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8 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as alcohol and violence, description of injuries

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Groaning in pain as your back slammed against the gym mat for the thirteenth time that hour, you steadied your movements to a gradual stop as you tried to catch your breath, admitting defeat and throwing your hands up to surrender, the burning sensation in your ribs growing impossibly hotter. Jackson stood above you, looking down at your body with an amused grin as you almost cried in agony. Again. This was your fifth self defence lesson and yet there you were, laying on the ground begging him to stop. Again.

“You know the whole fucking idea of self defence if that you’re supposed to defend yourself from the attacker, right?” He kicked his head back as he laughed at your struggle with no guilt or consideration lingering beneath mocking tone.

He was right. You’d never felt so weak before, so vulnerable and pathetic as your bruised body barely managed to get to it’s feet so you could look him in the eye.
“You’re not teaching me anything! You’re just hitting me!” You protested as you limped away from him to grab a well deserved drink of water. Bending down to get inside your gym bag was the very definition of pain, your body felt like you’d been hit by a truck and battled with a shark in the same day.

“Rule number two; always be on guard. You’re expecting me to tell you my every fucking move, my training isn’t about that. It’s about heightening your senses, knowing your surroundings, spotting your attackers weaknesses before it’s too late…” He spoke calmly as he quietly walked up behind you, earning you to turn around and catch his fist before it could strike your ribcage.
“Well would you look at that? You actually learned something. See; I don’t just hit you for the sake of hitting you.” Jackson smirked, effortlessly tearing his hand from your tight grip.

“What’s rule number one?” You frowned as you crossed your arms, trying your absolute best to conceal the proud smile threatening to spill over your lips. It was the first time since beginning training that you really felt like you could do this, that you could really take care of yourself without having somebody else save you.

“Never fall in love.” He stated nonchalantly, pulling you from your thoughts whilst patting his sweat-beaded forehead with a white hand towel, signalling the end of the session.

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Help (B.Barnes) *NSFW*


Bucky Barnes

Warnings: swearing, dry humping, sexual themes, (no penetration!!)

Requested by Anon: can I request a fic where bucky and the reader have to share a bed and he gets horny/a wet dream? love those types of fics. and as much buildup as possible if you can? 💕💕

A/N – hopefully that was enough buildup doll! Thanks for requesting it, I loved writing this! I hope y’all liked the dry humping instead of actual sex, figured I’d switch it up a bit! xo

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A Raven Among Crows: Pt 5

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You’re a woman disguised as a man at The Wall, but no one knows.

Part Three  Part Four  Part Six 

(Y/N)= Your Name

Warning: The truth is about to be revealed. 

You never thought you would be walking back towards the Wall with a bunch of Wildlings by your side. But you did find comfort in talking with Tormund, he was always by your side and Jon Snow right behind you. 

“You cleaned up well, you looked like an ugly little boy when I first saw you,” Tormund says.

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“Oh, you’ll get attention now. Lay across my thighs angel.” I state and Y/N eyes immediately shining with worry and disbelief. “No, daddy I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do it. Daddy please don’t.”

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Words: 4000+

Request: No

Rating: R

[ I don’t know why but I was inspired by this post ]

Luke’s POV

The sun peaked through my black-out blinds in my room, as the dirt particles twinkled in the sun light like little fairies dancing. I rise my hands up to my face and rub my face in my hands, trying to wake myself up, but obviously rubbing my face in my hands doesn’t work because I hear a sound that nearly makes my ears bleed from next door.

I rise up and grab the string that pulls up my blinds, and look and seeing a moving truck settling down the ramp and workers unloading the heavy boxes and some carrying Tim Hortons in their hands.

“Mom!” I shout and jump up and out of my bed, quickly making my way out of my bedroom and downstairs into the kitchen where I smell bacon and eggs. “Yes Luke.”

“When did we get new neighbors?” I ask while leaning against the island counter in the middle of our kitchen.

“When are you gonna put a shirt on?” My mom says, completely avoiding the question that I’ve asked.

“I’ll put a shirt on when you answer my question.” I state while walking over to my mom and reaching over and grabbing a piece of bacon beside my mom. “They bought that house like a month ago Luke, and they’re moving in today. I don’t know what else to tell you about them? I don’t know anything other then that.”

“Thanks,” I say and kiss my mom on my cheek before grabbing a plate from the cracker coloured cabinet.

“No problem-Oh! I almost forgot, I’m gonna invite them over for dinner, you know, lets be nice and welcome them kindly to the neighborhood. So please, clean your room just in case their daughter goes upstairs with you, since you love to stay in that room of yours.”

“They have a daughter?” I ask and quickly make my way over to the small window that we have in the kitchen that my mom always leaves open when she cooks. “Mhm, now go clean your room please.” 

I only nod my hand in response while looking out the window, trying to find the new neighbors daughter, which only gets me a slap in the back of the head and a shout to hurry up and eat my breakfast and clean my room.

“Luke, please go get the door.” My mom says while rushing around and grapping forks and knives from the drawer and hurrying to place them in the dining room.

I let my feet carry me to the door and gently place my hand on the doorknob and twist it while pulling the door open, revealing two people.

I always thought that I would have to be remarkably handsome or even move to a different country to even see a supermodel in front of my eyes, but yet here I am, and I am standing in front of this beautiful girl with the most perfect eyes and cutest nose, and her lips are so pink that I think they’re pinker then cotton candy and strawberry milk combined. And her body, literally sculptured by God and all the arc angels. And her hair, it reaches to her hips. I am just completely memorized by this beautiful girl in front of me.

“Hello! Hello! Hello!” I hear my mother say from behind me, making me snap out of my daze. I gently shake my head and smile up at the man in his mid-30’s and his daughter that is right next to him. “Come on in! I bet it’s cold outside.”

“Uh-yeah-sorry, come in,” I say and peel the door open wider and letting the beautiful girl walk past me with her father right next to her.

“You guys came right on time, I just finished making dinner.” My mom says while leading the way into the dining room, where food is set out, waiting for us to dig in and fill our stomachs.

Once everyone is done sharing out their food, I see my mother and the man that came to the door with his remarkably beautiful daughter, making their way into the living room to watch whatever show that will catch their attention.

“Hey, do you want to eat upstairs in my room. I mean, I don’t want to sit down and eat food while listening to some home renovation guy talk about dry wall for a good five minutes, but if you want to go ahead,” I laugh and she does the same and I feel my heart pound against my chest and butterflies swimming in my stomach.

“Yeah, sure.” She says and then we grab our plates and begin to make our way up into my bedroom. “My name is Luke, by the way.”

“Y/N,” She says and her voice is so soft and gentle, and if her voice were to ever become an object, I think a cloud would perfectly represent it.

“So what is your favourite subject in school?”

“How do you even understand this stuff?” I ask while rubbing the back of my head. And Y/N laughs and I smile and it’s been like this forever, Y/N coming over and trying to make me understand what I’m doing in all my subjects because I don’t understand half of this stuff that my teachers teach me and surprisingly I am passing.

“I don’t know. I just do.” Y/N smiles before bending over and looking at the Math question and explaining it to me, which only makes me let out a sigh and thanking Y/N for moving right next to me, which only makes her let out a laugh, making my heart pound against my chest.

“Please teach me your ways,” I sigh while writing down my last question and trying to figure out the answer before resorting to the back of the book. “I was just born with it.”

“Mm, maybe it’s the continuous episodes of Sailor Moon that you watch. Oh! Maybe because you drink strawberry milk. You put steroids in your strawberry milk, that’s it!” I nearly shout and Y/N lets out a hearty laugh before slapping me in my chest gently.

“I don’t put steroids in my strawberry milk, Luke. That doesn’t even make any sense. And I’m pretty sure Sailor Moon didn’t make me smart.” Y/N says and I shake my head.

“You’re telling me that Sailor Mercury didn’t teach you anything?” I ask and Y/N rises her left eyebrow while crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"I thought you didn’t pay attention when we watch Sailor Moon?” Y/N ask and I feel my cheeks begin to heat up and I let out a low grunt before peeling my eyes away from Y/N’s and looking everywhere but at her.

“I don’t. I just remember some characters, you know.” I state and Y/N nods her head.

