peacock masculinity

Zeus and Hera, 1940s style. I felt like sort of expanding the Hadestown universe into more possibilities? So here Zeus is some swaggering, womanizing pilot ace and Hera is on the home front  shrewdly running the family business and looking fabulous while she’s at it. When the war ends and the boys come back home, she’s gonna have a word or two to say to her husband about the rumors of his behavior overseas…

Anyways I had a fun time coming up with their color schemes!!

Bold colors, leather boots, blue mascara, green eyeshadow to match my necktie. I wish I owned brighter eye makeup; it’s on my to-purchase list now.

My masculinity is that of a fucking peacock. Wearing BPAL’s “Mad Hatter” scent because that’s my mood today. Yeah, sure, maybe no one will “sir” me today (except that someone did, surprisingly, something in my peacock strut), but I am fucking fabulous in my genderqueer presentation today. Masculine like a peacock.