Euro Zone Crisis: Why Young Spaniards Are Packing Up and Moving to Asia

Interesting article about the emigration of highly educated, young, unemployed professionals from Spain to Asian nations with booming economies.  (I personally think ‘booming’ is a relative term, considering the continued slow down of China, et al.)  The article also briefly touches on some of the immigration programs being put in place by these Asian nations to fast track the best and brightest young Europeans and get them to work.

That said, the emigration statistics out of Spain are pretty staggering:

According to Spain’s National Statistics Institute (NDI), the country’s rate of emigration has risen sharply in only a few years time. While the number of emigrants from Spain between 2009 and 2010 increased only 5%, in 2011 that figure shot up to 70%. In just the first half of 2012, departures from Spain increased 45% compared with the same period last year.

Source: PolicyMic
California Slammed With Fukushima Radiation - Zero Hedge

From Zero Hedge:

The Journal Environmental Science and Technology reports in a new study that the Fukushima radiation plume contacted North America at California “with greatest exposure in central and southern California”, and that Southern California’s seaweed tested over 500% higher for radioactive  iodine-131 than anywhere else in the U.S. and Canada…

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Remember folks, just b/c the corporate media stops reporting about it doesn’t mean that everything is a-ok. 

Infrared imaging of the methane gas cloud bubbling up from the sea around the Elgin platform.

Greenpeace says the bright pink spots visible in the image show the natural - and non-toxic - hydrogen gases being emitted by the platform.

Meanwhile, the darker purple areas depict the dangerous portion of the gas cloud - which consists mainly of methane.

The image, taken from outside the security distance of three nautical miles, uses light tones to show heat and dark tones to indicate cold.

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