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Florida Scrub Jay

The Florida scrub jay (Aphelocoma coerulescens) is one of the species of scrub jay native to North America. It is the only species of bird endemic to the U.S. state of Florida and one of only 15 species endemic to the continental United States.  It is known to have been present in Florida as a distinct species for at least 2 million years.

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So, i just saw images of the svtfoe book, where oskar introduces the ferret, and Tom says he heard a lot of good things from his minions. So i was thinking can you make a story where Tom is in a meeting with some cute minions (like marshmallow, maybe a turtle and a squirrel, ), then Marco suddenly shows on Tom´s room and see the scene thinking is cute and dorky, and Tom is all flustered trying to explain is a really important meeting with his agents. P.S I liked the book of life au.

Thanks so much! I;m glad you liked the book of life au I had a lot of fun writing that and was worried it turned out poorly! This was such a cute idea! I can’t tell you how much fun I had with it! I really really enjoyed it and it was so cute! I loved it!


“Okay, and what do we know about Marco’s teachers? Anybody hurting our human at school?” Tom asked. He looked out at the table of his minions and waited for the response. “Peanut?” He asked. A squirrel looked up and Tom saw he had been chewing on the leg of the table. “Peanut stop that.” Tom narrowed his eyes and the squirrel continued to gnaw on the table. “PEANUT PLEASE!” he hissed. The squirrel stopped and jumped back onto the table.

“Okay, thank you Peanut. Marshmallow what have you figured out about Marco’s new friend Janna?” Tom asked the rabbit. Marshmallow was munching on some lettuce and Tom smiled. “See Peanut, Marshmallow eats food, not the table leg.” He grumbled. The squirrel’s tail twitched and and it rubbed its hands together as if to clean them. Tom rolled his eyes and looked over at a turtle.

“Peanut is a mess.” He mumbled. “Leonardo, as our team coordinator I expect you to have a conversation with him about his work ethic.” Tom started.

“What the hell is going on here?” Tom spun around in his seat and saw Marco standing in the door to his room. Tom blushed deeply when he realized Marco had heard him talking to his pets like they could understand him.

“M-Marco!” Tom cried. “I uhm… this is uhm….” He traild off and his face flushed ever redder. “G-get out of here! I’m in an important… meeting!” Tom cried. Marco burst out laughing and he put a hand over his mouth.

“A meeting?” Marco asked, putting his hands on his hips. Tom blushed deeper and nodded.

“Y-yes! A meeting! We’re discussing important things!” He cried. “These are my minions! My demon minions!” Tom cried, picking up the squirrel and holding him out. “This is Peanut! My event coordinator! And the turtle Leonardo who is my team coordinator and Marshmallow who is my second in command!” Tom explained.

Marco put a hand over his heart. “You are the cutest thing in the entire world.” Marco smiled big and pet the squirrel. Tom blushed even deeper and he pulled Peanut away, letting him back down onto the table.

“No! It’s not cute Marco! This is a serious meeting where I’m talking about serious things! I attend to princely duties!” he yelled. Marco reached over and patted Tom on the head.

“Were the other squirrels mean to Peanut?” Marco asked. “Is that the important business you need to attend to?” Marco asked more. Tom grumbled.

“No! It’s real things!” Tom growled. “None of the other squirrels were mean to him, he’s doing fine.” He crossed his arms and pouted. “Besides, that’s not the important business we go on! We… discuss.” Tom tried.

“Discuss what?” Marco asked. “How you can be cuter? Because it’s impossible.” He responded. Tom blushed and the floor beneath him burned up. Tom had wisps of fire circling his hair and he tried not to get too flustered.

“I’m not cute.” He muttered. “My minions all fear me!” Tom cried, he laughed evilly and then heard a noise behind him. He looked over and saw Marshmallow had push Leonardo onto his back. “Oh come on Marshmallow.” Tom grumbled and put the turtle back on his stomach and he continued to eat his tomato that Tom had given him.

“You take wonderful care of your pets, Tom.” Marco praised. Tom hissed at the human.

“They aren’t PETS, Marco! They are my evil demonic minions!” Tom laughed evilly and lifted Marshmallow up in the air. The rabbit squeaked and Tom set him down. “Sorry! Sorry!” Tom said quickly. “He doesn’t like heights, I forgot.” Tom looked guilty and gave the rabbit another piece of lettuce. The rabbit munched on it happily and Tom smiled. He bent down and kissed the rabbit’s head, whispering in it’s ear: “I’m sorry I picked you up, I love you very much.” Tom promised. He then looked up at Marco and blushed, crossing his arms.

