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nationalgeopathic  asked:

Hey could you do a small tutorial on how to draw long hair? And maybe if you have time like mermaid tails? (It's hard drawing OC's cause I can't draw)

Tutorials for Hair is actually really complex for me to explain and I’m actually not sure how to put it professionally. But I did find this in my old bookmarks for basic knowledge of how to draw long hair.

As for the mer-tails, I don’t think I draw the best tails but I do have a couple little things I do when I draw merfolk. 

You don’t have to proportion that way but I’ve been taught to draw the body of the tail larger to create a sort of appealing asymmetrical balanced figure. The way to balance out the top and bottom is through the hair as well, so maybe the bottom can be super extravagant and you have a large head of hair to balance it out (I suggest looking at Chris Sanders work, he can balance the figure really well such as large thighs and huge heads). It’s all cartoon styled so we can stretch shapes a lot! 

A lot of times mermaid tails are very “Ariel inspired” but it is interesting to research actual mammals and aquatic creatures. If you are trying to create a mystical magical tail, there’s nothing wrong grabbing a couple qualities from a sea dragon and adding it to a dolphin tail. Mermaid tails don’t have to be as realistic as a whale’s tail, but they probably swim like aquatic animals.

I hope this helps a little bit! Just keep practicing and referencing!

aeroko  asked:

I've been following your blog for years and I gotta say how thankful I am that you haven't changed your blog picture. It is so fucking funny to me and i smile every time I see it. Just thought you should know

Omg Thanks so much for following me for so long! <3 LOL I’m not very good at making nice icons but I’m glad my forever current self portrait makes people laugh because it always looks like I’m grossly freaking out about everything (which is pretty accurate *does a bad eye wink*)

squishteen  asked:

if i wanted to start playing the persona series do you recommend that i start on persona one, or can i start wherever,, orrrr

Ahh I actually never played the first two, I started on p3 because Karen lent me her gaming stuff and she introduced me to the series. By the time I finished P4, P5 was getting announced so I pretty much lucked out timing wise.

I don’t think it really matters which one you start with? I believe they are all different stories and characters, just similar game play. 

shinguki-deactivated20140608  asked:

have you read the fanfiction where marshall dresses in drag and woos gumball?

Uh… no? 

Because Marshall owning dresses really? Like he doesn’t already get more things than Gumball.

No, I’m not bitter.

puppetgrenade  asked:

Glad you're back~

Awww you guys are so sweet. I feel like I just came back from the moon, it’s seriously been quite a while!

I don’t normally share my personal life but I feel I owe you guys an explanation for sudden disappearances and unanswered mail. I am pretty close to finishing college and I’m not the best multi-tasker. I hope to be able to be more consistent on tumblr this year, but I just wanted to thank everyone for sticking around for so long while I carved my gravestone for finals. *blows many gross kisses at all of you*

frederickthehorse  asked:

Hot damn your art is fab!! Do you have a favorite set of brushes, or do you usually create your own?


I try to create my own sometimes using the default photoshop brushes with a few adjustments I learned from other artists for harder or textured edged linework which is pretty good.

Recently I’ve been using Kyle’s which are really nice inking brushes and Freden has some good ones as well. 

Then again if you’re looking for great free brushes, I really like Cale Atkinson’s brushes, the textures are fantastic. I also really like stumpy pencil and I’ve been using that for a long time which is free as well.

I know I have a ton more brushes I use but I really do have to hunt around. To be honest there is a lot of artists who are very generous with sharing their brushes and I owe them my soul.

ravenclawwhovian  asked:

your frozen genderbend is amazing! i love it so much! would you ever consider making a female hans and kristoff to go with it? that would be so great! you're a fantastic artist! have a lovely day! <3 <3

Gosh Thank you! I’ve actually really REALLY tried to attempt and draw them but I’m so bad at genderswapping males into females that I had to lay down a lot. I’ll just leave these here to humor anybody because I really did try.

And yeah I really wanted to draw out Hans and Anna’s duet, don’t look at me.