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the hymne l’amour au

suggested by my good friend @wolf1ez​! also sombra and widow are Sisters™ bc valentine’s day is not only for romance!! this is fluff by the way

  • they don’t know about it until campfire night
  • no one ever suspected that fareeha ‘justice and motorcycles and whiskey’ amari would ever do something as sappy as playing the guitar
  • but when they’re sitting round a bonfire, fareeha hauls out a guitar and plays a few chords of a song. angela smiles, rests her head on fareeha’s shoulder as she sings a few verses of a love song.
  • lena catches the loving look in angela’s eyes, and then abruptly she has an idea.
  • she buys the first guitar that catches her eye, which may be an inappropriate use of overwatch funds, but whatever
  • and then she googles ‘french love songs’, watches forty youtube videos, and learns each painstaking note by heart until her fingers are calloused and aching.
  • she races through the halls clutching the guitar, before hopping into fareeha and angela’s room and covering her eyes.
  • ‘are you guys naked?’ she asks quickly, and when fareeha answers with an amused ‘no,’ she sighs in relief.
  • ‘angie, can i borrow fareeha for a moment?’
  • ‘sure. bring her back when you’re done.’
  • fareeha sticks out her tongue at angela, and, when she pouts in return, kisses her cheek.
  • lena brings them to the courtyard, sits fareeha down, perches on one of the column bases.
  • ‘this is… something. just listen to it?’
  • ‘lena.’
  • ‘yeah?’
  • she’s practically vibrating with nervousness, adjusting and readjusting her fingers on the strings.
  • ‘if you’re going to propose, i have some news for you.’
  • the joke’s dumb, but it works- lena relaxes visibly, laughs a little.
  • ‘yeah, yeah, amari, you wish.’
  • and then she begins, plucking the strings with adept fingers, singing a little.
  • on a rooftop a hundred metres away, widowmaker frowns. her fingers dig into the metal of the widow’s kiss hard enough to leave dips in the metal, before she lets out a frustrated huff and throws it aside with a clatter.
  • ‘god,’ sombra says, kicking her feet against the edge of the building next to her, ‘you’re so gone for her. it’d be funny if you didn’t look so depressed.’
  • ‘like you’re not here to try and catch a glimpse of vaswani,’ widow fires back, but there’s no real bite in it. sombra mock-gasps, flicks her arm.
  • they sit in silence for a moment, and then the wind shifts direction and suddenly there’s the faint sound of a guitar and fareeha amari’s laugh, and amelie sighs.
  • ‘the worst thing,’ she mutters, ‘is that i have to tell her.’
  • ‘you have to tell who now?’
  • ‘mercy.’
  • ‘you’re welcome.’
  • ‘no. not merci. mercy. angela ziegler. amari’s… wife, of sorts.’
  • sombra’s eyebrow crooks. ‘oh.’
  • ‘yes.’
  • there’s a comfortable silence, or at least as comfortable as two renowned killers can get. sombra rests her chin on widow’s shoulder.
  • ‘come with me?’
  • ‘always.’
  • they tell angela together, widow’s gun gripped behind her back. her eyes get wider and wider and then-
  • she laughs. explosively. rolling-on-the-floor laughter. sombra and amelie trade confused glances.
  • ‘please,’ she gasps. ‘mein gott! fareeha and lena? never!’
  • ‘then what…?’
  • ‘no, no.’ and then she explains it all. widow is slack-jawed and slightly embarrassed by the end.
  • ‘so what’s the guitar for?’ she asks.
  • angela winks. ‘i suppose you might find out soon.’
  • she does.
  • it’s one week later. amelie’s just settling in for a night of drinking expensive wine and watching dumb movies with sombra when the door rings. sombra answers it, and amelie hears a few faint noises of conversation before sombra comes back in.
  • ‘it’s oxton. in a truck. she wants to see you.’
  • amelie’s up in an instant. ‘see me?’
  • ‘you look fine. stop stressing.’
  • ‘i’m not stressing.’
  • ‘yes you are.’ sombra rolls her eyes fondly. ‘see ya, tiger.’
  • ‘right. um…’
  • ‘i’ll be fine. movie night next time. get your girl.’
  • she breathes in, leans in to touch her cheek, a brief press of cold fingers against skin. ‘merci.’
  • ‘always.’
  • she walks outside in a peacoat and a dress, and is greeted with a bouquet of lilies and a dazzling smile.
  • ‘you up for a night on the town?’ lena asks with a grin, and amelie smiles a little before accepting the helping hand and pulling herself into the truck.
  • they drive past the city boundaries, into the night, lena’s fingers tapping to the beat of the radio (some old pop song, the sound of it soft and crooning), and they make soft conversation, a little awkward but not uncomfortable.
  • amelie is not used to this peculiar softness- she is used to hard, mocking words, and taunts, and the cold metal of the widow’s kiss in her icy hands, the sharp adrenaline of a kill; the smiles they trade over the dashboard are unfamiliar.
  • lena whistles the last bars of the song as she pulls into a lot on the side of the road. amelie’s sharp eyes catch the glimmer of a pick in lena’s back pocket as she hops out of the car and gallantly rushes over to open her door, and another piece falls into place.
  • ‘so,’ lena says, ‘you up for a picnic?’
  • amelie gives her a dubious look. ‘you can cook?’
  • lena looks indignant. ‘yes! but don’t worry, fareeha helped.’
  • there was that damn amari again. amelie would never be free.
  • ‘s’aight, just so you know,’ lena says, as if reading her mind. ‘fareeha and i will never be anything more than friends.’
  • ‘i know,’ amelie growls, but the wrinkle in her brow eases. lena smiles to herself, and then pulls out a giant fluffy blanket and dumps it unceremoniously on the grass, digging around for a picnic basket.
  • ‘chinese?’ she offers, and amelie takes one as she sits down on the blanket. it’s surprisingly good, and she eats in silence for a while, until lena clears her throat, and she looks over.
  • lena’s cradling a guitar, sitting up against the truck, a pick dancing between her fingers.
  • ‘listen, love,’ she says a little awkwardly. ‘i know that- well, um- you might recognise this.’
  • and then she starts to play.
  • widow recognises the song immediately, even before lena starts to sing.
  • her voice is nice, even if the french is terrible, and, without realising it, widow starts to cry, tears slipping down her cheeks.
  • lena looks up, and then the playing fades. ‘love,’ lena says, reaching out, ‘i’m sorry, do you-’
  • ‘keep playing,’ widow says, choking up a little, and then as the music starts again, she joins.
  • amelie lacroix loved to sing, widowmaker remembers. perhaps some of that is left behind, in her. they sing together, and then lena’s eyes are closed as she draws out the final note, and then amelie reaches across the space between them, brushing the guitar aside, and kisses her with trembling lips.
  • and she swears, as lena tugs her closer, hands settling in her hair with a happy sigh, that just for a moment, her heart beats a little faster.

