Plans Today

*trumpet fanfare because I’m excited and motivated af today!* Let’s hope that doesn’t change. WOoOO!

Stuff to be worked on today:

  • Hunger Games AU
    • I have already sorted characters into districts for the most part
    • I might add in some more minor character just cause yolo
    • Why not. More fun!
    • Sneak peak: Noctis and Lunafreya - District 4 Tributes
  • Harry Potter AU based off of these aesthetics:

Since this is a lot of work, I might not continue past this or get them all finished today. But I’ll still be working on future works like:

  • Nothing Without Love: Chapter 5
  • Sacrifice Part 2
  • Character Music Playlists
  • Aranea Romantic Headcanons
  • Lunafreya Romantic Headcanons
  • Cindy General Headcanons
  • And requests:
    • The Bros with Teenaged Sons
    • Bro’s (and Ravus) Reacting to Their S/O almost drowning
    • Etc <3
    • I will also be working on more aesthetic requests
    • Reminder that Gif and Aesthetic Requests are always open <3

I think that about covers it for now. I gotta head off to the doctor, so hopefully after a nap afterward I’ll be up for working on all this stuff for y’all.

What are you guys most looking forward to? :) <3

Please have yourself a fantastic day! <3 Hope you all are doing well <3


Purple Gorge by James Mills
Via Flickr:
Peak District, UK


Cotton grass by Andrew Kearton
Via Flickr:


Forest Path 2 by James Mills
Via Flickr: