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Fluffy Halloween shenanigans with John Shelby x female best friend reader. They're totally in love with each other but don't know if the other feels the same way. That counts as a prompt right?

“Right, everyone, if we’re going to get these bloody hats, finished you’re going to have to sit down” John beamed across the room. The kids had wanted to go out this Halloween and now that they were old enough to be trusted out by themselves, they wanted the full monty, hats, costumes, sweets, the lot.

You were in awe of your best friend to put it lightly, the ability he had to control a whole room with his words, the way the kids looked up at him as he walked past the same way you did.

His hand stroked over your shoulder as he bent down to where you were sat. “fancy poppin’ over and helpin charlie with those buttons” he giggled slightly as you both glanced over to see him with them stuck to his hands, frustrated that he couldn’t get them in the right place.

Smiling as you got up and walked away, his hand remained on your lower back until you were far enough out of his reach. You could feel your cheeks rise in temperature at the interaction, wishing you were in a position to give him a quick peck.

As you finished placing the remaining buttons onto Charlie’s hat, Karl strode over with his already on his head. “Come on, Charlie, let’s go and show aunt pol!” the kid beamed, turning to look at you, as though to ask permission you nodded at Charlie as he raced off with his cousin. Watching them leave the house reminding you of when yourself and John were younger. You had loved him since the very first day you met him, along the canal trying to fetch your shoe from underneath one of the Shelby boats.

In the distance, you could see a couple of men striding towards you, one of them carrying a long pole. Perfect, you thought. Just long enough to hook your shoe back in. As the pair got closer you noticed the Cheshire grin on the younger one’s face. Standing up, you stepped into their path. “Excuse me, Sir. I don’t suppose I could borrow your… stick?” you murmured, head down and fiddling with your thumb. “Only, my shoe fell in the water and I’m not quite long enough” you smiled up at them.

“You wouldn’t be the first one to want a go with my stick, love” the brother joked, the elder one next to him hitting his side and laughing. 

“Well if you think that much of yourself, forget I asked.” you snapped, turning around and stomping off. 

About five minutes had passed on your way home, one shoe in one hand, a soggy dress and a miserable frown before you heard someone approaching you from behind. “Miss!” they shouted, assuming they were calling for someone else you carried on walking until a hand was holding onto your arm. Panting, the handsome man with the stick from before was stood with your shoe balancing atop his two fingers. “I think this is what you’re after” he offered a weary, mildly apologetic smile, presenting his arm forward as you picked the shoe from his hand.

“Oh. Thank you…” 

“John” he stuck out his other hand for you to shake, which to your dismay you took cautiously. “You look a bit miserable love, let me take you back to the pub, get your dried off and I’ll walk you back home,” he asked.

“Yes well, I intend to get miserable when every man in this godforsaken town assumes I’m a hooker” with a flick of your hair, you turned and carried on the journey back home, leaving the man stunned at your wit. You were upset about what he had thought earlier, but for the most part, you found something intense in his eyes, something intriguing and troublesome, you could almost say he was alluring.

“Look, I get this sudden rise of women standing against men but I actually would like to make it up to you without trying to fuck if you’d let me”

The man’s bedside manner had you lost for words but you believed it came from a warmer place. Rolling your eyes you spun around once again and walked back towards him, accepting his offer. From that point onwards, you had never spent a day apart.

“You’re alright with these kids, ain't ya” he took a seat next to you, his legs falling open as he sat, placing his arm around the back of your chair, ever so close to touching your shoulder. Subconsciously you must’ve repositioned yourself higher as you felt his fingertips brush your shoulder.

“I’ve known them from the womb, I can’t not be good with them” you smiled, looking at him from the side as you sat back and watched the rest of the room, Tommy and Ruby in one corner, threading bows through a dress and Linda sat with Billy on her lap, holding a tape measure.  

“Do you want kids one day?” he asked, meeting your eyes with his.

“With the right person” Smiling back up at him at the thought of having little versions of John running around a house you shared together. 

Something twinkled in his eyes as he held his gaze on you. “good” he mumbled, you could only just about hear him. He gulped as he continued to look at you, picking up a piece of your hair and twiddling it between his fingers. “Don’t think this is weird right, and… and if you don’t want to then we’ll just forget I said anything but…” he looked away, throwing his head back with disbelief, letting out a sigh.

“But what, John?” your grip on his leg tightened briefly to prompt him.

“Would you want to go out like… properly? let me take you out as like more uh… fuck this” he stood up, your hand falling off his leg and he bounded outside, running his hands through his hair.

Obviously worried, you followed after him, the icy cold air hitting you as soon as you opened the door. Running after him, gently as to not lose your balance on the ice you managed to reach him, grabbing his hand and pulling  him towards you, forgetting for a second you were quite literally standing on thin ice, with the tiniest of pulls, the both of you had lost your footing, sliding over onto the ground.

A concoction of profanities flowed from both of your lips before you opened your eyes to see him laying on the ground, hands covering his face and his shoulders bobbing up and down in laughter, using the lamppost to slide up onto your knees, you peeled his hand away from his reddened face, at the look of each other neither of you could hold back the laughter.

After a fashion the pair of you had managed to control yourselves, John had finally sat up but you were both still sat on the wet, cold floor. Sliding on your knees closer to him, you held his face in your hands. “You look a bit miserable love, let’s go to the pub and dry off” with a cheeky, reminiscent smile he lurched forward, his cold lips shocking yours in an electrifying kiss, leaving you breathless, tingling and giddy. As he pulled back a warm smile plastered on his lips.

“Will you two get off the fucking floor” Pol screeched from out of her front door, sending the both of you into fits of laughter once more.

Choking On Sapphires 52

Title & Song: Pale Blue Eyes

Characters: Alfie Solomons x Genevieve (OFC)

Word Count:  6300+

Summary: Genevieve makes moves to better her image. She and Alfie see each other for the first time since he left. She finds herself alone in the cross hairs of a dangerous man.

Warnings/Tags: Language. Angst. Some fluff. 

**Chapter song is Pale Blue Eyes by The Kills. (The original song by Velvet Underground is one of my all time favs.)*

Positive feedback is MUCH appreciated! Reblogs, likes, asks and comments feed me to write more! Let me know if you’d like tagged in my work.

My Masterlist. (Includes Parts 1-51)

You’re in your office, sitting cross-legged in your big leather chair, the flowers of suitors covering every previously empty surface of the room, all their letters piled into a box on the coffee table, all except for Alfie’s.
“More letters and messages,” Claire says, throwing all but one envelope into the box, putting a stack of messages in her handwriting on the end of your desk, and tapping the last envelope in her hand. “One more from your father.” she raises an eyebrow with a smirk.

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