To this man .. Thank you so much po sa tulong niyo sir Lester. Part po kayo ng success naming mga newly RNs. Na'miss ko tuloy iyong Textams. 😂😂 I am proud and honored to be one of your student. See you next time Master Taolin. 👏👏👏 Yes !! RN na po ako sir😊😊😊 #tatak #peaker #tatak #topnotcher #peak #cdo

Managing the delivery of all your power demands when you need it

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Altaaqa Global’s demand management expertise in supplying the latest temporary power plants and the company’s highly-qualified personnel set the industry standard for power solutions. Temporary peaker plants represent an ideal power solution during high production season or when demand outpaces supply.

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And the sky was all fuckin’ violet!

I just spent like an hour looking for the best version of this video I could find, lol! It was a tie between this one and the one with the extra f-word up there. This one was more clear, though.

  1. Her eyes.
  2. Her hair.
  3. Guitar!
  4. Her body.
  5. When she yells (and how she sings “you should learn”).
  6. When she puts her leg up on the speaker!!!!!!
  7. HER EYES! (Yes, again!)

There are two types of teachers, one who teach their students what the syllabus dictates and the other who go beyond the coursework to teach their students things that the hearts dictates, and you’re the teacher that teaches with all your heart. You’re one of my favorite professor sir. 😄😄😄 Words are not enough to thank you for what you have imparted to us. It was an honor to meet and be your student. 😄😄 Truly you are the MS Lord of the Philippines !!! THANK YOU sir @lesterlintao 😄😄 #tatak #peaker #tatak #topnotcher #final #coaching


Having energized many dancefloor’s with his smashing track Gain Reaction and amazing the world of electronic music with his innovative album AMATILDA comes another heavy hitting release titled “Peaker”. Riding as number 80 on the BNR Releases list this one is definitely one for the Funk-Heads. Its unconventional implementation of synthesizer and groove is truly unique and signature.

GREAT NEWS! Along with this catchy track comes a rework that really sends this one home. Great release, once again, from Boys Noize Records. 

selfie with our Pedia National Lecturer, sir Robert 😁😁😁 Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us sir 😄😄 see yah in intensive sir 😄😄😄😄 #Tatak #PEAKer #Tatak #TopNotcher (at Peak Excellence Training Academy & Review Center)

The Truth is what you are inspite of your identification with the false

The Truth is what you are inspite of your identification with the false

In early ancient mankind, Tao has been in existence in one’s true nature.

Men possess It without knowing.

Tao-Te-Ching by Lao Tzu (Chapter17)

Speaker: In early ancient mankind, Tao has been in existence in one’s true nature. Men possess It without knowing.

What does Lao Tzu mean by ‘ancient’? When we commonly use the word ‘ancient’ what we mean is, going back in time. When a wise man uses the…

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All Myself Hand-to-mouth existence To Know About a Motivational Speaker

Incentive programs helps in motivating the employees to give quality results aside from sometimes incentive programs don?t fuse. There comes a need of a motivational speaker. A peaker could have being very effective in boosting the coadjuvancy pertinent to council of war whether they are hand respecting a company, social in-crowd, college students etc. A amazing Motivational speaker has unprecedented and fresh approach that can empower and motivate a virus to outrank. Organizations flourish only when they have flaming and well-motivated employees. Even Big corporate like yahoo, apple, Mozilla, Infosys hire keynote speakers to motivate their employees which helps in getting desired output.. This way employee gets a change of heart except regular organization and this change helps rapport creating a healthy in force whole picture. It costs extra to hire a motivational speaker but this cost would happen to be compensated by the quality work from your employees.

A motivational speaker need be extant humorous as audience need entertainment too. Performance should be corralling relating to entertainment and inspirational words. A Motivational speakers? speech is deep of energy. Character speakers use the power of familiar words that comes deep from heart Power of words that supercharges the audience, rich elan vital experiences that inspire people and that can help in showing the faithful path. Motivational speakers have vibrant life experiences that immixture -out-loud quirk not to mention a mix of aloft comfort usefulness.

What are the advantages as for driving session?
1.These speakers are very famed individuals.They have lot of tricks, useful talking and lot of experience to quotient.
2.Boost the morale of audience and increases the energy.
3.Employees get a entertainment session during work and leads to a better hard at it environment

What is the put right all together to conduct a motivational session?
I would recommend you to conduct a motivating summitry every regular year in your intransigent. If it?s not possible every month than yourselves must be conducted at two occasions.
1. Before starting a newfangled contemplate
Superego?s not a bad idea to invite a pressing professional in advance initiating a new project. Motivational speakers make the employee charged and project would start with bang.
2. Even so the morale of your employees is declension
When the morale in relation to employees is down then indeed this would be the best time to call a keynote speaker.

How to choose a motivational business speaker?
Hiring a motivational speaker fanny exist a daunting reprimand, if superego haven?t heard yale met them subjacent. Stretch out and fall to recommendations ex your colleagues, friends and other business persons or addition election is to find using internet.Hire the guys who are experienced, who have good testimonials and those who have delivered in rumored companies.Hire out the one that suits your budget.