peacock in the woods

“The Night of Decay”, oil on wood, 36"x36", $2,400

This peacock painting is my fun excursion into Ultramarine Blue, the Wheel of Fortune tarot card and Jupiter. All the flowers in this composition are poisonous. It was said in ancient times that the peacock consumed venomous animals and plants then converted the poison to its brilliant iridescent-colored feathers.

“The Night of Decay” will be hanging in an art show at the new Ents and Tents Terrarium Gallery space in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood, opening this Friday from 6-9. 1223 2nd Ave. Purchase inquiries may be directed to

Bird-Themed Questions!

Send birds to my ask box~

•Albatross: Do you feel the weight of life’s burdens often?

•Kite: Do you prefer to be graceful or vivacious?

•Mockingbird: Do you pretend to be something you’re not?

•Cardinal: Are you protective?

•Chickadee: Are you outgoing or more introverted?

•Dove: Are you spiritual?

•Snowy Owl: Are you a morning or night person?

•Raven: Do you consider yourself intelligent?

•Emu: Are you athletic?

•Vulture: Do you feel you’re misunderstood?

•Hummingbird: Are you always eating?

•Quetzal: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

•Bower Bird: Are you creative?

•Pelican: Ocean or mountains?

•Dovekie: Name someone you feel very close to.

•Barn Owl: Are you in love?

•Ivory-Billed Woodpecker: Do you feel alone often?

•Peacock: What is your favorite color and why?

•Starling: City or country?

•Wood Thrush: Can you sing/play an instrument?

•Red Knot: Do you like to travel?

•Catbird: Are you good at speaking your mind?

•Falcon: Do you like thrills?

•Osprey: Are you persistent?

•Swan: Ideal date?

•Crow: Are you close to your family?

•Penguin: Hot or cold?

•Puffin: Are you a goof-off?

•Macaw: Name a fictional character you relate to/feel close to.

•Mynah: Go to music, press shuffle and say the first three songs that come up.

•Japanese Long-Tailed Tit: Favorite Pokemon/fictional animal?

•Blue-Footed Booby: What’s your sense of humor like?

•Swallow: Selfie?


[[SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCH THE ORIGIN EPISODES]] OKAY! So I was watching the Origins episode again with my brother, because I wanted to see his reaction. While doing so, I was filling in information about the characters and etc. So it showed the case in the middle of the show, with only 4 miraculouses.

Well Hmm this is interesting because we have 5 empty spaces. 

Now we already know, where 4 are, but the question still remains.

Where is the Blue Miraculous holder? 

_____________________________________________________________Now if you don’t already know, the miraculous have a special trait about them: Animal Idioms. For example, we have Bad Luck Black Cat, Good Luck Ladybug, Clever like a fox. This might be unimportant information since we don’t know exactly what Hawkmoth Butterfly trait comes into this. (although Moth to a flame might be a similar fashion) 

  EDIT: So thanks to @clear-as-a-bell, they mentioned that Hawkmoth butterfly trait represents change. My brother was interested in this point as well, and he researched on Moths, turns out Moths ALSO REPRESENTS CHANGE BUT IN A BAD WAY. Also with Moths, its is said they are very determined. Hmmm… And I can’t confirm for the Turtle or Bee just yet. However, the blue miraculous looks like a peacock. Peacocks are usually characterized with Beauty. Hold onto that information for later. 

  EDIT V2: So a anon point out how Peacocks can represent stubbornness. (If you watch Jackady, Gabriel points out how Chat reminds him of “someone.”) Another point they mentioned that Turtles represents how they are wise. 

Last but not least the Bee. Which they said could represent loyalty to the Queen bee. I didn’t want to talk about the bee since it can be represent in many ways, with either happiness(buzz as a bee) or hard-working. [Many have theorize that the Bee could be for Chloe, in which she could be THE Queen Bee, but that defy some traits cause well shes a…] _____________________________________________________________Back to what I was talking about with my brother. I had told him about the case and which it represents the ying yang, But then he tells me.

“Well why can’t the blue one go and fight Hawkmoth instead of having Master Fu make 2 kids do it.”

I wanted to say that its not possible since it can only be Lady and Chat for their powers. Then he replied

“I mean, what if blue is evil, why can’t they fight, unless they disappeared?

Later on, I tell him about Hawkmoths motive, my brother had missed the part where Hawkmoth holds a picture of Adrien’s Mother. We proceeded to look on the Wiki for her, because I had told him. She left Adriens dad, or died. (I forgotten what canonically happened) But the Wiki said.

She disappeared

I said out of random, “Oh hey she is wearing blue.” 


WHAT IF ADRIENS MOM IS THE BLUE MIRACULOUS HOLDER? You see it makes sense for in the episode Jackady. The married couple [ladrien for the win] says, they has her smile. Honestly its a weak argument, but you have to admit, His mom is pretty


beautiful. Like a peacock right? BUT TO PROVE MY ARGUMENT. LOOK AT THE YING YANG CHART.

Hawkmoth is most likely Wood. And the Peacock is most likely Water. Water Supports Wood. Edit: Someone said that Hawkmoth might be Metal, if so I have to rethink their placements. Like I said before, its likely. I cannot confirm my beliefs until proven so. Adriens Mom Supports her husband in some type of way. 


The Blue miraculous holder is Missing; So is Adriens Mom

Blue miraculous; Blue shirt 

Peacock represents beauty; Adrien’s mom is pretty af.

Blue miraculous supports Hawkmoth miraculous. ; Their relationship

The blue miraculous holder is Adrien’s Mom

Edit: Thank you all for actually reading this. ;b; Seems alot of people are really hyped for this theory.