“Yeah. I know.”

"Luke! Luke!” I hear someone shout from behind me, I quickly turn around and I am met with Y/N’s face completely red face from running to catch up with me. “Yes.”

“Come over tonight?” Y/N ask and I begin to shake my head while continuing to walk, Y/N following behind me.

“Why not? We can watch Sailor Moon and drink strawberry milk together! How about I dress you up again! It’ll be fun!” Y/N exclaims with a happy tone and if Y/N was in an anime I could only imagine this scene to look like a happy and preppy girl bothering the boy that doesn’t want to do anything with her.

“Unlike you Y/N, I actually have to study for my test,” I laugh and Y/N pouts.

“I study for my test.” Y/N says with a sad tone and I let out a laugh before swinging my arm around Y/N’s naked shoulder and smile down at her when I see a blush begin to heat up her cheeks. “I’m sure you do.”

“Okay, maybe I don’t, but at least come over for strawberry milk and one episode of Sailor Moon?” Y/N pleads and her bottom lip juts out, and her eyes begin to shine with water. I let out a sigh before smiling down at Y/N.

“It wouldn’t hurt to watch one? Now would it.”

And I was totally wrong, because after watching one episode of Sailor Moon only lead Y/N to put in another one, and another one. I finally look up at the clock on Y/N’s desk and see that’s 12:53. I let out a yawn before rising up and off the bed.

"Y/N I should be heading home now.” I state and I feel Y/N grasp my wrist in her hand and gently tug me back onto the bed. “No, sleepover. Please.”

I let out a little sigh and Y/N lets out a smile before tugging me onto the bed and excusing herself to go get ready for bed and grabbing me a toothbrush.

“Here.” Y/N says once she is back and wow. She looks so beautiful and she is in a big white shirt and she looks so beautiful with clothes that don’t fit tightly against her body because, right now she just looks like an actual angel.

“Here’s your toothbrush,” Y/N says once again, knocking me out of my state and I grab the toothbrush out of her hand before thanking her and making my way into Y/N’s conjoined bathroom.

I let out a sigh once I walk into the bathroom, it would actually be a miracle if I don’t get a hard while I sleep over with Y/N. See there has been many incidents where I have gotten hard while just being with Y/N, many times was from just the way she talks, sometimes even her laughter gets me so hard. I don’t know why, but it just does.

Once I’m finish brushing my teeth I make my way back into the bedroom and see Y/N laying on the bed with her phone in her face. I let out a shaky breath before walking over to the bed and laying down right next to Y/N and see what she is looking at, which ends up being a picture of a cute white cat.

“Luke?” Y/N ask me once she is finish done liking a post on Instagram and setting her phone down beside her bed and looking at me with curious eyes. I hum in acknowledgment and Y/N turns around, laying on her side and staring me up and down while biting on her bottom lip, and I’m pretty sure I’m hard and maybe sleeping over Y/N’s house is a bad idea.

“What are your kinks?” Y/N ask and I feel my eyebrows nearly leave my head and my eyes nearly pop out of its sockets. “I-Um-I”

“I mean you don’t have to tell me if you’re uncomfortable with it,” Y/N says nonchalant, like what she just asked was normal. Like it is normal for someone to ask about your sexual desires.

“I just-I um-What’s yours?” I ask, trying to get the attention off of me and I see Y/N’s eyes twinkle bright with excitement before sitting up on the bed while staring down at me.

“I have a daddy kink.”

 And just with those words my life spun out of control. Every time she touched me or even spoke to me I would just think of her doing something remarkably attractive that I would immediately get hard about. And it got worse, and when I mean worse, I meant it got to the point were whenever I would look down at Y/N I would just imagine her down on her knees and taking me into her mouth and her pretty pink lips wrapped around my cock just doing the most delicious swirls with her tongue that she does around her strawberry coloured lollipops that she has in her room.

"Luke!” I hear Y/N shout from beside me and I quickly move my gaze away from the blank white wall that I am looking at in Y/N’s room and to Y/N bright Y/C/E eyes. “Yes.”

“Why are you always dozing off all of a sudden. I mean, ever since I told you about my kink you’ve gotten quieter and you always doze off now? Are you okay?” Y/N ask and I look at Y/N and then I look at the TV that is playing a Sailor Moon episode.

“I want to be your daddy.” I say and I didn’t mean for it to come out like that- I’m totally lying, I really did mean for it to come out like that and I can’t imagine Y/N having someone pour her strawberry milk or watch Sailor Moon with her, I can only see myself doing it and I don’t even know what I’m getting myself into but I think it’s gonna be okay if I have Y/N by my side.

“Really? I didn’t think of you having a daddy kink,” Y/N says and I shrug my shoulders. “I mean every since I you told me about your kink I-I-I just started dozing off and day dreaming about like-you know,”

"No Luke, I don’t know. Do tell,” Y/N says with a slight smirk on her lips and I watch as Y/N begins to climb up my body and I feel my face begin to turn red and my cock begin to get hard.

“Like-I-I-I would imagine your lips wrapped around my cock,” I say and Y/N smirk widens before dragging her hand up my leg and then running it over my growing member.

“Mm, sounds great.” Y/N says while licking her bottom lip and applying pressure to my cock, making a moan slip past my lips.

“Can I suck your cock, daddy?” Y/N says in the most innocent voice and I let out a moan before grabbing Y/N’s face and crashing my lips against hers, and God does it feel so good. So fucking good. And she tastes like strawberry milk and cotton candy, so sweet and addicting that I don’t even want to pull away from Y/N’s lips, I just want to swirl my tongue against Y/N’s for the rest of my life if I could, but suddenly Y/N peels away from the kiss and begins pressing kisses down my neck and rubbing her palm against my member.

“Mm, lift your shirt up,” Y/N says and I do what she says, lifting my shirt up and over my head and tossing it across the room. Just as Y/N continues to press kisses down my body. I let a moan slip past my lips as I feel Y/N press small pecks against my hip bones before undoing my belt and gently tugging my pants off.

“Daddy, you’re so hard,” Y/N breathes against my member while licking me over my black boxers, making my hips buck up and letting a moan slip past my lips.

"Stop playing around angel,” I say and I see Y/N’s eyes twinkle with excitement before pressing one last kiss on my boxer covered cock and then peeling my boxers off, making my cock slap up and against my stomach.

“Daddy you’re so big.” Y/N states while licking her lips and then looking up at me as she presses small pecks along my cock before sucking my head into her mouth, making my head fall back while Y/N runs her tongue along my slit gently before running her tongue up and down my cock.

“God,” I moan once Y/N takes me in her mouth. Her tongue swirling around the tip of my cock while her mouth continues to suck me into her mouth. I let my hands gently wrap my hands around hair, making a makeshift ponytail as she begins to bob her head around my cock.

“You look so pretty, baby. My little angel,” I moan as Y/N eyes look up at me before taking me all the way into her mouth, her nose pressing against my pelvic bone as she swallows around me and swear words are slipping out of my mouth from left to right because, fuck does this feel amazing.

“Ahh fuck baby, I’m gonna come,” I moan as Y/N keeps on deep throating me. I tightly grip Y/N’s hair in my hand and begin to make Y/N bob her head more frequently then before but at slower paste making me nearly come when I feel Y/N’s tongue running up and down my slit once again.

“Y/N- Holy shit- Fuck,” I moan when I see Y/N stare up at me, her eyes twinkling as I feel my self spilling into her mouth. “Mm, you taste so good daddy.”

“God, you’re gonna be the death of me, come here angel,” I say breathless and Y/N does just that, moving her body up from between my legs to rest in my lap, her thighs pressing against my hips while her lips meet mine.

“God you’re so wet, I can feel you dripping through your panties angel.” I state, making Y/N moan when she feels my finger run against her clothed slit. “Daddy.”

“Mm, don’t worry, daddy is gonna make you feel good angel, don’t worry.” I state while pushing Y/N’s panties aside and running my fingers along Y/N’s slit, making Y/N suck in a breath while dropping her head onto my shoulders.

“Fuck baby, I didn’t even touch you and you’re fucking soaking,” I say while slipping a finger into Y/N’s warm tight heat, making Y/N grip my shoulders tightly in her hands. “Fuck daddy.”

