called Trochophore) due to its little collar-like cilia band, but we have to be able to narrow it down even more. 

After some deep-sea embryology, I ID’d this image as a Sipuncula-larvae, better known as a Peanut worm! The larvae are called Pelagosphera, due to their pelagic lifestyle. Here, have some reference material:

If they survive their tiny larval stadium, they grow to be the majestic creature below:

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tonight was so necessary

so @respect-my-mind and I, we went to the beach and walked really far down and found cool rocks and listened to the water on the rocks and watched the sunset it was a deep orange and looked at pretty houses and pretended they were ours and laughed a lot and also sat in silence staring at the waves and the moon reflection then went to Ralph’s and bought kava tea to make at home and we also looked at different cheeses and Kristen wore a giant sombrero piñata on her head around the store and then we got yogurt land and tried every single topping and Kristen put sour gummy worms and peanut butter cups together in her rocky road yogurt and couldn’t stop eating the toppings so I’d add more then we came home and have been smoking in her room on her really comfy bed and listening to my slow it down playlist and looking at pictures of food on Yelp figuring out where to go tomorrow because I’m spending the night and we’re going to workout in the morning then go to whole foods and look at pretty packaging then meeting up with friends for brunch and beach and skating in long beach and oh about to watch documentaries and I’m just the happiest I’ve been in weeks

Can you name all those characters

Camera:  Justin Coloma

I’m going to say this again: Just because you’re unhappy with Disney XD’s recent decisions regarding its animated series doesn’t mean you should attack other shows on the network and be disrespectful. There are even some people here and anywhere else who can like many Disney XD series at once, even the ones that are hated on. The creators and their staff don’t run the network, they’re just doing what they do – working hard on their shows.

And besides, there were instances where some people contributed to both Gravity Falls and Pickle and Peanut, Wander Over Yonder and Pickle and Peanut, The 7D and Pickle and Peanut…you get the idea.

C.heavy voice:  Hey, you! Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy! Yo, little peanut worm! Are you too much of a wimp to work out? Are you a weakling built like a sponge? Well, now you too can have muscles! With anchor arms! (Puts a long pink item on his arm) It slips on like a glove. Just add air. (Puts a plug in the arm’s hole and pumps air into it) How big do you want ‘em? (Pumps air into other arm) Normal… (Puts more air into arm) Veiny… And for the ladies… (Puts air into arm which makes it grow hair) …hairy. (The TV puts up an image of a weak shark) I was a wimp before anchor arms! Now, I’m a jerk and everybody loves me. So order now, wimp!

Disney ABC Upfront for 2017/2018 will be on March 13-15 renewals & new shows announced for the networks 


New Disney Schedule Explanation By Nick And More 

Disney XD apparently no longer cares about a shows “premiere time”. They’ve removed all mentions from promos over the last couple weeks. They now say “premieres (date), anywhere you can watch Disney XD” - because the time on TV no longer matters. Its anywhere/anytime. 


It airs on TV multiple times that day (+ many days after), but is release On Demand, iTunes, Amazon that “premiere day”. That’s the focus. Look at Freeform. They’ve dumped the whole season of Beyond on multiple platforms already, but still say it “airs Monday”. TV is 2nd thought Today, they are boasting about how many plays the whole season has gotten on those multiple platforms. TV channel isn’t their main focus. We all know this. Physical TVs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but they are so many options now, networks have to try and stay relevant. In fact, if networks can get you to drop that $3 per episode on iTunes or Amazon, and keep your cable - that’s big win win for them. And On Demand in many cases has fast forward blockers that force you to watch the promos/commercials they put in there. Another win for nets That’s not even new. Disney Channel has done the same with their App in the past. They also had Premium On Demand long before. Still do. The TV network of today would tell you to buy it on your favorite platform (iTunes, Amazon) or watch On Demand (TV, Netflix, Hulu, etc.).


These are the Disney XD shows that are having a panel on San Diego Comic Con , 13 days , 5 amazing shows in many panels


  1. Penn Zero
  2. Star Vs The Forces Of Evil
  3. The 7D
  4. Pickle And Peanut
  5. Future-Worm!

Possible Sneak Peeks

  1. Milo’s Murphy’s Law
  2. Billey Dilley
  3. Ducktales
  4. Big Hero 6

Disney is looking for experienced Designers and Storyboard Artists with strong draftsmanship, knowledge of story, and 2D traditional skills. There are no CG animation opportunities available at this time.

Thursday July 21, 2016 12:00pm - 3:00pm
Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review

Saturday July 23, 2016 11:00am - 2:00pm
Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review