peanut race

Doop is a very obscure/weird Marvel character, who worked as X-Force’s cameraman and later as Jean Grey’s secretary.

He speaks Doopspeak so we don’t know a ton about him. He apparently smells “green” and taste like spiced peanut butter. His race appear to be all hermaphrodites who reproduce asexually, yet they care about gender and sexuality, changing their gender expression depending on their partner. Doop however sleeps with both men and women and always identify as male which apparently makes him a sexual deviant in the eyes of his own kind. His mother calls him a “sexually confused freak”.

He is very sexually active though and his love-making is topnotch. Even if people feel weird about sleeping with a green blob, they always get over it and return for more. Bonus info: unknown to Doop, Wolverine was apparently in love with him back in the day (according to Wolverine’s son, Raze)

Despite his drinking, smoking, being a lazy secretary, swearing, and occasional rudeness, Doop only wants the best for people around him and has a tendency to stretch himself thin to please and help everyone.


“He lived the life of a country gentleman among green pastures and shady trees. When he seemed a bit lonely, a shaggy little pony named Peanuts was brought to join him. They became inseparable companions. After some time the pony died and Exterminator was so unhappy that another pony as nearly like the first as possible was hurriedly procured. Exterminator examined the substitute, and soon accepted him; in a short time he and Peanuts II were great pals. Sometimes when Exterminator was grazing quietly, his head would come up - possibly a distant auto horn recalled the sound of a bugle - and he would tear around the paddock, little Peanuts trying frantically to keep up”

- C. W. Anderson