I continue to thrust my index finger into Y/N’s soaking core while making my thumb run fast figure eights on her clit. Once I feel Y/N begin to clench around my finger I decide to add a second one, making Y/N nearly scream, and I gently grip Y/N’s hip in my hand, making her ride my fingers while her white tennis skirt bounces with her hips.

“Fuck, daddy, I’m gonna come,” Y/N moans while picking up her paste, I let a moan slip past my lips as I let go of Y/N’s hip, I grab Y/N’s pink tank top in my hand pulling it down, making her perking nipples spill out of her tank, and I quickly use my other hand and grasp a nipple in my finger and gently pinch and tug on it while my mouth pays attention to the other one.

“Ahh, fuck!” Y/N shouts, her legs shaking against my hips and her hips stuttering against mine while Y/N continues to let moans slip past her lips.

“God that was amazing. I’m glad you’re my daddy.”

“No, no, everything is good down here, don’t worry mom, just enjoy yourself.” I say into the phone while I feel Y/N tugging on the sleeve of my black and red flannel. “Y/N stop, I’m talking to my mom right now.”

“No it’s nobody mom, continue.” I say into the phone while I see Y/N whine and pout her bottom lip. I let a sigh slip through my lips before I slump into the couch more with my eyes shut and continue to listen to what my mom is saying about heating the casserole in the fridge properly.

“No I’m not hungry right now. Listen mom-Shit,” I moan out when I feel Y/N rub her hand over my cock. I let my eyes pop open and I stare at Y/N with a dangerous glare. “No, I dropped something by accident, continue.”

“Daddy I want your cock,” Y/N whispers in my ear before shoving her hands down my jogging pants and into my boxers. I let a moan slip past my lips when I feel Y/N’s cold palm against my now growing cock.

“Y/N you better stop or you’ll get punished.” I state, moving my phone away from my ear as I watch Y/N just shrug her shoulders before peeling my jogging pants and boxers down to my ankles and running her tongue alongside my cock.

“Uh yeah, yeah, I’m listening. You said to not put it in the microwave,” I breathe out with a shaky breath.

“Mm, I love how hard you get daddy.” Y/N states before taking me all the way into her mouth, her nose brushing against my pelvic bone as she deep throats me. My mouth letting a moan slip past my lips.

“I-I just stubbed my toe mom. Listen I need to go now. Yeah I’m getting pretty tired, okay, love you too, bye.” I say with a shaky breath before hanging up the phone and gripping Y/N from her hair and pulling her off of my cock.

“Do you think that was a good idea angel?” I ask Y/N and she lets out shrug before starring at me with her doe eyes.

“I’m horny daddy. I wanted your cock and you weren’t paying me any attention,” Y/N says with an innocent tone while playing with the ends of her white tennis skirt.

“Oh, you’ll get attention now. Lay across my thighs angel.” I state and Y/N eyes immediately shining with worry and disbelief. “No, daddy I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do it. Daddy please don’t.”

“Oh no angel, do you think you can back out now?”


“So lay across my thighs.” I state and Y/N lets out a whimper before bending over and laying across my thighs. I peel Y/N’s skirt up to see her not wearing any panties, her naked backside in my face.

“You’re so wet and I didn’t even do anything to you.” I state while running my finger along Y/N’s wet soaking slit. I hear Y/N suck in a breath before grasping onto my calf tightly.

“I want you to count for me, okay?” I ask and all I see Y/N do is bob her head.

"I’m sorry I didn’t hear you, what was that?”

“Yes, daddy.” Y/N says and from there I begin to lay my hands upon her perky backside, her ass cheeks jiggling around as I continuously lay my hands upon her now crimson ass cheeks. After every smack on Y/N’s cheeks, I feel her grip tighten around my calf.

“Twenty.” Y/N whimpers out before she gently turns around in my lap and rises up and presses a kiss on my lips.

“You still want daddy’s cock?” I mumble against Y/N’s lips while she continues to place light and gentle pecks against my lips. “Mhm, please.”

“So ride me angel,” I say while watching Y/N tug her white halter top over her head and pulling her skirt off also. After she peels her skirt down her legs, she sets her self on my hips once again, and I see a smirk written on her strawberry coloured lips before she reaches behind herself and grips my aching cock in her soft tiny hands and slips my cock in her tight wet heat.

“Fuck,” Y/N and I moan in unison as soon as she begins to move her hips against mine, her hips moving in a delicious way that it makes my eyes roll to the back of my head and my mouth fall open, leaving me speechless. 

“Fuck, daddy, your cock is so huge,” Y/N moans as she increases her pace, making my eyes roll to the back of my head as I feel Y/N’s tight walls wrap around my cock in the most sinful way.

“Fuck Luke,” Y/N moans as I begin to thrust up into Y/N her hips continuing to move sinfully against mine. I let my eyes fall on Y/N’s face as she continues to ride me.

“Spank me Luke, please,” Y/N whimpers while placing her hands against my chest as she begins to ride me.

“I thought you didn’t like to get spanked?” I ask in a questioning tone while smacking my hand against her ass, Y/N’s body jolting up and a moan slipping past her lips as her eyes fly open.

“God I love getting spanked, spank me more, please!” Y/N moans and I let a chuckle slip past my lips before placing five more slaps against Y/N’s ass and thrusting my hips up into hers. “Fuck I’m gonna come.”

“Me too,” I moan as I feel Y/N’s walls begin to clench and unclench against my cock. I release my hand from Y/N’s ass and place my thumb on her clit as I begin to rub slobby figure eights on her clit, and after that Y/N and I are totally gone. Her body withering against mine as I feel her come, and I let my arms wrap around Y/N’s waist as I come with her.

“God that was amazing,” Y/N sighs while running her hands down my arms and pressing a kiss against my forehead.

“It’s always amazing with you, angel.”

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Do No Harm - Chapter 2

Into whatsoever houses I enter, I will enter to help the sick 

Wanna read previous chapters?: Ch. 1

4945 Words

Read it on AO3!

The words began to blur on the pages before her. Actual printed pages, a rarity anymore. They were just initial findings. Ramblings of people who knew the words, but didn’t know what they truly meant. “Augmented” was used a lot. How could anyone ever willingly ask for this to be done to them?

Extreme bradycardia. Hypothermia to the point where a normal human should be long dead. All kinds of changes made the rest of the body on a cellular level to be able to live with the low temperature and extremely low blood pressure. If one could call it living, even. Talon’s Widowmaker was a cold walking corpse.

And this was her Amélie, supposedly. This was the real Amélie. A literal cold-blooded killer.

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A Night In

A/N: This is lengthy and a little bit different. I hope you like it! Let me know if you have any requests :) I have a bit more free time in the near future and plan on writing at least a few things.

You decided to wait until the next morning to respond to Spencer’s text, knowing you’d both be up entirely too late talking or planning if you responded that night. You kept having to remind yourself that you’d just met him, because you already felt so comfortable with him, he’d met your friends and he’d texted you right after the best date of your entire life. Spencer Reid felt like he’d been written into your life at the perfect moment- school was going well and you had a handle on friendships and even were ahead on internship applications.

You couldn’t help grinning when your alarm went off - there was already another text from Spencer that read Good morning, I really did have a wonderful time with you last night. I hope you don’t suffer for it today!

You noted that you had a slight headache- probably from being tired and not drinking enough water last night. You quickly responded I had a great time with you, too. Don’t worry, nothing too bad on my end. How are you feeling? before downing a glass of water and showering quickly. When you returned, with one towel on wrapped around your head and one wrapped around your body, you read My head’s felt better, but my heart hasn’t which immediately made you smile and cringe a little bit. Before you could figure how to respond, another text from Spencer appeared Please pretend I’d said “My head’s felt better, but no regrets”. You shook your head with a smile, but decided to give him that.

 You texted him a little as you got ready for the day, and by the time you left the house, you had plans to go to his place after you were finished with class and he was done with work since neither of you wanted to go out again but you wanted to see one another. You were more than happy to get out of Foggy Bottom and he had boasted about a large movie selection and promised dinner. When class got out around 4pm, you went home to leave your things and change. You could not believe how excited you were to spend a night talking to Spencer and watching movies and doing whatever he was up for, really, which was most surprising.

