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Drove from ATL to CLT (and back!) with @chrispiascik over the weekend for Shayla & @vaughnfender’s wedding. It was a great/v quick trip and I had a lot of fun. Also, Chris got to try boiled peanuts for the first time. Don’t worry they were authentic—from a stand in a gas station parking lot. Cajun on bottom and regs on top. 😙👌

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Name: Lily

Nickname: Lily Bug, Bug, Buglette, Peanut, Lillith(???), Sawed-off sh*t

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn :D

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw

Height: 5'3" (hence my nickname haha)

Orientation: Asexual/Demiromantic

Ethnicity: (alright here we go, Idk if I got them all)
-Native American
-plus more, heck Idk

Favorite fruit: like… all of them?? I hecking love fruit, besides grapefruit geez bitter freaking citrus

Favorite season: Winter

Favorite Book Series: shoot Idk, allot. Uh The Missing, Lunar Chronicles, Adventures Wanted, etc.

Favorite Fictional Characters: *lightly dabs sweating forehead* oh geez, uh…. obviously Russia and Leatherface and heck I’ve got so many uh man I can’t name them all QwQ

Favorite Flower: dandelions, thistles, and Indian paintbrush. I like “weeds” because they are wild and beautiful

Favorite Scent: freaking pine, wood smoke, rain, and old books!!!!!

Favorite Animal: ._. Heck, man I love animals. Ok uh, snow leopards, bears, octopodes, owls, etc.

Favorite Artist/Band: why all these!? Idk man I’ve got such an eclectic music taste, I can’t choose one! Ok uh, Flogging Molly, there’s one of many

Average Sleep Hours: 9-5 hrs :0

Number Of Blankets: 1 very thing blanket, because I melt at night

Dream trip: to Scandinavia and Ireland, and to Russia

Last Thing I Googled: “how to spell plural of octopus” XD XD

Blog Created: current blog was made last year around November, but I’ve had a tumblr since about 2014 I think??

How Many Blogs I Follow: 284 :0

Number Of Followers: 126 UwU thanks guys!

Do I Get Asks Regularly: hahaha……

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Elise tagged me in a thing, so I’m gonna do a thing! Because I love these! And oversharing!

name: Let’s go with Azura because it feels gr8 and also because Fern doesn’t want to know my real name lmao

nickname: my group chat straight-up calls me Baz; peanut bug (Fern); Elise calls me her pillar, and I love it

zodiac: Cancer

height: 5′10″ (HECK)

orientation: ace/bi/nb

favourite fruit(s): Strawberry, peach, kiwi, pineapple

favourite season: Spring/Summer

favourite book(s): Shannara series, Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Inkheart, Scarlet Pimpernel and Les Miserables actually changed my life this is not an exaggeration

favourite flower(s): forget-me-nots, lupines, larkspur, borage, snapdragons, hyacinths, foxglove, lavender, gladiolus, roses (especially blue roses), hate lilies (orange ones), whatever those cute white flowers growing in my teapot are- really a lot

favourite animal(s): anything that’s nOT A MONKEY- but, like. Aardwolves, tanuki, foxes, red-toothed shrews, sNAKES (I make baby noises at reptiles ALL THE TIME), opossums, b a t s, hyenas, I miss thylacines, deer, peacocks, pigeons, starlings, sparrows, hawks, BIRDS IN GENERAL

favourite beverage: Blue Gatorade; I drink so much Mountain Dew because I require caffeine to function but don’t like coffee

average hours of sleep: ??? I really don’t know??? I fall asleep any time between 10pm and 2am, wake up between 7:30am and 11am, it’s a mess

favourite fictional characters: Les Amis and Montparnasse hold my heart, Dustfinger, Newt Scamander and Charlie Weasley are everything I could dream of being, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Cassian Andor, Mr. Bones the Battle Droid, Axel/Lea, Nathan Wallace, let’s be real, this list could go on forever because I have way too many of them

number of blankets you sleep with: I think there are three right now, but I’ll have, like, five comforters and my fox blanket in the winter because my house is fuckin COLD

dream trip: I wanna see Europe. All of it. And Australia, like, the zoo Steve Irwin worked at. And Tokyo. And a lot of places. Okay. I just. Wanna go. I would travel anywhere as long as I had a couple friends along and a great time, gosh.

number of followers: riiiight around 1200

I dunno who all would want to do this, but y’all are welcome to do it if you want. It’s getting late, and I’m kinda sleepy.