“What’s that look for?” Tom demanded. Marco smiled.

“You’re so cute.” He said flatly. Tom raged and seemed like he was about to go off on a tangent about how he “wasn’t cute” and he was a “scary fearsome demon” but he then stopped as it he realized something.

“I need to feed Tim-Tim!” He gasped and darted across the room to a big glass tank. Marco peered inside and saw Tom gave some sort of bugs to a leopard gecko. Tom smiled and watched the lizard eat. “Tim-Tim, it’s time for food!” Tom sang. He then looked over at Marco and narrowed his eyes. “Don’t say it.” He demanded.

“I’m gonna say it.” Marco warned. Tom grumbled and Marco attacked Tom with a hug. “YOU ARE SO CUTE!” He cried. Tom grumbled, but then smiled a bit at the affection marco was showing him. He always loved getting hugs and kisses from the human.

“Well… I may not agree with being cute… but would you uhm… wanna meet my animals?” Tom asked, blushing. Marco smiled big and nodded. Tom’ face lit up. “Really!?” He asked. Marco nodded again and Tom took his hand and led him over to the table.

“Okay, okay, okay! This is Peanut the squirrel!” Tom picked the furry brown animal up. “He likes peanuts! That’s why I named him Peanut!” Tom introduced.

“I like his fluffy tail.” Marco giggled. Tom nodded.

“He liked to climb things. I got curtains in the mud room just for him! They were cheap so he’s allowed to claw them up and climb on them.” Tom explained. He then picked up the turtle. “This is Leonardo! I found him in a pet store, he’s really old, he’s already lived three years past what a turtle of his breed should, so I just try my best to give him a nice home and make sure he’s comfortable for now.” Tom shared with a sad voice.

“Oh Tommy.” Marco frowned and gave him a kiss. “It’ll be okay.” He promised. Tom smiled and let the turtle back down in his tank.

“And you already know Marshmallow!” Tom grinned. “He’s my special guy!” The demon nuzzled the rabbit and Marshmallow just kept munching on his lettuce. “And last but not least is Tim-Tim! He’s a spotted gecko. But he bites some.” Tom explained. “He’s a good boy though!” He assured quickly. Tom looked up and saw Marco was giving him a warm look. “What’s that look for?” Tom asked. Marco smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“I love you, and I love your pets and I love your sweetness.” Marco gushed. “And nothing you say can change that.” He giggled and gave him more kisses. “Face the facts, you’re cute.”

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What would the bros do if they accidentally got their hand tangled in their SO's hair, and if they move it hurts so? THNAKS HAPPY SPOOPYWEEN

This is so late, but I love it, so I’ll just HAPPY BELATED SPOOPYWEEN!!!


- kinda freaks out internally

- this was the first time playing with their hair, how could it go wrong the very first time?!

- just remains completely still, unmoving, full ninja mode

- it’s his s/o who eventually figures out the solution while he tries not to focus on how soft their hair is, and more on the pain he might be causing

- Hello Darkness My Old Friend on a loop inside his brain

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- does the worst thing possible and yanks his hand away

- yelps in fright when he tears out a few strands of their hair with his fist

- cradles them and apologizes to them like he accidentally amputated their arm instead of tugged a few pieces of hair out

- refuses to play with their hair ever again

- eventually breaks his own promise the next day when s/o begs him to just run his fingers over their scalp

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- oh god, the guy genuinely doesn’t know what to do

- he knows peanut butter works to get bubblegum out of hair. Does peanut butter work on turtle fingers???

- they’re so tangled up in there he pretty much comes to terms with the fact that he’ll be walking around the rest of his life with his hand planted firmly in their hair

-actually flips the hell out when they take some scissors and cut the knotted hair away from their scalp, freeing his hand along with the rat’s nest on top of their head

- sets to work researching hairstyles, now pursuing the new endeavor of becoming a beautician and fixing what he messed up so terribly

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- this boy is so oblivious, he doesn’t even understand he’s hurting s/o until they scream ‘YOU’RE TEARING MY SCALP OFF OF MY SKULL!’