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"BUCKY LEMME BORROW YOUR SUIT." "Whaddaya need my suit for, punk? It's too small for you now." "You're the same height as Mae." "What does Mae need a suit for? Does her fella need one?!?" "You're nearly the same height as Mae." "Mae's a dame." "About that--Mae ain't a dame. Not really. Like Ms Vic wasn't a fella." "Oh." "Yeah." "I have a problem with that." "Buck?" "My legs are longer, he's gonna have to fix the hemline for that." "I can sew" "You are not getting anywhere near my hemlines."

*** DIES ***  (Mae, I am sorry, I just fixed the formatting and I shall add, okay, bb?  Apparently, you gave me more bunnies for the USO Showgirls ‘verse, in which Mae is a nurse.)

Mae’s bit:


“Whaddaya need my suit for, punk? It’s too small for you now.”

“You’re the same height as Mae.”

“What does Mae need a suit for? Does her fella need one?!?”

“You’re nearly the same height as Mae.”

“Mae’s a dame.”

“About that—Mae ain’t a dame. Not really. Like Ms Vic wasn’t a fella.”



“I have a problem with that.”


“My legs are longer, he’s gonna have to fix the hemline for that.”

“I can sew”

“You are not getting anywhere near my hemlines.”


My bit:

The fact that Steve can sew is a godsend for Rosa, who’s already up to her ears in getting the costumes ready for the girls and now she has to come up with a Captain America costume, God save them all.  

The only good part is that she’s got another helping hand with Mae, the Company Nurse, who’s cackling at “booty shorts” and Steve’s blushes.  Also, apparently, she…. no, wait, he (because Mae prefers those pronouns, although all of them are keeping it on the downlow, things being what they are) knows all about Steve’s Bucky.  Well, Mae and Penny, apparently.  