 You wondered how much effort you should but in, but didn’t want to be uncomfortable or seem like you were trying too hard. You settled on lacy black panties and a matching bra under leggings, a white tank top and an open front purple cardigan. Some of the black lace peaked through around the straps of the cardigan and you put on just enough makeup to cover up your lack of sleep and make your eyes look big and awake. You added a raspberry stain to your lips and let your hair fall over your shoulders, finishing off with socks and the same black boots. Boldly, you decided to pack some makeup and a toothbrush as well as roll together a t-shirt and another pair of leggings into the bag you always carried. You didn’t plan on sleeping with him tonight, but maybe you’d still sleep over.

 You went to a nearby liquor store and bought a bottle of wine Spencer had given you his address, so you called an Uber and got there in record time. It was just after 5:30pm when you made your way to his building. The man at front desk looked truly surprised when you mentioned you were there to see Spencer Reid, but he simply said, “beautiful girl, be gentle with him.” which you were certainly not expecting.

 And you were definitely not expecting to find the door slightly open and hear conversation. For a moment you wondered if you had the wrong apartment number, but then you could make out Spencer’s voice.

 “Like this?” he asked, a little hesitantly.

 “Exactly! Never thought I’d see the day,” came a gruffer Italian accent. Whoever it was sounded pleased. They couldn’t hear you knocking, so you made your way in, placing your bag and shoes at the door.

 “Um, I hope I’m not interrupting anything!” you said cautiously when neither man heard your enough to turn around. Spencer turned immediately and froze, blushing deeper than you’d seen him. The other man, who was older and had dark hair and facial hair, stepped toward you.

“Bellisima!” he declared, enveloping you in a hug, which you returned warmly. He smelled of spices and slightly of cigar smoke.

“Rossi!!” Spencer called, when you’d perhaps been embracing for a beat longer than he liked. The man- Rossi?- laughed and took a step back.

“My name’s David, Bellisima,” he introduced.

“Oh! David Rossi! Spencer speaks so highly of you. I’m Y/N, it’s so lovely to meet you. Are you staying for dinner?” Rossi seemed to consider it; he had been dying to meet the girl that was worth Spencer trying to cook. One look from Spencer, however, killed that plan. Based on Spencer’s actions, there would be time for introductions at a later date.

“Unfortunately, I’m on my way to my own dinner plans and just stopped by to help Spencer with a few touches for dinner. We’ll all get together soon!” Rossi said, kissing your cheek; he was gone before you or Spencer could say anything else.

With Rossi gone, Spencer finally came forward to greet you. He was shy, as he had been yesterday, but his eyes followed the line of your body as he stepped forward. You smirked internally, very happy with the reaction. Spencer himself was wearing flannel pjs and a gray Henley- looking extremely casual and comfortable. It crossed your mind that he had intended to change and had expected more time by the way he glanced at his own attire, but you thought he looked adorable.

Understanding your role was to be bolder than he was, you flung yourself into his arms. He caught you, feeling surprisingly strong in the way he held you to him for a moment. You were on your tippy toes, and used the angle to your advantage, pulling back to kiss him softly but not briefly. You continued to kiss him until he broke the kiss, eyes wide, lips slightly berry stained and face flushed.

“Hi…Y/N” he all but whispered and you smiled. You broke away from him and went into the kitchen where the two of you chatted comfortably- as if that kiss had not just happened- as the food finished cooking. You were surprised when Spencer came up directly behind you and reached above your head to get wine glasses instead of asking you to step aside. You used the moment to spin around and kiss him again, which caused him to nearly drop the glasses. He steadied himself wildly and you couldn’t help but laugh. He, too, burst into a fit of laughter that trailed off happily. A moment later, he handed you a glass of delicious white wine.  

Dinner was delicious and accompanied by a couple more classes of wine. Before long, you and Spencer had made your way to the couch and your head was in his lap as he looked down at you. You tried not to focus too intently on how taut his pajamas felt, but you must not have been doing the best job because he blushed and tried to apologize. You were having none of that, crawling into his lap and kissing him again. This time, his arms made their way around you and you sucked in his bottom lip, rolling it lightly between your teeth. Before you could take things any further, Spencer pulled away. He looked torn, embarrassed and…upset? Oh god, had you done something stupid.

“Y/N, I..I..really can’t believe I’m about to say this. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever known, and you’re sweet and funny and kind. You make me feel like I’ve known you forever, when we really met yesterday, but…” you braced yourself for the worst- he wasn’t into you, he had a girlfriend, he was leaving the country, he only had two months to live, he really just wasn’t into you- “I…I like to take things um…very slowly…in terms of anything more um..physical than this…” he looked at you as if he expected you to laugh in his face and leave. Instead, you nuzzled in closer.

“Spencer, I haven’t told anyone who doesn’t need to know this, but I have only ever been fully physical with one person and that was a few years ago. I love to kiss and cuddle and be close but…sex is really important to me and I’m happy to move as slowly as you want.” In reality, you’d assumed this is what anyone in his position would expect quickly and you liked him too much not to want to be physical with him. Waiting, however, was anything but a problem.

You only caught a glimpse of the relief in his eyes before his lips crashed back into yours. You spent the next seven hours on the couch- movies played, a second bottle of wine was opened and you kept each other intrigued with stories and questions. You heard about his past heartbreak, and he heard of yours. You talked about families, pets, ambitions for the future- anything was allowed. By midnight, you felt as if you had honestly known this man forever. Already, you didn’t want to think about not knowing him. Spencer finally glanced up at the clock around 12:30.

“Wow Y/N, I didn’t realize it was so late. Do you, um, are you going to…” you expected him to say head out, but he said, “Stay here tonight?” You knew he didn’t date often or like to share space- he’d told you as much.

“If you want me, here I am.”

“Y/N…I really think I could get used to that.”

And that night, you both slept more peacefully than you had in months, basking in the warm of one another and your fateful meeting.

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I hope you like this follow up to my first gajevy smutty story

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Originally posted by yuzuqi


Levy had no idea why she had agreed.

Why, why, why, why, why had she thought it might be a good idea?

Levy rolled on her bed, with her face smushed into her pillow, kicking her legs. She was a ball of completely-freaking-out emotions.

Today, she was going to meet Gajeel.


Her sexting friend, Gajeel.

The guy who she accidentally messaged a revealing photo of herself to and then proceeded to flirt, play with herself and continue to sext for days on end.

Somehow in that time, they had become sort of friends. More than just sexters. So, obviously, the next step was meeting in person. Which apparently Gajeel had no problem with because it was his idea.

Levy groaned. She was so nervous. Her heart was beating so fast she felt like it was going to leap out of her mouth. She sat up and looked at the clock. It was 8:30 a.m. She had two hours to get ready and look good. She could do this. She could totally do this. She sat up, slapped herself lightly on her cheeks and tried to feel determined.

The problem, other than the overwhelming nerves wracking her body, was Levy had no idea what to wear.

She had been portraying herself as some kind of experienced or sexy woman. But she wasn’t. Levy had never even kissed a boy, despite what some of the text messages she’d sent might suggest. And she certainly didn’t think she was sexy. She was short, had basically no breasts, and looked more like a child than a seventeen year old girl.

She wanted to look good. But really, what Levy wanted, wasn’t to disappoint him. She clutched her fingers around her arm and stared at herself in the mirror. Would she be enough? Just her, the way she was. Would he hate it? Levy bit her lip.

After a moment, she took a deep breath. She would have to be enough. So she put on the dress that Lucy told her she looks beautiful in, an orange sun dress with off the shoulder sleeves. She slipped on some brown and white sandals, showing off her painted light pink toenails. Her hair she wore down with loose curls, and a white headband.

She dashed some mascara on her eyes, a little blush on her cheeks and some lip balm to soften her lips. She checked herself out in the mirror again. She smiled, and although it was fake, she kept smiling, trying to make it real. Her mother told her to fake it until she made it. So she was going to do that. She would be happy and confident on the outside, even if she was a total disaster on the inside.

