peacock sketch


I got promoted at work and I got some free time at my new position….well

I loved the idea that sometimes the Pearls have to sing to entertain their masters (or to make them feel better)….well now that explains why Pearl sings…and sings while crying

So!…as fabulous as he is (yes even as a Pearl, Kil has to use He pronounce) Peacock Pearl not just sings but plays a crystal keyboard guitar….a “Keytar!!” pretty 80´s like and pretty glamorous  ♥ 

The ink decays, The walls at bay; But the reckoning has come today - This disorder kills your day.

so I might have watched a few old cartoons and a play-through of bendy and the ink machine or two;;;;


Love vol.1: The Tiger

Purchased this fan graphic novel. It basically just follows a Tiger in India on it’s less than chill daily grind. Two pages focus on a couple of peafowl and feature some lovely concept sketches at the back. Since my friends and I are peafowl lovers, I knew I had to share them in all their glory.