Lets take a moment and appreciate space dad

He’s playing around with the others. Isn’t that cute?

He’s enjoying so much of every second of fun he can have with his team 

he can be dorky

awkward as hell


the “No son” type

the confused sweet pea

he can be broken just like everyone else

but he will still take care of others

he will support everyone and be so proud when they succeed

or be surprised when he gets something unexpected 

space dad is best dad

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I’ve been working on a book this month, with 36 artists who actually did all the work : Skull.
It will be released at Expozine Montreal this weekend. I’ll be selling it and also “Can’t” with Peah and Toch. Then it will be available on my shop page. I will let you know


J'ai fait un livre ce mois-ci, avec 36 artistes qui ont fait tout le boulot en fait : Skull. Le lancement est ce weekend à Expozine Montréal. Il sera en vente avec “Can’t”, je serai avec Peah et Toch. Ensuite il sera disponible sur mon shop. Je vous tiendrai au courant


Nike Kobe 10 “Peach Jam”

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Release Date: August 27, 2015

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