Her phone buzzed. With trepidation, she looked at it, but breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn’t from Gajeel. It was from her friend Cana, the only person Levy had told about her texting escapades. Or more like, Cana had stolen her phone after getting suspicious and Levy had been forced to explain it.

Good luck today, Lev! Don’t worry, he’ll love you. And if he doesn’t, I’ll post his pictures all over the internet!

Levy smiled and sighed. She responded with a thank you, and then, it was time to go.

They had arranged to meet at the Founders Statue in Fairy Park. It was a pretty area and the sun was shining, so Levy was encouraged that it might be a good sign that the day was nice.

Levy arrived fifteen minutes before the time they had arranged. She stood beneath the statue, back straight, shoulders tense, lips biting and hands unsure of what to do. She shifted from foot to foot, her arms crossed and uncrossed. She had never felt so nervous before.

But she refused to look up. Levy stared at one spot on the pavement in front of her, terrified of making eye contact with anyone just in case the moment arrived and she was meeting eyes with Gajeel. That Gajeel. With the eight-pack. And pierced nipples. And large…

Levy felt her cheek heat up and burn. She covered her face with her hands and shook her head.

“What you doin’, Shrimp?”

Levy froze. It was him. Gajeel. His voice was breathtaking. Gravelly, deep, and sexy as hell. Exactly what she had been imagining. Her heart slammed against her chest. She didn’t remove her hands from her face, but she peaked through her fingertips at the shoes in front of her. Black combat boots. Tucked into black jeans. She kept her face covered as eyes eyes trailed up his body. Grey singlet. Very muscular arms on nice skin.

When Levy got to his face, her hands dropped.

“Gajeel,” she breathed.


Gajeel watched her as she put her hands to her face and started shaking her head. She really was a Shrimp. Just a tiny thing waiting for him. He suddenly felt big and awkward. Levy, that girl he had come to think of as his Shrimp, was actually here in front of him. His heart started pounding.

She was so pretty. Like a pixie. The dress she had on made her skin look milky and soft, her legs looked slender and her hair was pretty, back in a headband. He took a deep breath and looked down at himself. He felt so simple. Black and grey, big clunky boots. He looked like some kind of gangster compared to her good girl appearance.

He could leave now. He could just go. She hadn’t seen him, she wasn’t even looking. He could tell that she was nervous. He could just go and she’d never know. But then he would have to stop messaging her. Stop talking to her. Avoid her forever. And that was something that he just couldn’t bring himself to do. She was so… she was just so interesting. He wanted to know everything about her.

So he took those last few steps and stood in front of her.

“What ya doing, Shrimp?”

His throat felt dry, and he wanted to cough, to try and get the cobwebs out of it so he wouldn’t sound so stupid but he couldn’t. He stood and waited while she opened her eyes and peeked at him through those small, delicate hands. His heart thumped, she didn’t realise that she was being so cute it was almost unbearable. But he was terrified. He wanted her to like him, but he knew that he wasn’t like the people she’d known. Probably she was used to pretty rich boys. He wasn’t like that at all.

“Gajeel,” her voice was light, like a breath of fresh air and when she said his name without a hint of disgust, of anything but amazement, he felt like a weight lifted off his shoulders.

He started to feel hot, with her staring at him like that. Her hands had dropped from her face, revealing a perfectly beautiful girl with big, shining eyes and lips that made him want to kiss her immediately.

And then she held out her hand and her face looked funny in her embarrassment.

“Sorry - Levy. Shrimp. I’m so-, Sorry, I’m Levy, sorry,” she stammered and stuttered and her cheeks became pink. Gajeel stared at her hand in amusement before he took it.

He laughed. “Gihi, Shrimp. I know who you are.”

Levy’s face flooded with red and embarrassment. “O-of course you do,” she said.

Gajeel like the feeling of her hand in his.

“Ya know,” Gajeel looked down at her, grinning. He felt really happy. “You’re shorter in person than I thought you were. Definitely a shrimp.”

Levy pouted and Gajeel felt that familiar thumping in his chest.

“Well, it’s not my fault you’re like some hulking giant,” she said, sounding like a little girl.  

Gajeel laughed and he saw that Levy was smiling. A glint on the ground caught his eye, and after a moment he realised that there was a small camera aiming straight up Levy’s dress. Gajeel was almost surprised at how quickly the anger and rage welled in him. He knew Levy was saying something, but he couldn’t hear her. Some pervert was trying to upskirt his girl.

He stepped around the confused Levy and slammed his foot to the ground, feeling the camera crushing beneath his boots. He heard the shriek of the perve and reached around the statue, grabbing the man at his collar and lifting him, straining his body so he could look this disgusting guy in the eyes and punch his lights out.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Gajeel asked, trying and failing to keep his emotions in check. “You some kind of a pervert?”

The man looked like he was going to piss himself. Gavel was disgusted at his pathetic whimpering, “No, no, please I - ”

“Don’t lie to me,” Gajeel narrow his gaze, intimidating him. “Were you taking photos up her dress?”

Sweating and afraid, the man nodded and the anger that coursed through Gajeel needed to come out with a heavy punch to the perverts face.

“Wait, Gajeel.”

Levy’s voice brought him out of his trance of anger. Gajeel looked at her in surprise.

“Let me talk to him.”

Gajeel, confused, but not daring to disobey the suddenly very determined Shrimp, shrugged, trying to contain himself and roughly shoved the man back against the statue, not letting him get away.

“He’s a pervert,” Gajeel growled, trying to figure out what the hell Levy was doing.

Levy nodded, “I know.”

Gajeel watched as her facial expression changed from angry to a strange and frightening calm as she walked towards them. Her eyes were locked on the perve in his grip. She walked to him, clenched her fist and tensed her body and then Gajeel watched in amazement as his little Shrimp threw her entire body into the punch that broke the man’s nose.

He let him go, and the pervert fell to the ground, screeching and clutching his nose. But Levy wasn’t done. Gajeel watched with wide eyes as the calm exterior turned into a rage.

“The only person who gets pictures of me is him,” Levy’s voice was lower and more threatening than Gajeel had imagined it could be. But what really got him is what she said. That he was the only one. It made him feel strangely proud, and like he’d won something. That feeling of complete and total success and relief.

“You perverted old man.”

She sounded so disgusted that Gajeel, all his anger forgotten in his awe at this tiny girl, had to hold back a laugh. She seemed to have forgotten that he was there at all. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and called the police, while she retrieved the memory card from the camera he had crushed. Once she hung up, she turned around and Gajeel was just staring at her.

He couldn’t help but think that the accidental photo she had sent time was something like fate. She was amazing. She was just everything.

Her face turned red again and Gajeel grinned.

“So I’m the only one that gets photos, yeah?” He asked.

Levy’s face turned a deeper shade of red.

“That’s - I mean,” she bit her lip and Gajeel held back from taking her and kissing her then. “Yes,” she said quietly, shyly, in a way that made Gajeel almost tremble.

Gajeel leaned against the statue and looked at her.

“Ya know, Shrimp,” he said. “I reckon we’re gonna have a real good time together.”

Levy looked back at him, her eyes were shining, but they were filling with tears. Gajeel frowned and walked over to her. She looked down at her hand.

“I think I broke it.”

I hope you enjoy this :) 

Undercover Swing - Chapter 1

Author: 2momsmakearight

Rating: M – E (it gets racier, don’t worry)

Summary: She remembers what he said so clearly. “Look, Agents, the truth of the matter is that we don’t have a male/female partnership who could pass for a married couple in the same…capacity…the way you two can.”

Notes: a huge thank you to my amazing beta @storybycorey Without her, I would be lost. 

Chapter 1: Holly and Paul


Undercover Residence

Las Vegas, NV

 Mulder put the key in the ignition and paused, turning his face towards his partner sitting idly beside him. “Are you sure about this, Scully?” he asked, his face slightly pained. She swallowed, her eyebrow arching, her eyes directed at her bare legs.

 “It’s ‘Holly’, and…,” she sighed shakily, “It’s not my preference, but what are the alternatives? This guy needs to be caught.” She shifted in her seat nervously, tugging at her too-short skirt. Mulder reached across the console, tracing his knuckle down the side of her cheek.

