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nationalgeopathic  asked:

Hey could you do a small tutorial on how to draw long hair? And maybe if you have time like mermaid tails? (It's hard drawing OC's cause I can't draw)

Tutorials for Hair is actually really complex for me to explain and I’m actually not sure how to put it professionally. But I did find this in my old bookmarks for basic knowledge of how to draw long hair.

As for the mer-tails, I don’t think I draw the best tails but I do have a couple little things I do when I draw merfolk. 

You don’t have to proportion that way but I’ve been taught to draw the body of the tail larger to create a sort of appealing asymmetrical balanced figure. The way to balance out the top and bottom is through the hair as well, so maybe the bottom can be super extravagant and you have a large head of hair to balance it out (I suggest looking at Chris Sanders work, he can balance the figure really well such as large thighs and huge heads). It’s all cartoon styled so we can stretch shapes a lot! 

A lot of times mermaid tails are very “Ariel inspired” but it is interesting to research actual mammals and aquatic creatures. If you are trying to create a mystical magical tail, there’s nothing wrong grabbing a couple qualities from a sea dragon and adding it to a dolphin tail. Mermaid tails don’t have to be as realistic as a whale’s tail, but they probably swim like aquatic animals.

I hope this helps a little bit! Just keep practicing and referencing!

shinguki-deactivated20140608  asked:

have you read the fanfiction where marshall dresses in drag and woos gumball?

Uh… no? 

Because Marshall owning dresses really? Like he doesn’t already get more things than Gumball.

No, I’m not bitter.

puppetgrenade  asked:

Glad you're back~

Awww you guys are so sweet. I feel like I just came back from the moon, it’s seriously been quite a while!

I don’t normally share my personal life but I feel I owe you guys an explanation for sudden disappearances and unanswered mail. I am pretty close to finishing college and I’m not the best multi-tasker. I hope to be able to be more consistent on tumblr this year, but I just wanted to thank everyone for sticking around for so long while I carved my gravestone for finals. *blows many gross kisses at all of you*

anonymous asked:

Would you ever do another self portrait for your icon? If you don't want to change the one you have would you still make one? It would be cool to see how you've changed/improved as an artist from the last 3 years using the same reference to compare and contrast. :)

Well I tend to draw myself more prettier each year.

See 2010…

to 2012 I begin to capture more of my likeness

and finally 2013 I only got one giant row of tooth.

Am I an inspiration now?

anonymous asked:

could you possibly do a eye tutorial the way you draw them?im having trouble drawing eyes right now.

I suggest referencing real eyes or taking pictures of your own eyes and try to learn the anatomy first. The eyes I draw are super stylized (pretty much disney-fied) but are usually exaggerated so I can make my drawings more expressive. Study real eyes and try to simplify them so that it’s easier for you to draw. The style I draw in may not be for every one but I can give you an example of how I tend to draw eyes.

I hope that helps! 

caneton  asked:

hi! this is weird and dumb and so am i but i was wondering if your shinjiro/akihiko/koromaru print was ever gonna be in your inprint store (because i'll buy it so fast i have no shame) (this is the post i'm referencing: post/146346617904)

Ah sorry for a slow reply! I just uploaded it up to my store for you :)

I’ve also added more newer stuff for others interested in my other prints here

stranger-has-happened  asked:

Hey! Is there somewhere online I can buy your pawnshop ghost zine?

Since AX is over, me and @lestatuskuo are thinking of setting up a preorder list for the leftovers and saving them for possibly another convention! 

We’re both a bit busy at the moment with her back at work and me dealing with upcoming graduation plans, so we have to make some time to ship things out. But keep and eye out and thanks so much for the support!

pabloplecosto  asked:

Hey! I absolutely adore your art and I was wondering if you were planning on selling your lily and tadpoles project as a book sometime?

I will be selling them again at Anime Expo again this year but afterwards I think it’ll be the last time I’ll reprint them. I’ll probably sell them as pdfs afterwards or if I get leftovers from AX I’ll probably sell them on my storenvy!

(if people still want to preorder, just let me know so I can estimate inventory)

februarywhite  asked:

Hello, sorry if this is annoying. I was wondering what your process is for the almost painter-y style that you drew your last two Haikyuu! drawings in. I really love the way you colored them, but I'm unsure how I would go about coloring things similarly. If you could maybe post a process of one of the drawings, that would be wonderful. :) If you're too busy I totally understand.

AAAAH I actually don’t have too much layers when I paint in that style, but I doodled a kenma to make you a short process gif

I tried to simplify my steps as much as possible but rendering is much easier than the lineart stage for me 

anonymous asked:

what picture is your icon from? I'm slow.

It’s actually a drawing I did in 2010 of myself, just chilling with the tiger dolls I own, for a meme I never finished.

I haven’t changed my icon since the first day I joined tumblr. *holds my head in the cone of embarrassment*