Peacock shawl is finally assembled and complete

I’m editing this post because I’ve had several inquiries. This was a commissioned piece done for a client. I can always do another one at any time as well as other projects. This one I sold for 200.00 including materials and shipping. It takes approximately a week to make it properly. Any questions just send me a message here or find me at art girl davis on Facebook. Email Artgirldavis@gmail.com

Favorite Roses I Painted in 2017 

I know I’ve shared a few of these before, but I was moving pictures on to my new computer and decided to make a post of my favorites. Rainbow, galaxy, and ice roses remain my signatures, but I like to play around. Already looking forward to returning to this job in the spring. 

Roses from top to bottom (left to right): galaxy, rainbow, ice, lavender ice, plaid/tartan, TARDIS, Wonder Woman, jeweled, peacock, galaxy close-up. 

These Renaissance Romance Roses can be found at the Georgia Renaissance Festival.


What? Who wouldn’t want to be around a bird who put all their stat points into Has No Chill and Has Yes Volume? That’s clearly the best possible combination of traits in a neighbour! :)

The chickens care about Things I Can Eat and Things That Can Eat Me; the ducks add Things I Can Have Sex With to that list. Anything you don’t feed on, flee from, or fornicate with might as well not exist to them; they stop paying attention the instant they figure out none of the categories apply. They like humans, but it’s mostly because we give them hard boiled egg sometimes.

It’s not that the peacocks are smarter, but for some reason they care about things that don’t matter. Things they know don’t matter. If you’re out in the pasture and you move a shovel, the peacocks will notice and will come by and look at it in its new place. I’m pretty sure they know they can’t eat a shovel, they just want to know what’s up with it. It’s hilarious and endearing. They’ll put their heads right up next to it and inspect it like they’re looking for shovel contraband, then without moving their feet, they’ll snake their necks around to the back and inspect that side too.

All the things that are irrelevant backdrops to the ducks and chickens must be carefully inspected if you’re a peacock: fallen leaves, a pinecone someone kicked accidentally, boots if the shoelaces are tied differently than earlier, flowers that opened since yesterday, cats sleeping in the sun, hoofprints in muddy ground, tools, tree shadows on the walls of the chicken house, spiderwebs, lily pads, salamanders.They look at the tiny splashy waterfalls in the creek from all angles. I’m reasonably sure I’ve seen them stare at the moon.

I don’t know why they’re like that. However, since I also care about many nonsense things that don’t matter at all to my life, their eccentricity speaks to me. I’m quite fond of the Extra Fancy Weird Bird Squad.