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Okay but does anyone else like to think of the Musical-matsu’s as not actually related and that they all have kinda different family lives? Like I like to picture Ichi being the richest of the bunch but he doesnt really show it so when they go to his house for the first time it’s this huge mansion with this model mom, huge backyard swimming pool, and peacocks roaming the yard. 

everyone is stunned. How did this trashy devil worshiper come from this household 

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I don't have a photo and I don't know if this counts, but I have a funny thrifting/antiques store story. A few years ago the HomeGoods I worked at sold this cool metal peacock yard decoration and I sold it to someone for 15 dollars. Later, I went to an antiques store in town and saw it for sale there, marked as vintage, for 50 bucks.

It’s like that cat painting on here that someone submitted from a thrift store that goes around tumblr marked as medieval.

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Heeeey was wondering if I could get some ENTP-ISTP relationship headcanons? I'm fascinated by the idea of this pairing but never see anything about it

- Ordering pizza with everything on it just because they can

- Having a bulletin board where they post messages to each other. “I love you”, “Buy more milk”, “I want a dog”, “Do you think that humans with thicker hair evolved to have larger necks to hold up the weight of it”

- ISTP walks over and sees ENTP is googling how much it would cost to have peacocks in the front yard like Lucius Malfoy “I’m just curious”

- Going to the Renaissance Festival because, why not, they’re nerds™

- ISTP wants to go to a concert, so they rent an RV for the occasion and the two of them drive completely out of their way to get there

- ENTP is ISTP boss at an architecture firm. They think ISTP is drafting the garage of the house they’re building. ISTP is drawing rocket ships. (having finished the garage long ago)

- Arguing about whether chocolate and red velvet are the same

I’m so sorry this took so long, I just haven’t been doing headcanons recently.

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Drastoria: Astoria’s first time at Malfoy Manor.

Though this is not the first time Astoria has met Draco’s parents, it is the first time she’s been to the Malfoy home, and that occasion carries a weight all its own. If she is to marry Draco, the manor will someday belong to her as well. 

It’s no small amount of pressure, then. It would be completely understandable–almost expected–to be nervous. Draco wakes up that morning with a keen eye for any trace of anxiety. To his bemusement, he finds none: she dresses calmly, she pecks his cheek as she sits down for breakfast, her smiles come easily and so too is her stride. They link arms to Apparate to the manor, and even then Draco cannot sense any tensity in her stance.

He’s not sure whether to be worried or put at ease that she’s so relaxed. He worries it might come across as flippant, and that’s the last impression he wants his parents to get. Though he’s trying his hardest to establish himself as his own man, independent of his parents’ desires, he cannot deny the importance of their approval.

Any doubts he has, though, are quickly assuaged. She is poised and bright as ever, every word and movement perfectly placed. She charms a genuine smile from Lucius and kisses Narcissa’s cheek with nothing but sincerity. 

Draco, more than once, finds himself in awe. 

Conversation flows easily all through dinner, topics ranging from the Ministry to the peacocks in the front yard. Astoria asks just the right questions, conveying interest without prying, and being sure to give attention to both Lucius and Narcissa. Every so often she’ll meet Draco’s eyes and smile, and he is utterly helpless to do anything but smile back.

(He wonders if it’s possible to fall in love with the same person a second time.)

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When my mother gets drunk, you can pretty much convince her to do anything. One time I was promised to be able to skip school the next day and go to Disney World instead - and I recorded her saying it so she couldn’t get out of it. Trying to convince her to put peacocks in our front yard, and dying at how she’s trying to figure out how to make this happen.