Looks for Marta

part 4

Okay, I am in love with this ombre dress! I think it’s really cute for a beach day, or a lunch date. Anything really!

Marta For Cambridge. by peachypooja featuring maxi dresses

Object Collectors Item maxi dress, $86 / Steve Madden steve-madden shoes / Beaded necklace, $53 / Cat eye sunglasses / NARS Cosmetics lip makeup


D I Y  C L E A R  C L U T C H 

I’ve been seeing this clear clutch all over, and I really wanted to by the BCBG Clear Clutch that was $40. But Instead I decided to make my own for only $15. The only thing I had to buy was the Plastic and studs. Everything else was just around the house. 

I really didn’t want to mess this up so I actually made a clutch out of an old paper bag to make sure it was the size I wanted. After that I drew it on graph paper so everything was aligned. I placed that under the plastic and taped it so it wouldn’t move.

After you cut out the clutch everything really starts to come together. Get a marker and begin to mark where the sides will come together and be secure, and then take a hole puncher and puncher the area where the screw on studs with go. After that the rest is pretty easy. You just wear it out with a cute outfit :)

You can go here for more details, and a pre-made layout for your clutch.

If you need any help on this project let me know! 

Have fun Peaches!


I found my new DIY project! I’ve been seeing this transparent clutch everywhere. So instead of buying it on etsy for a ridiculous price, I’m gonna try and make it myself. And show you guys if it works out!

Wish me luck!

P.S. I’ll probably lag on this project and start it once I’m done with school. But there’s a lot of YouTube gurus that can show you. Let me know if you take on the challenge:)


F O R  J A N E L L 

part 2

Summer styles. by peachypooja featuring forever 21 necklaces

Forever 21  shirt / Forever 21 scoop neck tank / Forever 21 denim short shorts / Forever 21 denim short shorts / Converse hi top shoes, / Forever 21 canvas flat shoes / Forever 21  jewelry / Forever 21  necklace

I think these are great summer must haves, especially the high waisted denim. These two outfits are all from Forever 21.

The right outfit is under $50! Not including the converse though, but I’m sure you girls have cute sneakers. Save up:) The left outfit is under $70! Including the cute Forever 21 shoes! Summer can be pretty cheap if you know where to shop and where to look!


Annual Christmas Trip to Disneyland.

This year I got to spend it with my best friend. It was a magical night. Spent the whole day at the park. Disneyland never fails to make you happy, no matter how much money you spend you always leave with a smile.

Fashion tips for Disneyland. I don’t know if it’s just me but I never know what to wear when I go to theme parks, because I want to look cute and fashionable but I don’t want to be adjusting myself the whole night. No one likes the girl that keeps going to the bathroom to fix herself. Especially if you’re on a date night. Oversized sweaters for winter and your done. All you need to do is add accessories and it looks like you just came out of the mall. Simple is probably key here because you don’t want layers upon layers, and you definitely don’t want to wear that tank top that you’re constantly pulling up. We all have that tank top. I know you do.

Definitely check the weather before you leave the house and wear your comfiest shoes! Heels should probably stay on the rack today.

What I Wore:

sweater: Urban Outfitters | jewelry: Nordstrom, BP | jacket: Obey | purse: Dooney and Bourke, Disney collection | denim: old jeans | boots: Steve Madden

April showers indeed brought May Flowers.

What She’s Wearing:

Dress: Urban Outfitters

Necklace: Nordstrom

Sunglasses: Marc By Marc Jacobs

A peeka-boo slit in the back of the dress adds a great little touch to the maxi dress. I hope May will be filled with more of you fashionistas exploring maxi dresses!

-peachy pooja


Day to Night outfit.

Just another way to wear your maxi skirt! 

I paired it with a MinkPink Crop top from Nordstrom, some Ray-Bans for the sunny morning, Michael Kors "Blair" watch, and my favorite Sam Edelman summer sandals.

Crop tops will be a must for summer. Don’t be afraid to show off a little tummy. 

When I went to the Bars Downtown I kept this little number on and threw on some Steve Madden Wedges (not pictured, but still a great look)! It was a perfect night. 

Remember girls, when you’re going out, sometimes dressing it down can pay off. Especially when there’s cute boys involved ;) Not all of them like the glitter and glam.

-peachy pooja