There was a story about Bucky and his suit and the fact that they ended up lending Mae a pair of pants that belonged to Bucky’s Papa, which Steve hemmed perfectly.  That was Mae’s presentation of Steve’s resume. 

Rosa looked him up and down (and okay, she appreciates the fact that the man is perfectly proportioned, because sweet Jesus Christ, that shoulder to wait ratio is unreal) and says, “Okay, Rogers, grab a thimble, a needle, here’s the thread, start sewing.”

“Booty shorts!” Mae cackles again.  “Bucky’s missing out on a lot.”  And then he leers at Steve’s rear, which generates even more adorable blushes and an outraged “MAE!” from Steve. 

Eventually, Rosa figures out what the fuss is all about, once Steve finally brings in Bucky Barnes to meet her.  He was also in need of a suitable “uniform” as part of the SSR’s Howling Commandos’ unit. 

Rosa had been temporarily conscripted to do the uniforms this time.  She looks Barnes up and down and finds herself blushing at the amused glint in those blue-gray eyes.  God damn, but this man had an excellent shoulder to wait ratio as well. 

"Blue.  Peacoat.   Think that’ll do for your fella, Cap?"  Rosa asks. 

Your fella, Steve?” Barnes asks, raising a brow. 

"I think we have the whole mutual ownership covered between us,” Cap answers, raising his dogtags, where there’s the glint of a golden ring.  “You already got me on the ball and chain.”

Mae, who’s again been conscripted by Rosa into the sewing business, has his own two cents to put in.  “We’re available if you need to take measurements for a wedding dress.”

“Blue peacoat.” Rosa stresses.  “It’ll bring out those baby blues of yours, Sarge.”

The boys agreed.  Blue peacoat it was. 

- end -

Note:  See, this is what happens when a maeglinhiei and a aderynrrowntree Muse take up residence in your head.  They bring forth plot bunnies!

Birthday Surprises || Kai & Violet

Violet has been waiting for this day to come for a really long time, the girl was beyond excited for this day. The girl honestly went all out for her boyfriend’s birthday. She bought him 24 gifts for each hour of the day and had three wonderful things planned throughout the day for the two. The first one was to see the concert in the park. Getting dressed red dress that hugged her curves perfectly along with tights and then a peacoat over the dress since it was sort of chilly out. Checking the time, it was eleven in the morning. She still had two hours till the concert. The girl planned on heading over to his dorm and making him a great breakfast to start off the day. The brunette used the spare key he gave her to open his dorm room and entered the room. It took Violet a while to bring all the presents she bought him into the room. Once she finished, she took off her coat and set it down on the couch. She then went inside his kitchen and began making pancakes, eggs, and other stuff to try and make the birthday boy a lovely breakfast. Once she finished, the curled hair girl set everything up perfectly on the table, she smiles softly and heads into his bedroom, climbing up in his bed, she sits on top of him before pressing her lips onto the sleeping blonde right in front of her. “Wake up, babe! I made you breakfast. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” 

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SS + 50 ❤️💔

50. going through a divorce AU

to the tune of taylor swift’s “all too well.”

It’s a sad state of affairs when Sakura sees her lawyer more than she does her husband. But that is her life these days, and she doesn’t really know how it got to this point. She is not angry, she is not bitter, she is merely lost. 

Sasuke has graciously offered her full custody of the house while the proceedings are in progress, and he left before she could refuse. The big house, once full of laughter and the sounds of impromptu love-making, is now cold and empty. Rooms once so vibrant and alive with their shared presence are now dark and lifeless. She doesn’t bother turning the lights on; there’s no one coming home. 

Her lawyer, Tenten, encourages her to go for money; Sasuke has plenty of it. But Sakura refuses, she has no need of it. He’s already taken everything anyway, or at least the things that matter. Like her heart. 

She is tired, so tired, and confused. She’s tired of these meetings where their lawyers hash everything out, divvying everything up. Sakura hates it; she doesn’t want his money, doesn’t want the fancy cars or the big expensive house. Those were never the reasons she married him, were never the reasons she loved him. 

There are people who would accuse her of those things, but those people don’t know her.  

Sakura walks out of one such meeting one day, so far past done that she can’t even breathe. The memories are too strong, his presence is too thick, and her heart too broken. So she goes home to that big, empty house and packs her things. She throws her clothes into suitcases haphazardly, not caring where they land. Her books are in boxes in her car trunk, and framed photos are fingered lovingly before being stuffed into her bag. 

