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— Yves Navarre, Friends Gone With the Wind

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May I please ask how the allies, and Romano pretty please cause this ask is my favorite ask to ask, react to a tiny peacock spider coming up to them and dancing it's cute little spider dance for them?

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^^^That’s a peacock spider to curious readers.^^^

Alfred: “OH MY GOD IT’S…cute! Awww dance little buddy! Just stay over there…”

Alfred isn’t the biggest fan of spiders, though if it is being cute…he may let his fear go for a second. He would nervously chuckle and keep his distance, but if it keeps dancing he would pull out his phone and play some music before slowly starting to dance with it. Also, his phone would be recording, for the vine, of course!

Arthur: “BLOODY HE-what are you doing? Are you…courting me?…”

Arthur isn’t the biggest of anything creepy crawly, though he does love to read. In those readings, he would recall that peacock spiders dance to court their mates…that being said, he would feel flattered by the little spider, though confused as to why he is being chosen as its mate. After some quiet chuckles watching the spider, Arthur would slightly bow to it before making sure the spider was safely taken away….or dropped near Francis…whatever happens first.

Francis: “Is something in my hair-AHH?! What is that?!”

At first Francis would be trying to figure out what had landed on him, but after seeing it was a spider (with better fashion sense than Arthur) he would hum, watching it do it’s little dance. (Also, better dancing skills than Arthur…Can we just trade him?!). It’s not that bad..right?..It’s just a little spider…though, he could be seen ‘accidently’ dropping it near Arthur…

Ivan: “Hey! Look! It does the dancing!”

Ivan would think the spider is adorable. He’d want 10. He would carry it around the park with him for a couple of minutes, watching him do his little dance before putting him back in the trees. He wouldn’t want anyone to step on his colorful buddy!

Matthew: ”H-Huh? Oh…It’s just a…colorful spider…weird..”

Matthew would kneel down to look at the spider with a soft smile, holding his hand out for the spider to stand on as he watches him dance. He would be surprised to see, 1. Such a cute spider, and 2. One that dances! “wait…does that mean he wants to mate with me?…how do you say no in spider?”

Yao: “Oh how cute! I want to take you home!”

Yao would absolutely love the dancing spider! He would squeal with delight and try to dance with it as he films the dance to show off on the internet later. Once the spider stops dancing, Yao would hold his sleeve out to it and smile as he cocks his head and asks, “do you want to come home with me?”

Romano: “AHHH…wait…what are you doing? Oh…a dance? For me?”

At first Lovino would scream at unholy decibels, but then stop as he watched the spider dance. As he would watch the spider he would cock his head and raise an eyebrow before hiding a small smile as he shakes his head. A spider dancing for him? Well…maybe this wasn’t a horrible spider. He would look around to make sure no one was watching, then dance a little with it as he would quietly hum a song. But if anyone said anything, they would get flipped off and told to leave him alone.

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Miraculous Dream Team

My thought on the Miraculous Dream Team

Ladybug - Marinette

Chat Noir - Adrien

Jade Turtle - Nino

Volpina - Alya

Reine Abeille (Queen Bee) - Chloe

Paon (Peacock) - Nathanael

Nino gets his miraculous after bumping into Master Fu. Master Fu sits him down and have a chat. Master Fu then gives Nino his Turtle Miraculous because he believes it is time for a successor and tells Nino that he him a bit of himself at his age. At first, Nino surprised and hesitant about the offer but then accepts it after Nino brings up a memory of his childhood of wanting to be a hero like his father.

Alya gets her miraculous after Ladybug drops by her apartment and decides to give her the Fox Miraculous because she thinks she is the right person for it. Alya takes it as a joke but Ladybug tells her about another certain fox girl that was a fake and an akuma, so Ladybug Looks to Alya with the Fox Miraculous because she knows she responsible and trustworthy for it. Alya was moved by Ladybug’s speech and decides to accepts since she thinks she’s as responsible and trustworthy as Ladybug implies.

Chloe gets her miraculous after accidentally bumping into Master Fu on her way home. When she got home the box containing the Bee Miraculous and the bee-like kwami within it. Upon seeing the kwami, she instantly panicked and swatted at it thinking that it was a bug. After a minute of calming down, the kwami tells Chloe that she is chosen to wield the miraculous but Chloe denies it stating that is Ladybug and Chat Noir are for and that she is not the hero type. But the kwami tells Chloe that Ladybug and Chat Noir alone are still not enough to help and that being a hero will give her much needed appreciation. After a moment of self-debating Chloe reluctently agrees.

Nathanael gets his miraculous after Chat Noir surprised him by dragging him into an alleyway. At first, Nathanael was afraid that Chat Noir might do something to him, but Chat tells him to calm and hands him a small black box. Nathanael was clueless to why Chat handed him the box and what was in it. But before he can ask, Chat was already taking off before turning his head to Nathanael and tells him to ‘Take good care of it’. When he got him, Nathanael was still thinking about the encounter with Chat Noir earlier, the box he gave him, and what he meant by ‘Take good care of it’. Nathanael opened the box, and inside it was the Peacock Miraculous and the peacock-looking kwami inside it. When Nathanael looked at the kwami he can’t help but feel sorry for it because it looked sad. Nathanael gave the kwami a hug which made the kwami happy. The kwami gave Nathanael the miraculous because Nathanael has already proven to be a worthy holder and that he helped made it feel welcomed. Nathanael was nervous saying that he don’t think he can be a hero but the kwami looked at him with pleading eyes which took Nathanael off guard. With that he agrees to the miraculous holder.