- he’s just so enthralled with their hair, he doesn’t have any, and the way it feels makes him want to stroke it and pull it and tangle it and – whoops

- spends the next few hours watching s/o’s mastery of the comb

- eventually, his hand is freed, and he’s ready to get right back to Hair- Playtime

- the whole experience has left s/o rather shook. Until he learns to control himself, they were their hair in tight, unaccessible updos for a while

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This is Peanut the turtle, shortly after being found in Missouri in 1993. She was taken to to a zoo in St. Louis where the six-pack ring was removed.
It seems that she was trapped in the plastic ring as a young turtle and was unable to free herself. Subsequently her shell moulded itself to the plastic ring and she grew in the strange shape you see here.
Unfortunately the damage is permanent, but peanut is expected to live a long life and today she serves as a mascot for the fight against beach littering.

Please, always remember to clean up after yourself at the beach.

Today was a small scale kitchen experiment, instead of a watercolor or ink one. A change of pace if you want. Sev style peanut turtle:
- Peanuts toasted with cinnamon
- Salted maple syrup caramel
- Dark chocolate with crème fraîche
Now to let these cool down and see if I can get them out of the paper muffin case ….

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Can you do what Gladion, N, Hau, and Guzma would do for the SO for Christmas please? Love your blog by the way! It's so nice!

Thank u sweetie!!! this is so kind of u!! and tbh I love Christmas so everyone better send some more christmas asks in…



- He is the wanna-be Grinch, he really wants to act like he’s above the loving parts of Christmas. The Kind Of Guy who talks mad shit about the history of Christmas, and not because he wants to have an intelligent convo but just so he can shit on the holiday spirit. His S/O is a patient person however and just decorates around his emo aura.

snap as many pictures as possible while you still can

- He is the kind of person to get them a bunch of those presents where his S/O is like “wouldn’t that be cool to have” - needs more time to mature and figure out how to be more thoughtful about it, but he’s trying and his S/O would keep everything in a special memory box or album b/c at least he’s clearly earnest in trying

N Harmonia

- Does some Love Actually kind of shit where he decorates an entire block in the city and somehow manages to kick every child out of the park on Christmas eve so he can romantically play on the swing set with his S/O

- For Once He Isn’t Emotionally Distant; surprising and makes his S/O think he’s turning a new leaf, only for on December 26 for him to just be gone bc he needs time to think about what to do with the tree and they won’t end up seeing him again till New Years Eve

- Demands to celebrate with all the pokemon him and his S/O have and he buys every one of them something like mittens and santa hats, it makes for good Christmas cards and his S/O’s only problem is how they will end up fitting all of them in the frame 


- He makes a bunch of christmas goodies like, he’s in that kitchen all month basically making homemade peanut brittle, fruitcake, sugar cookies, turtle candies, monkeybread, and everything else you could think of tbh. If his S/O mentions something about an old family recipe He Is On That 2. 
Love Is Thru The Stomach with this boy

- Big Family Christmas. That means every person who is even vaguely important to his S/O is there at Christmas. Everyone. His S/O’s family, his S/O’s pokemon, his S/O’s dentist - it doesn’t matter. He has them all there, happy and ready to enjoy Christmas in their home with Hau and his S/O. 
(No one knows how he managed to make 82 people and 38 pokemon fit in a two bedroom apartment)

- All that Christmas Candy ends up in his S/O’s stocking 100% but they get cutesy with it and Hau and his S/O end up feeding it to each other



- He doesn’t give a gosh darn about Christmas, but if his S/O makes a big enough fuss about it, he will at least get them a present bc he gives plenty of gosh darns about them - probably something practical or something wildly unuseful there is no in between

- If his S/O gets the rest of the gang in on it, he bottles up that Christmas induced until the grunts start dressing in elf costumes and Plumeria starts leaving Guzma-sized Santa Clothes around - after that no one is allowed to even say Chr*stm*s

- May try to use that Santa Costume later in an attempted, but ultimately WIldly Unsuccessful, sexy way. His S/O snaps a pic and that blackmail is the best Christmas gift one could ever ask for

This is Peanut the turtle. She was trapped in this plastic soda ring from a young age she was not able to free herself. So her shell molded around it. In 1993 she was brought to a marine biology center and the ring was removed. Unfortunately the effects are permanent but Peanut should live a full and happy life. She is currently a mascot to stop beach littering.