Two Weeks - Tommy Shelby

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Request: Could you do the movie “Two Week Notice” in the Peaky Blinders universe?? where Tommy relays too much on his assistant which drives her crazy, then she quits and they search for a replacement. - @samascara 

Two Weeks - Tommy Shelby

It was five o’clock in the morning. Or at least it had been when banging on your door had woken you and possibly all your neighbours. You had dressed quickly, opened the door, and found one of Tommy Shelby’s men standing in the hallway.  

“Ma’am,” he tipped his cap to you, “Mr. Shelby says it’s urgent.”  

“Does he?” You were certain the sarcasm was evident in your voice. Even so you followed the Blinder out to a car that was waiting for you.  

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the garrison | arthur shelby/nurse!reader

@yjrevolution wanted arthur and his nurse and i wanted arthur to be goshdang happy so here is what i made

You double checked the letter one last time, comparing the scrawl on the page to the careful lettering on the side of the building. You knew it was the right place. You’d already checked and double checked, and triple checked. But just one last time.

Pushing through the doors you realised it was even warmer than it was outside, even with the fires pouring out onto the street. The close air of the pub met against your skin and made it prickle. It was louder in here too, another feat, given the banging and ringing from the furnaces. You made your way over to the bar, scowling at men as they knocked shoulders with you.

“Hey! ‘Scuse me?”

“I’ll be with you in a minute”

You sighed, leaning your forearms on the bar, clasping the letter between your hands. The atmosphere in here was making your head spin and you flicked your eyes around.

“Sorry, it’s busy tonight”

“I noticed. I’m looking for someone – Arthur Shelby? He mentioned this place and I-“

“What do you want with Arthur?”

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Across the Formidable Sea on Amazon
Across the Formidable Sea follows one woman’s search for home and happiness against the vibrant backdrop of 1920’s England – a world whose priorities and values are shifting as quickly as Laura’s are. No matter the time or place, we are the masters of our own fate… for better or for worse.

Um… surprise?

Remember what I said about rewarding those of you waiting for the paperback for your patience? Guess what? 

It’s here. IT’S HERE. If you’re an Amazon Prime user, you could have this book in your hands by Thursday. 

The ebook release has also been bumped up to April 15th… because I’m more impatient than you are. I can’t wait for you to read this. I can’t wait to hear and see your reactions.

Thank you for your support, each and every one of you. I hope you enjoy reading Laura as much as I enjoyed writing her.  

All yours.

Reader x Finn Shelby x Isaiah Jesus

Request: Can you do one where the reader makes a bet with Isaiah and finn that who ever wins in a boxing match, they’ll go on a date with them. You cans goose who wins! xx

A/N: I added a little twist.

You fell onto the chair resting your head and letting out a long fed up moan. Michael laughed at you sliding his glass over to you to let you have a drink.

“Penny for your thoughts?” As soon as he asked this Finn and Isaiah eventually followed behind you.

“Fed up of these two bloody idiots,” You moan taking another big swig.

“If you just admitted you wanted a slice of this,” he motioned to his abs as he pulled a weird face you assumed was an attempt at being seductive. “You wouldn’t be fed up at all.”

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Off Limits - Arthur Shelby

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Request: I know requests are closed but I’ll forget if I don’t send it in now.. a girl shows up shortly after grace leaves & she says shed like to take the open post at the garrison- but there hasn’t even been an advertisement yet… so they find out grace sent her there to help escape an abusive relationship (she believes the shelbys will keep her safe regardless of what she has done) Arthur ends up falling for her despite tommy saying the shelbys no longer fuck with barmaids(bad for business). - @Ifoundmyhappythought

Request: for working with the shelbys and handling a lot of the money and you are trying to work but arthur tries to distract the reader? Fluffy?

Off Limits - Arthur Shelby

It had hardly been a week without a barmaid when you came in, asking for Harry and telling him that you had heard he was in need of help. He asked where you heard from but you were vague in what information you chose to give out and what information you kept to yourself. Still he needed the help and he didn’t see any harm in allowing you to work there.

You had found yourself in the Garrison because of a letter that had been sent some weeks earlier. Grace, who you hadn’t seen in months, had written to you telling you that she knew of a place in Birmingham that was looking for a barmaid. It was far enough away, she stressed, that no one would know you there. It had taken longer than she’d hoped but just a few days earlier, in the early hours of the morning, you had snuck away from your home and made the journey to Small Heath.  

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Good Enough

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“Oi, John boy.” You call out as you shove your way through the mass of people in the bar, joining him at the counter.

“What’s up Y/N?” He says, throwing back his drink.

“Have you seen your ass of a brother lately?” You say, Harry working quickly to get you your drink.

John scoffs, setting his cup down. “Depends, which one are you talking about?”

You give him the stare that you were not playing around, taking a sip. “Arthur.”

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Drunk - Arthur Shelby

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Request: a request for working with the shelby’s and you are australian and arthur loves your accent?

Request:A quick arthur request for being in a relationship with arthur and one night you are working late on business with tommy and he drinks too much and tries to come onto you but you scratch or slap him or something? And in the morning arthur finds out and loses his shit on tommy? Thanks bb I absolutely love arthur and alfie too

Drunk - Arthur Shelby

There was absolutely no doubt that Arthur had pulled for you to be hired because of your accent. You had immigrated from Australia to England a year prior and had finally made a home for yourself in Small Heath. It was there that you answered an ad for a secretarial position within a “new and promising company” called Shelby Brothers Limited. Tommy was wary of hiring a foreigner but Arthur, who was quite fond of your accent had convinced his brother it was the right decision.  

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