Eventually, all six of them come together and Ladybug says that with all six of them together, they can tackle any obstacle and face any danger that neither one of them can face by themselves. Which leads them forming the Miraculous Six (or some other team name).

Ladybugs acts as the team’s leader and keeps the entire group in line. Chat Noir serves as the group’s strength and second in command for when Ladybug is not around. Jade Turtle acts as the group’s mediator for when the team starts bickering. Volpina distracts the enemy as well as provides insight for finding a certain weakness on an enemy. Reine Abeille heals the team as well as injured civilians but sometimes here brash personality tends to get in the way. Paon’s flamboyant attitude also tends to get in the way but is there to help the team when needed.

Eventually all six of their identities are revealed to each other. All of them start to hang out either when not in class, or at a cafe, at Chloe’s house or Adrien’s mansion, or in Master Fu’s shop. Master Fu is still there to offer the team guidance for when they need it.

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There’s this boy, Rudolph, who, it turns out, is a real Russian prince with a castle and peacocks and cheekbones! And he took me on the roof of the Opera, and he was looking at me like this. Then like this. And then once like this.

- Uh, a boy? What type of boy? Peacocks? What type of cheekbones? And Rudolph?

He’s a friend. He says I’m gonna be everything I wanna be.

- I say that too!

But he’s deep as well.

Every Exquisite Thing by Matthew Quick

I would first like to thank Little Brown for sending me an ARC of this novel along with three other novels by Matthew Quick. This book was so inspiring and eye-opening to me in retrospect to how people feel when they think that no one cares and how sometimes families and people appear to be something when they’re really not. This was my first Matthew Quick novel, and it’s safe to say that I will definitely be reading more of his work very soon. The characters in Every Exquisite Thing are relatable to a wide spectrum of readers and develop beautifully into people who are aware of what they what from the world and what they want from themselves. I loved how we are immersed into Nanette’s life and her mind. This really allowed me as a reader to understand Nanette and her feelings throughout the novel and help me form an idea of who she was in my head. I highly recommend this novel to fans of All The Bright Places, it truly captures the same feel and essence that All The Bright Places brings to the table and goes even further than I imagined. This novel will truly change your perspective on life and how you will see the world.

I realized I haven’t drawn Tar-Mairon in forever and that’s a crime.

M O N S T E R  M A S H ( Namjoon - Vampire )


Namjoon has always been a charming boy. He was a gentleman most times, but he would never allow anyone to walk all over him, and he enjoyed arguments. He would often sign up for fights he could not win, and enter into relationships that were a constant and toxic fight for control. That’s how he fell for her, a new face, an enticing one at that, and as soon as his eyes met hers, he was wrapped around her finger. She really did love him, she says that every time he runs into her and her coven. She let them attack him, ripping him apart until he was battered and bloody, barely breathing, and while she was smirking over his bloodied body, she leaned down and whispered “you really should’ve trusted your gut and never talked to me,” before biting into bruised flesh and turning him.

He stayed with her for nearly a decade after that. He can blame ninety percent of what happened between them on the vampiric powers of compulsion, but his heart was where you could place blame when it came to his love for her. He likes to bite anyone he can get his hands on. She taught him how to feed, how to make it hurt as little as possible, how to make it torturous and, most importantly, how to make it feel good.

One thing he found out about himself though was that his new-found immortality gave him all the time in the world for his anger to sit with him and fester, and love and hate walk a thin line. He was tired of watching the same thing that happened to him happen to countless innocence, and although the beast inside him told him that this blood lust was beautiful, the sliver inside him told him that if he didn’t run while he still had the chance, there would be none of him left. Namjoon distanced himself from the coven until one day he was just a loner trying to control the never ending hunger in what could be considered an all you can eat buffet. He became lonely after that, lonely, angry, and hungry. He took companionship when he could get it, and innocent people died because of it.

The Monster:

Namjoon was the first of two among his band of monstrosities brothers. He and Yoongi got in a fist fight, and in the end they were covered in blood, lying in an ally way next to each other and hysterically laughing. They both had something to prove, and nothing, not even their lives, to lose. Over the years, they’ve traveled together and developed the closest thing he believes monsters could have to a family, a sort of brotherhood. Namjoon keeps his business separate from that of his friends and relationships. He doesn’t really claim to have any moral high ground, and the hunt is really just a game for him. Namjoon loves playing with his food. When it comes to killing, he only feeds on those who have pissed him off or hurt someone he’s taken a liking too. When it comes to intimacy though, well he’ll sink his teeth into just about anyone he can get his hands on.


Namjoon is closest to Taehyung and Jimin. Although Namjoon does feel a sense of loyalty and closeness to Yoongi, who has been the first person he’s truly cared about in this life, his now cold heart belongs to two innocents who didn’t deserve this cruel burden: Taehyung and Jimin. He looks out for them, protects them, and would give his life, if that’s what you can call it, for them. 


omg i have realized that i actually never posted the concept art of my son and was posting drawings of him LOL srry abt that!!
ANYWAY, meet Yun-Shi!! (you can just call him Yun) He’s a merchant peacock boi who is capable of scamming you off of your fortune huhu :3c
He can easily use his looks, but if that doesn’t work he has plenty of other ways to get what he wants!! His tail is also very fancy (i included 2 images because he has 2 “modes”, one where it’s just plain/normal, and one where he opens it up completely to fully show it off! He usually does that when he’s being extra intimidating/seducing, it helps a lot with the ladies huhu (andsomeguys//coughs)