‘The old gods are dead’ they tell you.

You smile and nod and wipe out another glass. Your eyes dart to the old man in the corner booth. You never see him come, but you always see him leave. Each night a new young lover on his arm.

You pretend not to see his wife watching with jealousy blazing in her eyes and peacock feathers printed on her dress. Her sharpened nails tap, tap, tapping a beat you can hear over the din.

'If they were still around, where are they?’ They continue with a wild wave of their arm. The man next to them looks up and grins and raises his glass at you in a toast and buys them another round. It’s only after he’s turned away you realize his teeth were too sharp and that the glint in his eye was something more than delight.

On the stage a young man sings. He’s there every night with his golden guitar and his golden skin and his golden hair. He sings of love and loss and boys who fly too high, only to fall. You know the song, he plays it almost every night.

His sister stands in the corner, watching, on edge. You keep half an eye on her. She seems constantly in motion yet when you focus, she is still. Last week she broke a man’s arm. You never saw her move.

'The old gods are dead.’ They say with finality.

You look around the room and meet old and tired eyes in hungry faces.

'Maybe,’ you begin and pause as the room seems to go quiet, holding its breath. 'Maybe you aren’t looking hard enough.’

-gods never die

Too Much Paperwork

“ Five Minutes After Your Timely Escape From The Turkish Bath Palace, The Steam Room Exploded In A Ball Of Flame Due To A Backup In The Pipes. … Luckily There Were No Fatalities

“ One Less Bordello ? ”

“ Is It Possible Miss Fisher Has Just Kidnapped The Victim’s Daughter And One Of Our Suspects ?”

“ I Can’t Believe Your Hide, Appropriating A Child Who Should Be In The Care Of The State. ”

“ State Care !? ”

“ Turning To Break And Enter Are We Miss Fisher ? ”

“ Ah, Miss Fisher, The Inspector Would Like A Word Before You Leave ”

“ Do You Know What It’s About ? ”

“ Ah, I Believe It’s To Do With A Break And Enter, Property Damage, And Trespass On The Scene Of A Crime. ”

’ What Evidence Do You Have That It Was Me Who Broke Into The Bookshop ? “

” An Hispano - Suisa Parked Outside At The Time “

” Miss Fisher, Is Ailsa In There With You ? “

” Yes…….No !  Well, Ah, She Was. "

“ You Broke Into The Convent ? ”

“ Well, You’re Still Guilty Of Breaking Into The Salon And The Theft Of One Bolt Of Peacock And Floral Print Cotton Worth One Hundred Pounds ”

“ I’m Happy To Pay For The Fabric, Luckily It’s My Style ”

“ You Really Can’t Go Around Removing Evidence From A Corpse ”

Feather Boa | Sehun Drabble

Genre: fluff

Numbers: 17 and 21 with Sehun; requested

It was definitely one of those nights. The sun was long gone, the birds singing replaced with the crickets chirps. The house was relatively quiet except for the soft hum coming from you as you whisked the ingredients together for brownies. The once dry ingredients were now beautifully blended into the liquid ingredients making an irresistible chocolate concoction. You had been too busy blending away at the concoction to realize that your back was out in the open unprotected from attacks from your boyfriend.

“Yah y/n!” A Yelp fell from your lips as Sehun had made it his mission to scare the living day lights out of you. Your heart beat accelerated rapidly from his attack….Again. Being mischievous was one thing he excelled in.

Yah! Oh Sehun! Do that again and you’re sleeping on the couch tonight!”

You shouted fed up with his scare pranks today. He’s already scared you once this morning, twice at lunch, and another two times before dinner. To say the least, you were fed up.

“Sorry jagi. Can I help you?” He even had the nerve to ask you if he could help. With a shake of your head and a point of your finger he had pouted with puppy dog eyes.

“Aw come on y/n! I promise I won’t scare you anymore. I promise!”

“That’s what you said the last three times oppa!” You exclaimed.

“But I promise this time jagi! Please?” He pouted at you hoping you’d give in. But you stood your ground and put a stern expression on your face pointing firmly to the living room. Sehun pouted and begrudgingly trudged into the living room. You smirked victoriously as his form disappeared from the kitchen and you continued at the task at hand.

5 minutes later the oven was preheated and the brownies were now in the oven to bake for the next 40 minutes. You set the timer and glided out of the kitchen into the living room. You sunk into the couch next to Sehun. It was silent except for the television showing a rerun of an old drama. You were absorbed into the show, not noticing your lanky boyfriend’s disappearance until he slid into the room in the most hideous outfit he owned (which was hard to find for him). He was dressed in a peacock print t-shirt, bright orange feather boa, sunglasses, a fedora and to top it off the hideous disco/shiny low hanging pants from History era.

You raised an eyebrow opening your mouth to ask why he was dressed up in such getup but he beat you to it….by belting out the lyrics to mama and continued to shimmy his way to you.

You tried to keep a straight face but ended up bursting into laughter as he dramatically twirled and ended by landing in your lap posing.

“Like my dancing jagi?” He asked his face very close to yours.
You blinked a few times before sighing.

“Why do i love you?

You questioned giggling softly as he shrugged and then proceeded to pull you into a sweet kiss.

Admin Allie

DexNursey Fake Dating AU

So here’s this!  Requested/Prompted by the lovely @ittybitsofzimmermann. This is set after Ransom and Holster graduate and leave the attic to Dex and Nursey 

Enjoy!  <3

“C’mon man, it’s just for one night!” Nursey grinned lazily from the top bunk, head hanging off upside down so he could look at Dex while he annoyed him.

Yeah, that’s kind of the problem. Dex thought to himself as he typed away at the program he was working on.

“Nursey, I’m not going to pretend to be your boyfriend for whatever charity thing your moms are hosting. Why don’t you ask that guy you were hanging all over last night?”

“Deexxxxxx.” Nursey groaned, making Dex flush. “You know that nobody else on campus knows me as well as you do. If you don’t do it, it won’t be convincing.”

“Get Chowder to do it.  Farmer won’t care.”  Dex still didn’t look up from his assignment, diligently NOT looking at the way Nursey’s neck was stretched out, long and lean…

(Under a read more because I wrote way more than I expected)

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