As she turns out the lights and locks the door for the last time, she says goodbye to everything that was and could have been, says goodbye to her long-gone heart and Sasuke, oh god Sasuke, who was her first love, her last love, her end-all-be-all love. 

She steps away from the door before she can cry again, hurriedly shutting herself into her car just as her cell phone rings. The sound makes her freeze; only one person has that one tone. Still, her eyes flicker to the caller ID just to be sure, but there is no mistake. Everything in her screams no as she flips the phone open and holds it to her ear-


-and then she is gone, she is lost in his voice all over again. All it takes is her name, and she is chained as surely as Prometheus to the rock that is her heart. 

“Meet me for coffee?”

Her brain, every rational part of her screams no, but her heart says one more time.



The silence is tense, her heart beating off-kilter. He is as handsome as ever, immaculate in a grey peacoat and black dress slacks. He looks so out of place in this small, cheap diner, and yet it brings Sakura back to their dating days when everything was an adventure and even the most run-down of restaurants was charming. Now she can’t even look at him, not without falling to his feet. 

“You’re better off without me.”

It’s an offhand comment, but Sasuke never says anything casually. It is the flint that strikes the stone of her dead heart, creating a spark of hope. 

“It’s the other way around,” she returns bitterly, a frown creasing her face as she stares into her untouched coffee. His large, warm hand covers her cold one as she clutches at the stirring spoon. Her grip slackens. 

His thumb caresses her knuckles, and she can’t do this, angry sobs escaping from her throat. He squeezes her hand tightly when she tries to let go. 

“That is not true and will never be true,” he tells her evenly. 

Sakura finally does look up at him, squeezing his hand back just as hard. Her breathing is weighted down by her anger, and she can’t keep the shrillness out of her voice as she asks, “Then why are you leaving me?”

“Because I want you to be happy.”

He doesn’t hesitate, his expression doesn’t waver, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t mean it. He has always been a stone where she is a tidal wave. 

“I’m not happy, Sasuke.”

She doesn’t try to make him feel better about his decision, she doesn’t smile. She lets him see the naked misery on her face, all of the months of pain he has inflicted on her. And then he does flinch, and she feels a small flare of satisfaction. 

“I’m not right for you, I-”

Sakura slams her fist down on the table. “I don’t care if you’re right for me. You’re the one I chose, you’re the one I want to be with. And if this whole thing is about you trying to make me happy, then I think I should at least get a say in it!” 

Sasuke’s stone facade crumbles then, and he looks as lost as she feels. 

“Tell me how,” he whispers, and the emotion that flits across his inky black eyes leaves her breathless. 

“Come home,” she says simply. 

There is a long silence between them before he tentatively nods.



OUTFIT: Men’s Camel Coat

The Sunless Winter Tan

Just because you’re stuck inside during this cold, snowy winter doesn’t mean you can’t get your tan on. Let’s face it, you’re probably too broke from all those snow day junk food, liquor, and net-flix binges to afford that sunny island getaway, but adding a warm camel-colored coat to your winter rotation is an alternative way to get that golden glow that’ll be a whole lot cheaper and last longer. My recommendation would be a wool peacoat or topcoat. Dress it up by wearing it over a suit or blazer, or dress it down over  a casual flannel with jeans and sneakers. The neutral color will go with just about anything in your wardrobe. My personal favorite color pairings are white, gray, and navy to go with that perfect tan coat. Check out a few options below and let me know which one’s your favorite in the comments!


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Lost Memories

Inspired by the movie ‘The Vow’, but the specifics and ending will be different. This is is part one of two (probably idk). I hope you like it!!
word count: 3k
requested: no

(Calum’s POV)

It’s crazy how much your life can change in a single moment. One second you’re living as happy as ever, and then all of a sudden it’s all gone. (Y/n) and I had been dating for a coupe years; actually today was our 3 year anniversary. I had planned a romantic night out to her favorite restaurant and then laying under the stars at the park where we first met, where I was planning to ask her to marry me tonight. As (Y/n) finished getting ready I fidgeted with the ring in my pocket. I was pretty sure she would say yes, but I was still scared for whatever reason.

“I’ll be down in a minute Calum! I’m close to being ready!” A soft voice called. I heard her heels click down the steps as (Y/n) entered my sight wearing a bright red peacoat and a black dress under. Damn, she always looks so flawless. I’m so lucky…

“Close your mouth Cal, you’ll catch flies” She chuckled and took my hand in hers. “You look hot by the way Cal.” (Y/n) comments, smacking my ass.

