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Harry on Graham Norton | April 20, 2017

Custom Gucci suit

Via Vogue: “For an appearance on The Graham Norton Show that will air tonight, Styles performed in a custom suit from the Italian house that showed how the now-solo star might bring louche glamour back to the stage.The peak-lapel jacket married ’70s and ’90s design cues, thanks to its strong shoulders and velvet trim. The retro Bowie-meets-Jagger effect continued onto Styles’s flared trousers, which came with red silk embroidered dragons running down the pant legs. A simple silk shirt kept everything sleek, as his go-to rings completed the rock star look.”

Harry Styles, former One Direction heartthrob, remains one of the best-dressed men in music. Back in 2013, he won a British Fashion Award for his signature skinny suits, but has since swapped out the slick Saint Laurent for more whimsical, graphic pieces from Alessandro Michele’s Gucci. For an appearance on The Graham Norton Show that will air tonight, Styles performed in a custom suit from the Italian house that showed how the now-solo star might bring louche glamour back to the stage.

The peak-lapel jacket married ’70s and ’90s design cues, thanks to its strong shoulders and velvet trim. The retro Bowie-meets-Jagger effect continued onto Styles’s flared trousers, which came with red silk embroidered dragons running down the pant legs. A simple silk shirt kept everything sleek, as his go-to rings completed the rock star look.

What can’t Harry Styles wear? The former boy bander has shown his playful side in floral suiting from Gucci and slick ensembles from Saint Laurent, and pushed the envelope with daytime dressing in Japanese cult label Blue Blue Japan. And earlier today in New York City, Styles took center stage in Rockefeller Center for his solo music debut on the Today show, sporting a bespoke suit from English tailor Edward Sexton. This isn’t the first time the cool crooner has opted for solid tailoring. However, his choice of color, millennial pink, energized the live audience and took Styles’s wardrobe into Bowie-like territory.

The custom suit featured natty ’70s-inspired elements, including a single button creating the illusion of a nipped waist, while a peaked lapel enhanced strong shoulders. A simple black button-down offset the bright hue and lent a boyish, Johnny Cash–esque spin to the look. The finishing touch? Styles’s famous wavy tresses, tousled like a true rock star.

babybatbrat  asked:

alright but what is on the pinterest board that nursey's mom makes when nursey starts dating chowder? (or dex if that comes easier)


  • at first she wanted to go with pink and like a soft teal for their colors
    • her baby looks good in pink
    • her baby’s baby loves teal (and doesn’t look bad at all in it)
  • but then she remembered that derek’s favorite flowers are sunflowers?
  • and chris likes lavender a lot
    • “do i change it to purple and yellow?”
    • “mustard and lilac?”
      • it’s a struggle, y’all
  • she ends up going with a blue-green jewel tone, cream, and gold accents
  • instead of bouquets, she finds little gold circlets that you can twist flowers into
  • mrs. nurse puts marigold centerpieces in
    • they’re fucking beautiful
  • she also finds these little pins that you can thread a tendril of lilac through
    • they’d look great on a cream colored three piece yves st. laurent suit
    • or a deep blue comme de garcons double breasted peak lapel 30 30
    • i mean, she is yanaha nurse, a famous model
    • she knows a guy or twelve
      • she’s just saying
  • dr. nurse sees her ridiculous human being of a wife making another fucking pinterest board
    • “yaya, baby” she says.
    • “yes, alda?” she says innocently, definitely not hiding her laptop
    • “they’ve been dating para like three months”
    • “there’s no time like the present?
  • nursey is friends with his mother on pinterest but doesn’t often check it
  • he decides to one day
    • this is a mistake
  • there are rings, suits, centerpieces, shoes, ideas for venues, places for honeymoons, everything
  • he might panic a little because his first thought isn’t “my mom is being super weird”
    • his first thought is “chris would really like this”
      • it’s pretty scary to be thinking that when he’s, like, barely into his twenties and has never really had domestic fantasies before
  • “mama,” he says to her, “i think you’re getting a little ahead of yourself”
    • “you’re in love with him, aren’t you?”
    • “yeah–’
    • “but i’m, like… twenty”
    • “that’s fair”
    • “and you didn’t ask me about anything”
    • “mm… and chris is chinese, isn’t he? I should ask his mother if she has any ideas, i don’t just want to dump all our traditions and stuff on them without asking for her opinion, do i?”
    • “mAMA NO”
    • “i’m kidding, baby. you’re right, i’ll slow it down”
    • “thank you mama” and he hangs up
  • chris texts him
    • [text]: hey, uh, derek?
    • [text]: ??? whatsup
    • [text]: it’s kinda weird pls don’t judge me
    • [text]: 👀👀👀
    • [text]: not that kinda weird omg
    • [text]: boo lol what is it then
    • [text]: (link)
  • it’s chowder’s mom’s pinterest board for their wedding

The singer was a pop of bubblegum pink in an Edward Sexton suit, evoking the King for his Tuesday morning show.

There are a handful of things that Harry Styles has in common with Elvis Presley – thousands of screaming fans, a killer smile and catchy hooks. But Styles took the comparison even further on Tuesday for his performance on Today, channeling the King in a bright pink bespoke suit by British tailor Edward Sexton. That Styles chose Sexton is no surprise: the famed British tailor has created suits for other UK greats including Paul McCartney and John Lennon (the white suits featured on the Abbey Road album cover) and more recently Mark Ronson (for his wedding).

