I’ll Dance ft. Michael Gray

Hi! Could I request a little peaky blinders imagine? One where like Michael gray x reader are kinda dating but aren’t exactly in a relationship but the reader convinces him to go dancing but he ends up just sitting the whole time. When another guy asks for a dance the reader goes with him and Michael gets jealous and realizes he actually loves the reader.

Sure, here you go!

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nomdeguerreblogs  asked:

John Shelby :)

First Impression

I guess my initial impression was that John was some kind of deadbeat dad. In the first episode when Polly confronts him about leaving guns around the house, it definitely raised some concerns.

Impression Now

John-Boy… ya done fucked up. I love him. I appreciate him as a foil to Tommy, because I feel like they both just want what’s best for their families but go about it in completely different ways. Tommy tries to go it alone, John wants a mother for his kids. Tommy is cool and calculated, John is impulsive and hotheaded. I care about John more than I expected to, and as tough as he makes it to root for him, I still do. 

Favorite Moment

The moment in season 1 when Tommy walks in on John trying to smoke his opium, and John says, “You always were good at doing voices.” It’s such a poignant brotherly moment, and it reminds you how young John is, and how much of his youth was taken from him by a rough home life and the war. 

Idea for a Story

John and Martha!!!!!!! So many fics, so little time. 

Unpopular Opinion

That John is largely at fault for Grace’s death.  🙊

Favorite Relationship

I love the way that John and Esme’s relationship has progressed. I think they deserve a lot more screen time. 

Favorite Headcanon

That the only thing John’s ever really excelled at in life is being a dad. His kids adore him and run him ragged but he loves every minute of it. So much of him wants to live in the country with his wife and kids and be rid of everything to do with the family business.

Thanks, love! <3

anonymous asked:

For the ask. Shelby brothers

Wow, anon! That is a massive question so I might assume you mean as a set.. If you want me to do any of them individually just shoot through another ask :)

First impression - Disparate but united. (I think the first time we see them all is the family meeting in 1.01 when the flyer inviting police to Birmingham is handed around…) 

Impression now - Seriously fractured, they don’t deserve Tommy, he doesn’t deserve them. 

Favorite moment - I love the ‘hanging out in The Garrison’ moments: the times they pay Tommy out for fancying Grace; John announcing his engagement to Lizzie; the Digbeth Kid and the wooden gun; just before Arthur and John torch the Marquis of Lorne and can’t get too graphic in front of Finn. Happy times. I also enjoy the pre-races scene in 1.03 where they’re all choosing weapons for the day. 

Idea for a story -  Can I just have a series of shorts where they take it in turns being idiots at The Garrison and subjecting one another to brotherly mocking?

Unpopular opinion - John is a bit of a waste of space. A pretty waste of space, but never hugely relevant. (I don’t feel terribly strongly about this but I do think it.)

Favorite relationship - Arthur and Tommy. It’s far from sweet, though it can be at times, but is fascinating for contrast. Relationship that makes me happiest? Tommy and Finn in s1. Categorical. 

Favorite headcanon - I have this fixed image of them as children playing in the bend of a river where the water deepens. Horses stand by. The sun shines. There’s a fire on a stony bank. They’re happy splashing and dunking. It’s a moment I really need for them somehow with all that follows. So vivid. Been in my mind ages.



Eames & Fischer. Bane & Crane. Solomons & Shelby.

‘If you know you’ve got Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy in a room together, you just milk it.’ — Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight

Their next collaboration is Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’. Principal photography currently under way; opens July 21 2017.