peacock sketch


I got promoted at work and I got some free time at my new position….well

I loved the idea that sometimes the Pearls have to sing to entertain their masters (or to make them feel better)….well now that explains why Pearl sings…and sings while crying

So!…as fabulous as he is (yes even as a Pearl, Kil has to use He pronounce) Peacock Pearl not just sings but plays a crystal keyboard guitar….a “Keytar!!” pretty 80´s like and pretty glamorous  ♥ 


xD Here’s Arthur the albino peacock.

He is the personal advisor to the king of his kingdom and is actually significantly more knowledgeable than Kyne about many things.

Kyne frequently asks for his opinion on many different matters if he is unsure of something. However, Kyne is an egomaniac and likes to make sure everyone knows how amazing he is, which causes most everyone to dislike his company. Arthur is one of the very few people who tolerate Kyne. 

They are actually very good friends but neither of them would ever admit it xD

I started this piece back in May and revisited and finished it this past week. Inspired by someone who will likely never see it, this one started and ended with you. 

 pen, art marker

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