The entire car ride I was admiring my beautiful girlfriend, and hopefully future wife, from the corner of my eye.

“So are you going to tell me what we have planned for tonight?” I turn towards her, taking my eyes of the road for a moment.

“Now why would I tell y-”

“Calum Hood! Keep your eyes on the road for god sake!” She yells for a moment while squeezing my hand a little bit. I laugh and take a peek at the road before continuing.

“It’s fine babe. Anyway, you should put your seatbelt on miss safety. It-” The next few seconds seemed to go in slow motion. A blur of red collided with the the passenger side of my car. My air bag activated, pushing me back into my seat. Glass flew everywhere, some hitting me. I shut my eyes, but quickly opened them when I felt (Y/n)’s hand leave mine. I wasn’t able to completely process what was happening, but I sure as hell knew that (Y/n)’s body flying through the windshield was not good. The surroundings outside the car kept spinning, but then it all went black.

(Your POV)

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

My head was pounding and everything was blurry and bright. I tried to open my eyes more, but it hurt.

“Nurse! She’s awake!” A raspy voice calls from nearby, scaring me. Looking around, my surrounding seem unfamiliar and strange. I begin to freakout. Where the hell am I? A slender red head walks in, shooing the source of the voice out in the hall, and starts shinning a light in my eyes.

“(Y/n). Can you hear me?” I nod slowly. “Okay. You were in a car accident and got badly injured. You’re in Sydney Grace Hospital right now.” She informs. “We put you in a temporary coma for a few days to heal your brain. Your CT scan shows swelling and hemorrhaging in your brain. Any headaches or temporary memory loss is normal. The head of neurology will be in soon.”

A tall, dark haired boy walks moments later in with a worried look. He seems vaguely familiar, but I can’t remember who he is.

“Hi (Y/n). I’ve been so worried. How are you feeling?” He asks.

“I’ve been better, not gonna lie.” I croak. He nods and sits down near my bed and leans towards me for a hug. I back away suddenly and shake my head.

“What’s wrong babe?” He furrows his brows. Babe? I stay silent. “D-do you know who I am?” The boy’s eyes begin to water a bit.

“You’re the neurologist, right?” I ask. His eyes go wide and he chokes on his breath.

“No. I’m your b-boyfriend. Don’t you remember?” He questions. I shake my head and give an apologetic look. “No, no, no. You have to remember. We have been dating for three years. We love each other. You have to remember!” He starts to yell. My eyes start to water now also. The boy runs his hands through his mess of hair and just walks out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Tears roll down my cheeks as I stare at the door.

(Calum’s POV; memory)

The snow falls softly from the sky as my buddy, Luke, and I walk through the park. Out of the corner of my eye I see a familiar, stunning girl in a red peacoat walking towards the coffee stand.

“Oi, Calum. Five bucks if you finally go ask out that girl from our apartment building. Ten if she says yes. How ‘bout it?” Luke grins and sticks his hand out. He knew I’ve had my eye on (Y/n) since she moved in downstairs a month ago. I blush and turn away.
“Nah mate. She wouldn’t say yes. She probably has a boyfriend anyway.” We continue walking and I laugh.

“Okay, I’ll ask her out then. That would suck for you if she said yes to me huh?” He teases. I shoot a nasty look at him.

“You wouldn’t do that.” I argue. He smirks and starts walking toward her. “Wait! I-I’ll do it. But, don’t count on it working out, ok?” Slowly, I head towards the coffee stand. “Large vanilla latte, please” I order, now standing idly next to her.

“Hi Calum.” She smiles warmly at me. I blink in shock.

“You know my name? I, uh. I mean, hi!” I stumble over my own words and (Y/n) giggles.

“Of course I know your name. We live in the same building.” The barista hands me my coffee and hands (Y/n) hers. “Well, have a good one!” She calls and starts walking away.

“Wait!” (Y/n) turns around. “Do you, maybe, wanna go on a date with me?” I mumble.

“I don’t know. I just got out of a nasty breakup and I wanna get settled into the city before I start dating again.” She awkwardly looks away. Shit.

“Oh okay. Well let me know when that is.” I turn on my heals and mentally hit myself in the head.

“That doesn’t mean I don’t want to. I think you’re really cute and I wanna go out, just not now.” She finishes. I let out a big breath and look at her.