While performing his new single “Sign of the Times,” Styles’ brightly hued ensemble stood out amidst his band and the vast sea of spectators (whose size rivaled the crowds at Justin Bieber’s performances) lining Rockefeller Plaza. Styles paired the vintage-style one-button and peak-lapel suit with a black shirt and shoes and plenty of rings (all signatures of Presley, too), for a look that seemed to charm everyone—including Today co-host Matt Lauer.

Eisuke Ichinomiya Wedding Aesthetic 💍👰💑💏💒

Just finished reading Eisuke and Soryu’s proposal stories again and while wishing their wedding stories will come out this just came to mind. It’s a good thing the guys in KBTBB are loaded with 💰 (so their brides wouldn’t have to worry about a budget, especially for Eisuke *Imagines myself as the MC* ). 😂 😂 😂  

@officialvoltageotome​, here’s what I imagined for Eisuke’s wedding.


For the invitations, something unique, elegant, simple and eye-catching would do. A customized acrylic glass box and embossed with calligraphy will do the trick. Inside are the invitations with either a small bottle of champagne or a Swarovski crystal figure with Eisuke and MC’s initials as the logo and a satin bow wrapped around the invitation.

Wedding Venue 💒

For the wedding venue, I definitely imagine them having a church wedding. 

The Interiors of the church would be decorated with flowers and lined with trees. For Eisuke and MC, I feel that they will have an enchanted white forest theme for their wedding, so that it will stand out and be memorable.

Engagement and Wedding Rings💍

Engagement Ring💕

MC’s engagement ring will definitely be unique but classic and timeless, this is Eisuke Ichinomiya we’re talking about. I imagine MC’s ring to be a classic Harry Winston emerald cut 3-stone diamond ring with tapered baguette cut diamonds at the sides; the emerald cut center stone diamond is definitely colorless, flawless and high in clarity. And in true Eisuke fashion, the ring will be no less than 7 carats.💎

*In Eisuke’s Season 3 top secret document, it was mentioned that the diamond ring is 24 carats, but I feel like that is too big for MC to wear every day as she goes through life, so I toned it down.

Wedding Rings ❤️

For the wedding rings I went with a round brilliant single diamond platinum wedding band. The MC will definitely want to have matching wedding rings with Eisuke.😁

*I inserted lyrics from the song “Forevermore” sung by the Filipino pop band Side A and covered by David Archuleta on American Idol in the picture as I feel that it perfectly describes Eisuke and MC’s relationship and their love for each other. I also think it’s perfect as her entrance music.

Wedding Reception

The entrance to the wedding reception will be immaculate and breathtaking. A surefire way to bewilder the guests, an impeccably idyllic entryway. Filled with luscious trees and a pristine installed bridge as guests enter the ballroom, transported to a dreamy, ethereal, garden-like wonderland.✨

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BAFTAs 2017 Best Dressed: the 7 most stylish men on the red carpet

Tom Hiddleston                            

          Red carpet king and finalist in our GQ Best-Dressed Man in Britain 2017 Readers’ Play-Offs Tom Hiddleston may not have taken home and award this year, but his custom-made two button, peak lapel dinner suit by Gucci made him a dead-set winner in the most stylish stakes.

L’Appel Du Vide (M)

Author’s Note: This request for serial killer Taehyung was from quite a while ago (I’m talking months) from @unpretty-writer, and it’s been brewing in my mind ever since she suggested it. I was constantly jotting down ideas any time they came to mind, and about a week ago I finally had enough inspiration to sit down and write it. I’m still not fully satisfied with it, but I do have moments I’m quite proud of. I want to thank a multitude of people for helping me finish this; you know who you are. I hope you enjoy it, loves. 

I will say do pay attention to the timeline. There’s a reason for everything.

Word Count: 9,408 this is the longest piece I’ve ever written.

Warning: This contains mentions of blood and a bit of torture, amongst other elements associated with this genre. 

→ Sequel

Friday, 24:45pm, Present Time

Penthouse Suite, Top Floor

“Please,” barely a whisper, the word that left your lips cracked in your dry throat, difficult to get out. His fingertips slithered their way up your bare arm, small bumps forming at his delicate touch. He kissed your exposed shoulder, the heat sinking into your skin and making your heart pound against your ribcage. He nuzzled his nose up your neck, breathing you in, reveling in the scent of nothing but pure, unadulterated fear; this is what he lived for, these prolonged moments consumed by your anticipation of his next move.

Your breath hitched the moment the sharp tip of the knife danced across your skin, sliding against the back of your shoulders, Taehyung using it to push your hair to the side. His free hand which had skimmed the surface of your arm now took hold of your strands and tugged hard, exposing the nape of your neck to the now frigid air of the lavish hotel room. His mouth descended upon you, licking a sliver upwards upon your flesh, your pulse pumping beneath the tip of his tongue. Heart rate rising and breaths quickening, your eyes shut tight; the rapid rise and fall of your chest was beautiful to him, and he cherished the sight. He could feel you tremble beneath him, and when his teeth nibbled at your earlobe, he captured the shaky sigh that fell from your exquisite red-stained lips by placing his mouth upon your own in a heated kiss.

This was it. You were going to die. And you were absolutely terrified.

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