PeachyP: Walkin' Beat

PeachyP: Walkin’ Beat

I am working on an entirely Hatsune Miku English (some backing vocals maybe provided by UTAU) Vocaloid Album called, ‘Walkin’ Beat’. It will contain 12 tracks and some remixes from your favourite Overseas Producers.

I would implore you to have a peek at my funding campaign so I can create physical copies!

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An album starring the VOCALOID

Hey guys and gals! I know a ton of you like me LOVE Vocaloid, and if you’re like me you love hearing new things come out of it and supporting producers! Well this is one of those times where a producer needs our support! My friend, PeachyP is looking to release her first professional album! Some of you know her for her UTAU work with her UOLoids, some for her art. But overall she’s a sweetheart.

It would mean the world to us both if you guys could support her, even just a little. Make a dream come true guys. Make her day Peachy-keen.

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Here is my new song for the Lapis contest. If you like it, would you thumbs up it please and maybe leave a comment ;w;/ Thanks for watching and your support.


Halt Tanner - Sweet Dreams

Yes its that song!

Special Announcement in the about section =)