“Who knows, that could be next week.” (Y/n) winks. I smile and start to talk, “Pick me up at 7 next Friday, okay?” She cuts me off. My smile grow and I nod.

“Yeah! That’d be great! Can’t wait, uh, I mean-”

“See ya.” She starts walking off. My fists pump in the air and I run back to Luke eagerly.

(Your POV)

“Okay (Y/n). You can’t drive for 4 weeks and even then, I need to clear you first. I suggest you try to go back to your normal life and live your daily life as soon as possible. That will make your memory return as soon as possible. Call me if you have any questions, okay?” All the information thrown at me is a blur. I nod, pretending to listen while thinking about this crazy series of events.

“Calum is here to take you home. Is that alright?” I nod again, not feeling to eager about it though. The boy from earlier this week walks back in with puffy, red eyes. He tries to grab my hand, but I pull away.

“Sorry, force of habit.” He mumbles, not looking at me.

“It’s fine.” We get into a rental car, I’m assuming because we wrecked his car in the crash apparently. After ten minutes of silence he finally speaks. “I’m sorry for getting upset at you. I know it’s not your fault. I just thought you would remember me.” He whispers. I wait a few seconds to respond.

“The doctor says my memory loss goes back about 5 years. I don’t even remember moving here.” I continue to look out the window. We arrive at an apartment building and Calum helps me out, leading me to the building. We go up to the third floor and enter an apartment. Calum opens the fridge and gets water.

“So where’s my place?” I ask, just wanting to go home and relax. A small laugh escapes Calum’s lips.

“We live together babe. This is your place, and mine. Hungry?” He casually lays on the couch and looks for the remote.

“What the hell Calum?” I bark. He looks at me confused. “Why are you treating this whole thing so casually? Do you not realize I know nothing about my life? I know nothing about you, about this city, about my friends. Do I have a job? Do i still have my family?” I start to yell, tears rolling down my face. “You might think my memory will come back and it will all be okay, but you don’t realize that I feel like a fish out of water right now. no, scratch that. I feel like a fucking giant whale out of water. I have no idea about my life and I feel so uncomfortable right now it’s crazy! And you’re just sitting there watching the damn television!” I rant, letting out a huge breath after. Calum stands up and walks towards me, grabbing both my hands.

“I know this is stressful for you. We just have to live life normally until you feel okay. So lets just sit down and I can fill you in for now,okay?” He pulls me to the couch. “So, you know your name right?” I nod. “Well anyway, you’re an artist, sculptor actually. You moved here a little over two years ago and we’ve been dating about two years. And your family, well you don’t really talk to them anymore. That’s why you moved.” My eyes go wide.

“What happened to law school? And what about my fiancé?? Did Will and I break up?” I ask a million questions.

“Let’s just start there and call it a night, okay? Lets go to bed.” We walk up the stairs and he climbs into bed. I begin to change into my pajamas.

“Turn around. Im changing.” I blush and wait for him to look away.

“Nothing I haven’t seen before, babe.” Calum laughs.

“What? No, I’m a virgin Calum. and stop calling me babe. I don’t know you, despite what you think.”

“Well this is awkward. Babe, I mean (Y/n), hate to break it to ya, but you and I did ‘the dirty’ a long time ago.” He laughed. This is just great. I lost it to a guy i don’t know.

“I’m sleeping down stairs on the couch. Night.” I coldly state and leave the room. I hope when I wake up this is all over  and my memory comes back.

For whatever reason I awake at a rather early hour. I check the clock. 6:30. Great, What am I going to do for several hours. I decide to make some coffee and wait for Calum to wake up. After rummaging through several cabinets and drawers, rather loudly, I find the coffee and begin to make it. Loud thumping steps come from the stairs and I look to see a shirtless, groggy Calum rubbing his eyes.

“It’s like 7 am. Why are you up? You normally sleep ‘til like noon.” He rasps in his morning voice. I just now notice the several tattoos that litter his arms.

“Couldn’t sleep. I’m gonna go get dressed.” I mumble.

“Your clothes are in our room.” He points upstairs.

“Your room. It’s your room right now.” I head upstairs and search through all my clothes. Nothing in here is what I would’ve bought. I settle on a big t-shirt and sweatpants, both that are too big for me, but I’ve always loved big, comfy clothes. Carefully, I walk back downstairs, still somewhat sore from my other injuries from the accident. Moments after walking into the kitchen, Calum laughs at me. “What, so now you’re laughing at my fashion choice? It’s the only thing I own that I feel comfortable in, okay?” I defend.

