peak society

White women believe that when they are given roles, jobs, positions otherwise dominated by men, that is the ultimate form of equality and inclusion. Never mind the absence of poc or even specifically woc that they use as pawns in arguments and debates regarding feminism. The inclusion of white women is not edgy, ground breaking or even progressive. It is the norm, and has been for a while, whereas poc have to fight for their existences to be tolerated and accepted, so they can be treated properly. Movies about white women are not ground breaking. TV shows about white women are not the peak of progressive society. Books written by white women are not the pinnacle of feminist progress. It is completely normal and frankly downright boring at this point. WOC and POC together need to break out and stop believing that white women will help us or stand up for us, we need to remember they can very easily fail us and we should not rely on them to help, or speak for us. Racism is not a mindset specific to white men.