peak crossing


One of Audrey Horne’s outfits from Twin Peaks S01E03.

“I love this music. Isn’t it too dreamy?“




the town of peaks

dream address: 7200-6815-3297

i love twin peaks a lot so i decided to make a town based on it! peaks is set on a foggy day, tinted with red undertones that enhance the autumn leaves. this town allows you to discover the secrets behind laura palmer’s death for yourself, filled with clues from dale cooper’s own dreams. make sure to stop by the double r diner for a slice of cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee ☕️

if you happen to post any pictures, tag #clovoid so i can see!



anonymous asked:

36-“I wish I could hate you." for rosvolio please?

Rosaline feels hot under the blanket, and she can’t quite fall asleep. Benvolio, on the floor, has not worded a single complaint, and although it’s now been way past half an hour, he has not moved from his initial position. Only his boots are by the door, his sword leaning on the bed frame. She has not seen him give up his daggers, and she imagines that leather shirt of him uncomfortable and hard, combined with the wooden floor.

It was easier to remain angry at him when she actually saw him, heard him and had to tolerate him. Now, tired but still unable to sleep, uncomfortable still, despite the large bed, Rosaline finds it hard to remember why she’s been upset in the first place. She rises on the bed, looks around to get used with the darkness of the room, before she attempts finding the slump on the floor that represents her road companion.

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i need a new show, please give me suggestions?

things that i have fully watched and enjoyed are:

bates motel, weeds, breaking bad, x files, twin peaks, stranger things, the office, parks and rec, silicon valley, shark tank, moone boy,

as well as stand up by: mike birbiglia, john mulaney, chad daniels, paton oswalt,  david cross, christian flannigan, wyatt cenac, hannibal buress, tom segura, kyle kinae