 “Anytime… anytime you feel uncomfortable, or want to go, you let me know,” he spoke gently. “They know we’re novices. It will be okay if we didn’t participate in everything,” he explained gently. He heard her shaky breath as she nodded in understanding, her eyes still plastered on her uncomfortably bare legs.

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Ink Exchange

Title: Ink Exchange

Rated: E

Pairing: Hidashi

Word Count: 2830

Summary: Tadashi didn’t remember getting a tattoo, or much of the previous night for that matter. So, it was quite a shock when the evidence if his newly acquired ink stared back at him through the bathroom mirror that morning.

Warning(s): Rough Sex

Preview:Tadashi didn’t remember getting a tattoo, or much of the previous night for that matter. So, it was quite a shock when the evidence if his newly acquired ink stared back at him through the bathroom mirror that morning. Despite the enormous hangover darkening the edges of his vision, he could clearly see a black line of an unknown pattern peaking shyly through a white, palm-sized gauze bandage on his right pectoral.

What had he done? He searched through his pounding brain, but could only recall small, broken pieces of what had transpired the night before. He remembered drinking with the gang. He had complained incessantly about Hiro finding him boring - (“Look, no offense big bro, but you’re kind of boring. It’s not a bad thing! You’re just kind of a nerd, is all.”) - and GoGo drunkenly suggesting that he get a tattoo to prove Hiro wrong. It must have seemed like a good idea at the time, because there it was, and by the size of the pained area, it was a fairly noticeable one.

Tadashi groaned. He used his fingers to massage his aching temples. He wasn’t a drinker by any stretch of the imagination, and he regretted allowing himself to indulge. He just wanted to “cut loose”, “have fun”, and for what? To prove Hiro wrong? Why did he even care so much to begin with?

His heart knocked against his ribcage as if to announce itself. Oh, yeah, that’s why.

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Christmas with Mikey

It was Christmas morning. You sit up in your bed beside your boyfriend Michael, who is softly snoring. You sneak out of bed and go downstairs to start making breakfast for your tiny family. You were pregnant and tonight you were going to tell Michael. You had found out a few weeks ago and you thought you would wait to tell Michael on Christmas. You started scrambling some eggs when you hear foot stops coming down the stairs. You turn to your beautiful boyfriend. His jet black hair a mess, sleepy eyed, in nothing but basketball shorts. The sunlight peaking through the window, shining onto his porcelain skin, making the black ink on his tattoos stand out more. He lets out a yawn and you watch him lovingly. He smiles at you and walks over to you and kisses you, “morning beautiful,” he whispers and you smile, “morning.” You say and turn back to your food and he wraps his arms around you and lays his head on your shoulder, “Merry Christmas” he mumbles and sways the both of you back and forth and kisses your cheek. “Merry Christmas Mikey” you say with a big smile. He goes and sits at the table letting you finish making breakfast. You finish and sit all of the food on the table, you guys start to eat and then after you get ready for the day. You both spend most of the day cuddled on the couch, in ugly Christmas sweaters watching some Christmas movies. Later on in the day around 5 is when you guys finally decide to open your presents from each other. You separate the gifts and take turns opening them. The night was filled with “thank yous” and kisses. The both of you were about to finish when you notice a small present sitting at the back of the tree which was hidden by the much larger ones. You grab it and look at Michael, “Mikey, whose is this”? You ask him. “Yours” he says with a smile, “open it.” You open the small box to reveal a beautiful diamond necklace. You gasp at the sight of it .. “Mikey.. it’s beautiful.” You say in awe as you stare at the beautiful piece of jewelry in your hands. He smiles, “want me to put it on you?” he ask and you nod in response. He places the expensive diamonds around your neck. You turn to face him, and his green eyes light up at the view in front of him. “You’re so beautiful..” he whispers. “Michael I.. I don’t know what to say.. Thank you.. thank you so much.” You ramble. He chuckles at your loss of words and plants a soft kiss on your lips. “You’re welcome kitten.” You guys take seat in the floor in front of the Christmas tree, the lights on the tree making his eyes seem to glow brighter. “I have a gift for you also,” you say with a big smile. You stand up, wondering why you even sit down in the first place, and run and get the small gift. You return and take your place back on the floor in front of Michael and you hand him the gift. He rips off the wrapping paper, thinking you had got him a watch because of the photo on side of the box… he removes the papers inside of the box which covered your pregnancy test. He looks at the gift, then at you. He picks up the positive test with a little slip of paper that reads ‘you’re going to be a daddy! :)’ he looks back up at you. “I’m going to be a daddy?” he ask the obvious question, you’ve now got a huge smile plastered on your face and you nod your head. A smile now forms on his face.. “I’m going to be a daddy!” he says a little louder pulling you into his lap. He places his hands carefully onto your stomach. “Now we can have our on little family.” you whisper and he kisses your cheek. Michael spends the rest of the night calling people and telling them of the new expected baby Clifford, and he also spends the night cuddled up beside his little family. 

Merry Christmas everyone! Sorry I’m crap and haven’t been active! I’m not really a fan of this imagine because I feel like it’s all over the place but here is a cute Christmas fluff .-. I hope your Christmas was great and I hope you got everything you wanted ! Love you guys c: 

I see you (Luke Hemmings Halloween AU)

OKAY so I know Halloween is over but Aria and I came up with this one and I never got around to finishing it so I didn’t post it. NOW I’ve finished it so I am going to post it. ENJOY. 

I see you

“Ladies first.” Luke announced with a gesturing hand, allowing me to walk past him and through the small break in the chain fence. It was Halloween, and we had agreed to spend the night together before heading off for our friend’s small gathering. It was my favourite time of the year; the leaves had turned flaming colours, the air was crisp and the wind whistled through the night causing the golden leaves to dance along the ground. The best part of it? I got to spend it with my loving boyfriend. Whether we were curled up by the fire with a cup of tea, or walking hand in hand down the colourful walkways I couldn’t ever get enough.

 “Time check?” I questioned with raised eyebrows as we walked side by side through the damp field.

 “A quarter to eight.” Luke replied as he eyed his watch.

“So we’ve got an hour.” I hummed. “What do you wanna do?” I asked him as he walked, staring ahead of us. I admired his features as I watched him pondering thoughts. He was so familiar in every way; so beautiful and mesmerizing like an angel, and it was moments like these I found myself questioning why such a beautiful boy could love someone like me. His strong jaw line was hidden by the neck of his grey fall coat, his bright blonde hair peaking through the black beanie that adorned his head, his cheeks were flushed from the wind and the small black metal ring that accompanied his bottom lip was more than inviting.

“I’ll race you to the swing set.” He grinned, nodding his head towards the lonely set of swings that sat on the other side of the field.

“You’re on Hemmings.” I smirked before sprinting down the field, Luke long behind me. 

“Not fair!” I could hear him yelling. “You didn’t even let us get a fair start!” I turned my head and looked at him over my shoulder, sticking my tongue out. He was close behind now, his long legs making the strides look easy.

“Don’t be such a sore loser!” I teased as I neared the swing set, a few more quick strides and I’d be there.

“Too bad I’m not the loser!” Luke shouted as he passed me, his long legs allowing him to hit pebbles that filled the box surrounding the swings.

“Doesn’t count. Your legs are longer.” I giggled as I passed him and placed myself on one of the swings, waiting for him to join. 

“And you cheated.” He offered, sitting down on the swing next to me.

“We’ll have to do a rematch.” I joked, slowly pushing myself on the swing as my feet brushed the ground.

“I agree.” He nodded and we both fell into laughter, our giggles fading into the wind. 


The time had passed quickly, neither of us bothering to check our phones or the time, and before we knew it, it was time to head over to the get together.

“We should get going if we want to make it there in time.” He suggested, watching me with thoughtful eyes. And so we took off, side by side chatting about school and whatnot as we made our way through the field, and passed through the gap in the link fence once again. The walk was quite long, both of us knew that, and most teenagers would’ve hopped in their cars or taken city transit but neither of us minded. The way the wind whistled between the trees and the leaves brushed the ground was like a song we only got to listen to every so often, and when we did, we took the time to listen and admire it.

