Reader X Michael Gray

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The Peaky Blinders warn you that this imagine contains strong language.

A/N - here’s a cute and awkward Michael for y'all. Sorry it’s a bit shit, the ideas weren’t flowing much for this one.

“Holy shit Tommy! Who is that woman over there?” Michael whispered as he nodded his head in your direction. At that moment you were currently serving a family of four across the way from them.

“Her? That’s (Y/N) she’s one of the main waitresses here.” Tommy said nonchalantly while reclining in his chair.

“Fuck she’s hot! Could you introduce me?” Michael asked as he attempted to loosen his increasingly tightening collar around his neck.

“Yeah she’s smokin’ Mikey.” John winked at him while elbowing him in the arm.

“Fuck off Michael! I ain’t got time to be playing matchmaker between you and a bloody tearoom waitress. Grow some balls and do it yourself!” Tommy snapped while pointing a belittling finger at him.

Michael huffed as he sat back watching the way you danced in between the tables, your hips swaying as you navigated oncoming obstacles. Despite watching you intensely, he failed to notice you approaching their table.

“Good afternoon Mr Shelby.” You greeted Tommy and John before turning and nodding once at Michael. “Sir.”

“Please call me Michael Gray…I ….I mean call me Michael.” He stuttered as he hastily stood up to make your acquaintance.

John muffled a snort at Michaels miserable attempt to introduce himself.

“Its lovely to meet you Michael, I can’t say I’ve ever seen you here before.” You smiled brightly holding your pencil and pad ready to take orders.

Silence. He just stood their staring at you completely oblivious that you were talking to him, it took a kick to his shin by both Tommy and John before he came too. “Oh erm it’s my first visit……. You’re a very beautiful woman (Y/N).” Michael blurted out like projectile vomit, sudden and unexpectedly. Tommy pulled him back down to save him from further embarrassment.

“Oh thank you.” You blushed profusely looking down smiling at your pad as you pretended to scribble notes.

“So erm what can I get you gentlemen today?” You asked your usual spiel as you tried to regain some composure.
Upon gathering up their orders, you skipped off back to the counter feeling equally as flustered as Michael.

“Well that was the single most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in a long time.” Tommy chuckled.

“Yeah it was bloody embarrassing, that’s what that was.” John joined in the mocking.

“Give me a break you two! I’m perfectly aware I just ballsed that up.” Michael groaned as he began to rub his temples.

“Oh God here she comes again.” John sniggered as he placed a hand over his eyes attempting to avoid the embarrassing scene.

“Here we are, 3 cups of tea and a plate of biscuits.” You recalled their order as you placed them on the table.

Just as you were about to walk away you felt a hand grab your wrist.

“I was wondering if I could buy you a drink after you finish work.” Michael asked, after deciding to just bite the bullet thinking it couldn’t get any worse.

“Sure, meet outside at 4pm.” You giggled.


I know that you all want me to say that I’ll change, that this fucking business will change. But I’ve learnt something in the last few days. Those bastards are worse than us. Politicians, fucking judges, lords and ladies. They’re worse than us, and they will never admit us to their palaces, no matter how legitimate we become, because of who we are. Because of who we fucking are, because of where we’re fucking from.