“No. It’s just those are both my clothes. It’s okay though. It’s funny ‘cause that is your favorite shirt of mine to wear, even now.” He chuckles and pours me some coffee.

“Oh.” I quietly sip my coffee for a minute. “So tell me a little about yourself” I sort of demand more than ask.

“Um, well my name’s Calum Hood and I’m 19. I’m from around here and my mates and I are in a band called 5 Seconds of Summer, we’re pretty cool. You should listen to or music. And also I’m dating the best girl on the planet.” He chuckles.

“Okay. Well I’m (Y/n) an-”

“I already know everything about you babe.”

“Oh yeah, my bad.” we sit in awkward silence for a bit.“So the doctor said to get back into my normal routine as soon as possible. You mind telling me what exactly that is?”

“Well you get up and make coffee. Wake me up. And then go down in your studio until I get home from work an-”

“I have a studio?”

“Yeah! We can go see it if you want!”

“Uh, no. I think I’ll just hold off on that for now. You should probably get to work. Don’t worry I’ll be fine here.” I assure.

“You sure? I can take a day off and stay here.”

“No. I can take care of myself. I’m not incompetent.”

(Calum’s POV Memory)

The stereo was blaring an old playlist when I walked into (Y/n)’s studio. The walls were littered with sketches of a new project idea. I turn the music down for a moment.

“Hey! You know it’s 10 pm, right?” I laugh. (Y/n) nods, still focused on her clay.

“I will be done as soon as I can finish this part.” she mumbles, slightly swaying her hips to the music.”This sucks. I can’t get this clay to work with me! Ugh!” She throws a piece of clay on the project.

“Babe, it’s not that bad? I mean this part is pretty cool and has some light contrast here. And this perspective thing is cool.” I try to think of as many art terms as possible. It’s way better than I could ever do.

“Wow. You really love me, huh?” She stares at me. I give her a questioning look.

“You totally just made up some art bullshit to make me feel better, but that’s my scrap pile.” (Y/n) laughs. I blush and grab her waist from behind.

“Let’s go back to our room and I can help you relax. Sound good babe?” I whisper in her ear. (Y/n) hits my arm and I pull her to the door, placing several kisses on her neck as we go.

(Your POV)

Sooner than I though, Calum was home from work. I was fairly quiet, despite his several attempts to converse.

“I think I’m ready to see my studio” I hesitate.

“Really? Yeah! Let’s go.” Calum pulls me by the hand to the studio. We enter a open room that has paper and supplies everywhere.

“This.. is my studio?” I murmur, running my hands over the glass figure in the corner. It’s beautiful, but not anything I could ever make.

“Yeah! It’s a cool space, huh?” He encourages. “Here! Your current project is over here. Why don’t you try to work on it? Maybe it will trigger some memories!” Calum leads me to a pile of clay. “Take this,” he places a tool in my hand. “And I’ll turn your music on and see how this goes.” The stereo is rather loud and startles me. Calum’s hopeful eyes stare into mine as he waits for me to work.

“I can’t do this.” I mumble, looking down.

“C’mon. This will work. Just play with the clay a bit.” He continues, apparently not hearing me.

“I can’t do this.” I say a little louder, still not heard by Calum. He turn the music up louder and hands me some clay, staring over my shoulder and waiting for me to do something. “Calum, I can’t do this!” I explode. Calum turns the music off.

“What?” He’s startled.

“I said I can’t do this! It’s too much!” I drop the tool and run my hands through my hair. Calum stays silent for a moment.

“I’m trying to help you here (Y/n)!” He yells. “I’m doing the best I can, but this is hard for me too!”

“I never said you had to help me Calum!”

“What is your problem? I’m slaving away to make this as easy as possible for you and it seems like you don’t even want to remember!”

“Maybe I don’t! It would be so much easier to just start a new life and make new memories instead of being pressured to remember the old ones!”

“We don’t speak to each other like this! I’m not going to be your punching bag while you figure this all out! If you aren’t going to try here then maybe you should just go!” He fumes, taking heavy breaths.

“Then maybe I should go.” I state calmer. Calum turns around and I walk back to our room and pack some clothes while calling the most recent contact in my phone, hoping it’s a friend.

“Hey. What’s up (Y/n)?” a girl asks through the phone.

“I need you to come pick me up.”

Okay so that’s part 1. Let me know if you want part 2 or if I should just leave it like this :-)