peacock cosplay


We just adore unique cosplays, and these guys did a fantastic job portraying three characters from the Skullgirls video game! All of the cosplays look unique and amazing, but our favourite by far is Peacock and how her arms are put together!

UPD: Credit for Valentine goes to jaegerleesi, Peacock is mid5 and Bloody Marie is nocolo! great job again on your awesome costumes!

I just want to say, I love all of my followers so much. <3 You guys are so encouraging, pick me up when I’m down, and believe in me when I really don’t believe in myself. You say nice things when I don’t feel very pretty, tell me I can sew things I’m intimidated to try, and most of you remember not to take cosplay too seriously and have fun with your friends.
I look forward to meeting more and more of you at cons, and thank you all for continuing to believe in me!
<3 <3 <3


Slowly and surely I’m getting there! WIP of my Nui Harime cosplay. (with some bad quality webcam photos!) I worked on modifying the petticoat from my peacock cosplay to get the dress to poof out more on the bottom, but its the wrong shape. I want it to flare out more than be a bell, so I think if I just push the petticoat down more it should help. I got to fix the 2nd skirt layer too, its gonna bother the heck out of me that it’s not evenly placed.

But i’m happy with the wig! I don’t have to style it at all (I thought I would) I just need to make the eyepatch!

Still need to finish the zipper on the back, make the arm sleeves, the collar, attach the bow on the back and add more lace to the umbrella.