peal and co


Why it’s worth it to buy quality

I’ve had the Indy boots above for 4 years. I bought them from J.Crew in late 2010. I wore them quite a bit over the years, mostly in the cooler months, but also when it rained, when I helped people move, on photo shoots out in the country, chopping wood last winter, etc.

When I bought them, I got them on an incredible, freak deal—J.Crew’s website allowed me to apply a 30% coupon, bringing them down in price from $450 to ≈$350. But I wore them less and less over the past year or so, and so I decided to test the market to see what I could get for them. To my surprise, they had maintained their value exceptionally well, and I was able to get $279 for them on eBay.

Enter the Peal & Co. pebble grain wingtip boots. I have wanted a wingtip boot in a dark brown pebble grain leather for years, so I’ve had my eye on these puppies because they’re exactly what I’ve been looking for. Last week, I noticed they dropped in price by half—from $600 to $300. I immediately called up my sales guy at Brooks Brothers, and had him transfer a pair into the store in my size. He assured me that they’d honor the price they were when I called him, in case they went back up. It took about a week.

He called me over the weekend to say they were in, so I went to the store last night. I tried them on, walked around a bit, shot the photo you see above, and decided to buy them. My sales guy wasn’t there, so I told the lady who helped me that they were on sale so I wanted to make sure they honored the price. “OK, let me just ring them up and we’ll see what they are.”

To my great surprise, they rang up at $179. Unbelievable. Apparently in the week between my phone call to order them and the time they arrived, they had dropped in price by $120 due to the Veteran’s Day Sale. I checked online, and they were sure enough listed at $179 online—and completely sold out.

I walked out of the store with the boots of my dreams and an extra $100, plus a healthy appreciation for the benefits of buying high quality items that hold their value.