peak one

Snow Day

Peridot stretched, raising her arms above her head, pushing her toes down as far as they would go. She heard Amethyst deep breathing beside her, could feel the difference in the mattress having another person on it. She peaked one eye open, looking over. Amethyst was curled slightly, her hand resting on an empty spot that Peridot assumed she had been in before waking and stretching. Her hair was covering the lower portion of her face, moving every time she breathed. Peridot opened both eyes, turning over to look at her properly. It was nice to have such an early start to the day, so she

So she

Peridot blinked, sitting up. She could see perfectly fine in her room through the soft sunlight streaming through her yellow curtains. She tensed, gabbing her phone and looking at the time.

“Oh no,” she said, one hand already starting to shake Amethyst awake. “Oh, we overslept. Come on, Amethyst.”

Amethyst groaned and opened her eyes for a second before shutting them again. She swatted ineffectively at Peridot. “Lemme sleep.”

“No, Amethyst, we’re late. Come on!” Peridot got out of bed, running to her closet to find something to wear. The bed creaked as Amethyst sat up. Peridot turned, already panicking. She pulled out a shirt and some pants, rushing to the bathroom.

Amethyst chuckled as she watched. “Actually, Peri—“

But then she was gone, the bedroom door shut and the bathroom slammed quickly after. Amethyst shrugged to herself, getting out of bed and padding through the house. She knocked on the door to the bathroom. “It’s unlocked,” came Peridot’s muffled voice. When Amethyst opened the door, Peridot had a comb in one hand and a toothbrush in the other. Her shirt was only half on and her pajama pants were around her ankles.

Amethyst laughed, nearly doubling over. “Peri, listen,” she said between chuckles as she attempted to recover. “There isn’t school today. No one has classes.”

Peridot stopped everything, staring at her. “But it’s Tuesday.”

“And there’s a foot of snow on the ground. The college is closed for the day, okay. We have a snow day.”

Peridot sighed, turning back and lazily brushing her teeth. It didn’t take long for her to finish and turn to Amethyst. “Then what should we do today?”

“We could go back to bed. “Amethyst stifled a yawn behind her hand. “I’m still exhausted.”

Peridot nodded. “Okay, sounds good.” She quickly finished in the bathroom, replacing her pajama top, and allowed Amethyst to take her hand and lead her back to the bedroom.

*Me re-watching Twin Peaks season one* “OK, this is a great TV show, but there’s always the moment when you realize: ‘I don’t give a crap about the Packard Sawmill. Or the shit that is going on with Bobby and James, both of whom are about as interesting as refrigerator mold.’”

I just want to get on with Dale, Laura Palmer, BOB, Leland, Audrey and learn whatever the fuck is going here. 


And out of the mist comes a completely white ghost with one injury in his cheek … and it’s a shocking and beautiful ghost that will have the most shock because we know who he was. - GdT

Sneak peak of my latest Crowley fic…

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Red Eyes

Common sense would suggest that when the King of Hell was cross, it was best to stay out of his way. However, while Crowley raged at the Winchesters in the library of the bunker, you merely sat, hiding your face behind a book, stealing glances and trying to stifle your laughter.

It wasn’t that his actions were particularly funny, it was more the fact of how ridiculous it was that you were so desperately aroused by his anger. Even you knew that it was far from the realm of what one might consider ‘healthy’.

As you peaked over the edge of your book again, trying to peer around Sam’s broad frame, you caught sight of the flash of red in Crowley’s eyes that made your knees positively weak. Unable to stop yourself, you inhaled sharply, ducking behind your book as your face grew red.

Neither Sam or Dean appeared to have heard you, but Crowley suddenly stopped speaking and you found yourself wishing you smoke out of yourself the way a demon could. Unable to control yourself, your insatiable sense of curiosity made you peek over the top of your book and towards the three men standing at the front of the room. All of them were now turned to look at you, Sam and Dean looking confused with their furrowed brows and questioning expressions. Crowley, on the other hand, seemed smugly intrigued by your quiet interruption as a smile quirked the side of his mouth.

“Something you want to share with the class?” Crowley asked, gesturing towards Sam and Dean with an arrogant look of knowing.

You merely shook your head, trying to mask the guilty expression that you were sure was blanketing your features as you pushed away from the table.

“I’m getting tired. I think I’m just going to take a shower and go to bed” you hurriedly mumbled, tripping over your words and your feet as you tried to exit the room with whatever dignity you had left.

Walking by them you ducked your head, unwilling to make eye contact as your face flushed so hot that your eyes watered.

“Lovely to see you, as always” Crowley purred as you passed, causing you to grit your teeth as you all but jogged out of the library, hearing him chuckle behind you.

Full fic coming soon…

Look, it’s either that or an unholy amount of caffeine and praying to Satan. How do you spend your empty afternoons, Haruhii?