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Hello! I've only recently started following you after having a loooong browse through your works, to which I am absolutely smitten with! I love your style and imagination, especially your little Handini oc. I was thinking about Aladdin today at work then all of a sudden got the image of your human Tamatoa reacting to not being able to touch any of the treasure in the Cave of Wonders, just the thought of him getting more frustrated made me start giggling like an idiot. Thank you for being amazing

~ @peachydream AwWww omg thanks so much for your sweet message !! I’m really glad you like my art, my Human!Tama and my sweet Lalotai Monster Nandini as well ! ;; w ;; ♥

But eeehhhh, never say that Tamatoa can’t touch anything. Even in the Cave of Wonders. If you listen to him, he wouldn’t agree anyway… HAHA ! >;’3

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I tell you what, I was a little late to the party I admit. I only really began liking 12/Clara around Robot of Sherwood, before that I was like 'no, there better not be any romance between them, cause I just don't see it!' But holy fuck was I wrong, I'm in love with them (and so saddened right now) that I want to write all the fluffiest, lovey dovey fics I can!

Nothing wrong with being late to the party! We all gotta arrive sometime. I love that the power of the Twelve/Clara chemistry was too much for you in the end, because - god damn.


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Congratulations on your engagement! Probably by far one of the cutest, most special proposals I've ever heard of. Much happiness to you both!! <3

Ahahahaha! Apparently she had a speech planned and everything, but it all went *poof* because she was such a nervous thing. <3 I don’t care, she did wonderfully anyway. :’) Thank you so much!

I doubt anyone would remember me talking about this friend of mine (We’ll call him C for this) who I had to tell I didn’t like them the same way they liked me, and who deleted me off facebook after the whole conversation. Yeah, well the ordeal gets better doesn’t it?

The other weekend I was hanging out with my friend Nicole, who is best friend’s with said guy, and she’d organised for us all to go to someone’s house for a BBQ. So I volunteer to drive us, C was obviously uncomfortable with seeing me and being around me, but I was polite and sociable to him cause that’s just common decency. So long story short I meet Nicole’s other friends and they invite me to their camping trip at the end of the month. C didn’t like this at all, even taking Nicole aside and told her “I can barely handle one day around Shenae, I don’t think I could handle four days!”

So now I get a message on facebook from the friend who organised it saying she had to delete me from the event, cause C had told her that he doesn’t want me there. She doesn’t like it, but I told her that it wasn’t her fault and I’m not mad at her. Now I’m pissed off at C for being a jerk and doing his dirty work through someone else. Regardless of whether you hate me or not cause I don’t return your feelings, that gives you no right to treat me with such disrespect.

Now, since he can be oversensitive, I’m contemplating whether to message him and call him out on his bullshit. But there’s a high chance of him never speaking to me again. But if I’m honest, I’d rather not be friends with him if he’s going to be an asshole to me. So much for him saying he still wants to be friends. Thoughts?