The comfortableness was present, although there were no touches shared between us. Our bodies were close as we walked, but not touching. It reminded me of how much I loved him and how much he loved me; it was almost like I could hear it.  We didn’t need to hold hands or link arms every minute of our time together because the love was there, and radiating enough for us to feel it without the embrace of each other. 

“Time check?” Luke questioned as we turned down a pathway and found ourselves a few blocks away from our destination. Reaching into my pocket I pulled out my phone and glanced at it quickly noticing the many missed calls and texts.

“8:37.” I replied as we continued to walk. The silence that fell between us was comfortable and quiet. 

“You know you can answer them, it’s alright.” Luke encouraged as he glanced down at me.

“No Luke, tonight was about us. And I intend on keeping it like that till our date ends. The no phone rule still applies.” I informed him as we stopped walking, our eyes meeting each other’s. We had made a rule in our second year of dating that when we were out together we wouldn’t use our phones, in order to spend as much time together as we could. We lived with the idea that we couldn’t wait for tomorrow, we had to do everything we possibly could today.

“You look beautiful.” He hummed. “I love you so much.”

“I love you even more.” I beamed, blushing at his kind words.

“Impossible.” He grinned, leaning down to press his lips to mine and pull me into him – but before he could we were interrupted by the loud sirens of a cop car speeding past us. The both of us pulled away confused.

“It looks like it’s heading towards where we’re headed.” I observed. “Let’s go see.” He nodded and we continued walking, our paces a bit faster than before. My phone was endlessly vibrating in my pocket, but I chose to ignore it as we rounded the corner. The sight was tragic; police tape crossed the streets that surrounded the two cars that were smashed up and wrecked – clearly the outcomes of an accident – and paramedics sat with heads down as they worked at limp looking bodies which were blocked out of view by white sheets.  

“Oh my god.” Luke breathed, his body stilling next to mine. I swallowed the nausea bubbling up from my stomach and turned my head, not wanting to see any more of the incident ahead of us. 

“Let’s get to the house. They’re probably waiting for us.” I stated as I began to walk down towards the house, eyes directed anywhere but the accident.

“That’s terrible. I hope those people are okay.” Luke swallowed away the look of sadness on his face as we crossed the street nearing the house. 

Once we had gotten inside I was hit with the familiar feeling of warmness, and the sounds of people chattering quietly as a TV blared in one of the rooms.

“Oh my god, Y/N? What are you doing here? Are you okay?” My friend Amber questioned anxiously.

“What do you mean what am I doing here?” I demanded with furrowed eyebrows. 

 “We’re fine.” Luke added. 

“Didn’t you hear about the accident?” Amber asked as she swallowed nervously staring at me. 

“Yeah we just walked past it.” Luke shook his head sadly as he looked towards Amber.

“Haven’t you checked your phone? We’ve been calling and texting you like crazy.” My other friend Jack stated as he gripped Amber’s arm.

“My phone? You know Luke and I have our no phone rule.” I said.

“Y/N are you feeling okay? Maybe we should take her to the hospital.” Amber suggested. 

“Y/N what do you mean Luke? Do you not know?” Jack questioned his eyes wide and worried. 

“Know what?” I hissed.

“Yeah what?” Luke questioned with an expression of confusion.

“Y/N, Luke was in the accident,” He began “And he was driving, the car hit his side. He was killed instantly. He’s dead.” Jack whispered, his voice cracking with tear filled eyes. Amber let out a sob at this and turned away, not wanting to hear more of the sick joke they were clearly playing.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I snapped. “Luke is right here.” I reached behind me and grabbed his hand - and felt nothing. Luke stared down at me wide eyed, witnessing what had just happened.

“I think we should call your parents.” Jack said sadly as he looked up at me. 

“Y/N.” Luke shook as he looked at me and I looked back at him, my eyes filling with tears as it came rushing to me. The last time we had touched had been that morning when we kissed. Other than that we hadn’t touched each other once that afternoon. The endless phone calls and texts of worries I was receiving but he wasn’t. I couldn’t touch him, and I was the only one who could see him.

“What time?” I demanded.

“What?” Jack asked as he drew his eyebrows together. 

“What time was Luke pronounced dead?” I felt sick as the words left my mouth. 

“A quarter after two this afternoon.” Jack replied, a look of sadness passing his face. 

We hadn’t met till three, and when I turned to look at Luke I watched his face fill with horror and realization, finally understanding the situation.

“Y/N we should really get you home. Your parents are worried sick.” Amber spoke up, returning to her spot next to Jack. 

“I’ll get myself home.” I stammered as I made my way to the door, tripping as I got outside into the grass and falling to my knees as I shook violently with tears, choking for air.

Luke sat down next to me, not saying a word, just watching me.

“How could you not say something? How could you not tell me?” I cried as I stared at him.

“I didn’t know.” He uttered, face blank and full of shock.

“W-what?” I stuttered. 

“I didn’t know.” He shook his head. “I don’t know. I don’t remember it. I remember this morning seeing you for coffee, and then nothing in between that and meeting up with you again. It’s like I took a nap.” 

“Luke.” I shook. 

“Yeah?” He questioned as he watched me.

“If you’re dead, why can I see you?”

“I d-don’t know.”

“And hear you?” I looked down. “And talk to you?”

Silence was all I heard in return.

“Luke?” I asked as I stared up, to find the spot he had been sitting on empty. I turned to look in all directions, my chest tightening as I glanced around. “Luke!” I screamed, clutching at my chest as I cried.

They say when you die you get to see one person before you pass on to wherever or whatever it is that you believe happens after dying.

I was that one person.

We lived with the idea that we couldn’t wait for tomorrow, we had to do everything we possibly could today.

But really DC I got a hint of Cisco+Iris+Wally Team Flash in the promo and now I want all of it, give me all of it

  • Wally West got struck by lightning and when he realized he could run so fast the world stood still, the first person he told was his sister
  • Iris West became a cop despite her dad’s discouragements, rose quickly to the top because she’d do anything to track down a lead, and supports her brother through anything and everything
  • Cisco Ramon had his first patent at 14 and owned his own company by 21, he runs on a can’t-stop-won’t-stop schedule because he knows it would be too easy for the public to doubt him if he slowed down
  • Wally wanted to do good and Iris saw there were things out there the police couldn’t handle, so they put together a tiny operation run out of his shitty apartment with Iris’ police scanner and a first aid kit
  • Cisco finds them about a month in, Iris pulling Wally out of a back alley and trying to hold him together until they can get to some bandages and a bed. He takes one look at the blood dripping onto Wally’s Target-bought sweatshirt and the black eye peaking through the poorly-fit knit mask and decides he’s taking them home with him
  • (Iris protests at first, holding Wally close and refusing to let Cisco touch him, but then Cisco bends down close and his eyes flash with blue and she recognizes more than just a face from magazine covers, she knows they can trust him)
  • Wally’s won over the second Cisco shows him the suit, it’s so flipping AWESOME and it never catches on fire when he runs
  • They move into one of Cisco’s private labs. He provides the tech, Iris gathers information, and Wally takes to the streets.

Give me a brand-new all-POC superhero team consisting of the fastest man alive, the richest man in america, and the most cunning detective on the force.

"Another Cinderella Story" - One Direction Preference


You walked into school, talking and laughing at something your friend had said. The two of you drove to school together every day, and there was never a dull moment when you were with each other. She made you more confident, but the second you walked into the school, you felt yourself shrink in on yourself. You kept your head down, and walked without catching the attention of anyone. It was a skill you had mastered, to help you survive the torturous life of high school. You kept your lips pressed into a tight line, maneuvering your way, unseen, down the crowded hallway. You looked up, just as your head smashed into an open locker door. “Owe!” you cried out, rubbing the lump that was already forming on your forehead. “Jeez, are you okay?” your friend asked, at the same time that a tall boy, with jet-black hair reached over to you. Your eyes connected with his deep, brown ones, instantly they drew you in, captivating your attention. Along with, what seemed, your ability to form a coherent sentence. What was happening? Had that locker boggled your mind that badly? “Are you alright, babe?” he asked, placing a steadying hand to your back. You stuttered, mouth running dry. His accent was thick, and intoxicating. Instead of trying to speak, you nodded, forcing a grateful smile. “I shouldn’t have left my locker open like that. I’m so sorry.” You blinked at him, shifting the backpack higher on your shoulder. “Are you sure you’re alright?” he asked again, eyes scanning over you. You swallowed the lump in your throat, “M-fine, I wasn’t looking. It was my fault,” you mumbled. He gave you smile, eyes crinkling slightly at the corners. “I’m Zayn,” he offered, extending a hand to you. You smiled fully this time, placing your significantly smaller hand in his, a spark igniting under his touch. “What’s your–” Ding! The first period bell chimed, cutting him off midsentence. “Shit, I gotta, run. See you around?” he asked, walking backwards down the hall, flashing you another warm smile, before turning the corner and disappearing down the hall.            


You watched him from behind the counter, your eyes captivated by the way he moved. It was the simple way he pushed a hand through his floppy brown hair, ruffling it up in the front. He had the most amazing blue eyes you’d ever seen, and they lit up with happiness as he let out a hearty laugh. You’d spent an unhealthy amount of time studying him, wishing you had the courage to approach him. Longing to hear him speak your name, you could picture his lips forming each letter on his perfect pink lips, with a hum to his tantalizing British accent. You shook the daydreams from your mind. Who were you kidding? He would never notice you. You were just the lonely diner girl. You grabbed a rag and made your way over to the empty tables to clear away the dirty dishes left behind. You bit your lip, trying to focus your attention on your work, instead of on your thoughts of Louis. You spun around, eyes trained on the table next to you, and with a smack, you crashed into someone. Your feet slipped out from under you, and you landed with your back to the linoleum floor. “Oh god, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was going, I didn’t see–” you stopped cold, throat going dry, as your eyes settled on Louis’ face, just inches from your own. “I’m Louis. You’re (Y/N), right?” He asked, standing upright. He offered you his outstretched hand, and pulled you to your feet. There was a burst of electricity rushing through you at the contact with his warm hand. “You– you know my name?” you stuttered, swallowing hard. He let out a soft chuckle, running a hand along the back of his neck. “Yeah, why wouldn’t I? We go to school together, and I see you here, every week.” He gestured to the quiet diner. You trained your eyes self-consciously on your high top sneakers. “I just, didn’t think you noticed me,” you murmured. He tipped your chin up with his thumb, and smiled. “Believe me, I’ve noticed you.” You could feel the blush of excitement creep onto your cheeks.


He walked down the hallway, shuffling the sheets of music he held in his long fingers. He studied the notes, humming softly to him self as he walked. He passed a wooden door, and the sweet sound of a piano floated out to him. He smiled and carried on, until he heard the sound of someone singing. The voice carried out to him, causing him to stop in his tracks. The notes were strong and confident, being belted out without a care. He had to know who that voice belonged to. He looked around, before slipping through door. Moving quietly into the cramped room, he spotted you as you sat at the grand piano, with your fingers flying expertly over the keys. He watched you for a moment, as you sang with your eyes shut tight. He could feel the heart you poured into the lyrics. The sight of you was intoxicating. He loved your passion, and the effortlessness of every move you made. He moved a step closer, as if the sound your voice was drawing him in. “That was beautiful,” he breathed, as the song came to a close. A hand flew over your heart, startled by the boy in front of you. “Umm,” you looked around, “thank you. How long have you been standing there?” you asked, standing and gathering your things from the top of the piano. You stuffed the papers into your canvas messenger bag, slinging it over your head. “Just long enough to hear your talent,” he answered coolly, a dimpled smile appearing on his soft features. He ran a hand through his head of brown curls, taking a step closer. “I was wondering if you’d consider working on a song together? I think we would harmonize so well together.” You studied him, noticing how his eyes were the color of emeralds, shining even in the dim light of the practice room. His voce was like silk, words dripping off his pouty lips with his British accent. “What did you say your name was, again?” you asked, heading toward the door. “I didn’t,” he said with a laugh, following after you. “But, I’m Harry. Harry Styles.” You smiled, getting a kick out of his formal tone. “Well Harry, it was nice meeting you, but I have a class to get to,” you said with a hint of a smile. “Wait, you didn’t answer my question, and I didn’t get your name,” he called after you. You turned around, and said, “(Y/N).” You walked away without another word, a satisfied smile kissing your lips. Harry was left standing there, baffled in the empty hallway.


You entered the school dance, adjusting the mask over your eyes one last time. You felt so out of place, like you didn’t belong there. You watched all the dresses swish about, as couples danced close together. You pressed your lips into a tight line, looking around the room. You eyes landed on a handsome blond haired guy across the room. Who was that? He looked familiar, but it was hard to tell with the black mask he wore over his face. You watched as he laughed with his friends, head falling back, so carefree and full of life. You found yourself smiling at him, and he turned, catching your gaze from across the room. You trained your eyes on the floor, peaking up through your long, black lashes. You saw him walking toward you. Your heart started to race, and you felt light headed. “Hi,” he said, as you looked up at him. Even behind the black mask, it was easy to see how bright and blue his eyes were. He flashed you a wide grin, “I couldn’t help but notice you’re all alone over here.” His voice was smooth, with a clear Irish accent. All you could manage was a small nod. “I was wondering, would you like to dance?” He extended a hand to you, and you gave him a shy smile, placing your hand lightly in his grasp. Your skin tingled, and you had butterflies in your stomach. He twirled you expertly around the dance floor, one hand pressed to the small of your back, as he held you close to him. “You have beautiful eyes,” he whispered, lips close to your ear. You felt a shudder climb up your spine, and your heart rate increased. Song after song played, and still the two of you danced. Out of the corner of your eye you saw the clock on the wall. 11:59. “Shit,” you muttered, keeping your voice low. “Is something wrong?” he asked, pulling away to look at you. “I– I’m sorry, I have to go.” You pulled away, tugging the heels off your feet as you ran. You stopped at the door, gazing back at him for only a moment, before tearing out the door. He raced after you, stopping at the sight of a fallen shoe. He scooped it off the floor, “just like a fairytale,” he breathed.


It was the state championship game, and you sat in the uncomfortable, metal bleachers with your best friend beside you. You glanced out at the helmet-clad guys, eyes searching for Liam’s familiar face. You spotted him easily, and watched as he huddled the football team together on the field, pumping them up for the win. The crowd started to chant his name, and your heart sank low in your chest. You chewed on your bottom lip, trying to keep your tears at bay. You replayed the events of last night in your head, thinking back to what you had said to him, “we come from two different worlds Liam… I know what your family thinks of me.” The look on his face was the worst part. He hadn’t defended you, hadn’t stood up for you. What had you expected? Did you think he would disagree? Tell you it didn’t matter, when you knew yourself that it did? A tear slipped from your eye, and you hurriedly wiped it away. You turned to your friend, “I can’t do this. I can’t be here. I thought I could…” You got up and shimmied past the other fans in the bleachers, making your way to the isle. You glanced one more time out to the field, and your eyes caught his warm brown ones. You saw his lips form your name, but you turned away. “(Y/N). Wait,” he shouted, rushing toward you. He took the bleachers two at a time. You stopped, “Liam, what are you­ doing? The game,” you gestured to the stunned crowd around you. “None of that matters, if I don’t have you.” Your eyes went wide as you looked at him. He put a hand to your face, cupping your cheek gently in his strong grasp. “I shouldn’t have let you walk away last night. I’m sorry,” he breathed, resting his forehead to yours. You smiled warmly at each other, and he pressed his lips hard to yours, making you feel weak. Rain came pouring from the sky, soaking you in your fairy tale moment.  

Children of the Light

Sorrow weeps between flakes of freshly falling snow
the day surrenders then descends into the darkness
as a mercurial moment’s fleeting dreams have ended
neath a pale moon peaking through billowing clouds
death stalks within the blackness of a winter’s night
fearfully in hiding lie the children waiting for the light
lamenting long lost yesterdays ever wafting in the wind
while a wise few smile offering comfort to the masses
assuring them all they seek is but momentarily hidden
as darkness must soon of its own untruth be revealed   
the light shall return and tomorrow’s sun will rise again