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Shoutout to the talented @gibslythe for inspiring me to draw one out of my many favorite scenes from the Voltron: Dirty Laundry au fic

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85?? I love your stories!!! 💞

85.Do you always look at me like that?

It was past midnight, the tiny trailer was silent and the love of his life was laying beside him buried deep in his navy blue sheets.

Betty Cooper was the most beautiful creation to ever grace the human world, Jughead jones was certain of it. From her soft peachy skin to the way her eyelashes fluttered as she slept, her pink lips parted slightly and her tiny hand pressed against his chest involuntarily. Not a day went by that he didn’t thank god for giving him this beautiful girl who loved him without pause. It was insane to think someone like her could ever feel even a little bit the same as someone like him.

Not only was she beautiful on the outside but her heart? God her heart. She was the most purely good human being he had ever met, she was so full of love and acceptance. Never once had she judged, she never gave up on him and for that he would be eternally grateful.

“Do you always look at me like that?”

The sleepy voice startled Jughead as He glanced up and into her eyes, she was smiling gently, her fingers brushing his bare chest as he dropped his hand to her chest pushing away her curly blonde waves sprawled over her collar bone.

“Like what?” He whispered, the smile still a permanent fixture on his face.

“Like I’m the greatest thing in the world?” Betty giggled.

Jughead bent down, pressing a slow and deep kiss to Betty’s pouting lips.

“You are. You’re everything Betty Cooper.”

The beautiful blondes pink painted fingernails wrapped around her boyfriends neck.

“Jughead Jones, I love you.”

“I love you Betty Cooper.”

I’m sick of all the “Harley Quinn is not a role model” posts. Like, you don’t need to sit here and show me receipts on a fictional villain. Am I gonna murder someone? Probably not. Am I gonna attempt to be more outgoing and confident, cope with my mental illness, and overcome my negative past experiences because these are things she does? You bet I am. 


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In My Mind Page 11 / 30

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After spending almost all year travelling the world with Ford, Stan is happy to be back in the comfort of his home. Retired and looking forward to a week of blissful domestic relaxation before the twins return to stay for the summer, the last thing he expected to turn up on his doorstep was Rick Sanchez. No seriously, just who is this guy? Can he help Stan remember that large gap in his long-term memories that Ford and the kids couldn’t fill? Does Stan even want to remember?

To be continued…

Y’all thought this page was gonna be Stan telling Rick about how he remembers how hot he looked in the back seat of the car didn’t you? Instead I give you old men grocery shopping and chip bag name jokes.



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Hey guys!! Commissions are now back open! If you’re interested in commissioning me, you’re more than welcome to contact me at!

Some things you might want to pay attention to:

  • The price listed above are in USD
  • The payment is only via PayPal and must be paid (at least half) in advance
  • Any type of background and/or additional details will cost you more
  • Will draw: OCs, mild gore, ABO, most pairings
  • Won’t draw: NSFW, incest

In your email, I will need info regarding:

  • Type of commission (sketch, comic, etc)
  • Description (bust/waist up/full body, the character(s), coloring, etc)
  • Reference (only if you think i will specifically require one)
  • Deadline (if you have one)

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask! I’m pretty flexible about the prices too, so as long as I’m concerned, the prices are negotiable :) Thank you and have a great day! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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Author’s Note: Hot mess Tony turned out to be quite popular, so here’s my thank you fic to all of you lovely people, featuring even more of a hot mess!Tony. Thanks for choosing to follow me.

he said 7 and its 7:30 should i call him?

dude, he lives across the hall go fucking knock and stop asking me for dating advice

but youre so good at it

goodnight steve!

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Only Sunshine (Fight Back)

First Installment

After one million years, an update:

Only Sunshine (Fight Back, part 6 of 7)

           Death wasn’t anything like Pam ever expected. From a subtle fade of light, to a crash and bang, she had run through the possibilities multiple times when locked up behind Joker’s cell. Never had she believed it would be full of tears from blue eyes, like rain from two small skies, and a kiss of more woe, like Juliet and her Romeo. She could hardly hear a thing, and sight was as if staring skyward from the bottom of some dim sea. From blue skies rained tears, from a face crowned with hair golden like the sun.

           She had lost faith in sunlight, but now it was all she believed.

           Oh, Ivy thought, unable to give Harley the mercy of closing her eyes as the darkness cloaked her from all sides. Nothing would budge; her body had never before betrayed her so. There she is. The reason…my reason…I wish…I could disappear without regret. Life was so much easier, before you. Plain and clear. Black and white. Green and meat. People and earth. I regret ever meeting you…I regret every touch, every kiss, and every moment before and between.

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sweet release

a/n: /cries [[janitorjimin minsugahs jpony]] this is what happens when jo has ideas planted in her head. oh my god. nope. goodbye. /casually walks out of the galaxy

this is really not what jimin had in mind when he applied for the part-time position as cleaning staff at the hershey’s chocolate factory.

it was supposed to be an easy, menial job to make some extra petty cash and keep himself occupied until the end of the summer when he’d go back to school for his second year of college.

when he’d had his interview, jimin was told his duties would involve keeping the dust and gunk out of production areas, and making sure to keep the hallways and unreachable corners clear of trash to prevent any fire hazards.

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Hey could I have a calum imagine where he gets jealous over something you do and it results in you fighting and you don't talk to him and he doesn't talk to you and then you go somewhere without telling him and he gets worried you left him ?? Thanks !!

yeah, sure love!!! here it is :))


it’s a normal lazy afternoon with calum, your boyfriend of three years as of today. you two didnt wanna do anything except sit around, eat pizza, and watch netflix, which is what you two were doing for the whole day so far. you just finished up watching the rest of stranger things for the third time.

“wanna choose the next show?” he asked, handing you the remote.
you were too distracted texting your one of your best guy friends, michael about tonight. no, its not what you think. you were texting him, because he was helping you plan the surprise you and the rest of the band had in store for calum that evening. you were planning to have a party at your house, and michael was helping you invite people.

calum noticed you not responding, so he looked over your shoulder and you immediately jerked your hand away, not wanting him to see your phone and get a hint about the party. calum frowned. “what are you hiding?”

“n-nothing,” you said nervously, you felt your cheeks getting redder by the second. “i swear.”

“really? then let me see your phone,” calum said, frowning a bit more. his eyebrows were furrowed now, and you know that meant business.

“no,” you said, standing up. calum stood up too, towering over you by at least half a foot.

“if there’s nothing to hide, then why won’t you show me, y/n?” calum asked.

“cal, i promise. you wouldnt want to know anyways.”

calum stops and thinks for a second before widening his eyes at the realization that you possibly could be talking to another guy. a guy you were interested in. a guy that isn’t him. “y/n, are you cheating on me?”

“calum, what the heck?” you yelled back. “never in a million years would i ever cheat on you. i love you okay?”

“yeah, that’s what all the cheaters say,” calum said aggressively.

choking back tears, you said, “you know what?”

calum’s face softened up when he noticed a tear slide down your cheek. “…what?”

walking backwards towards the door, you said, “this just a peachy keen way to celebrate three years isn’t it? happy anniversary, calum,” is the last thing you say before slamming the door on him.

“y/n, wait–” you heard him say, but you ignored him.

now, you weren’t actually mad at him. you’ve had worse arguments than this in the last three years. but you were still slightly pissed that he would think you’d cheat. but, that didn’t stop you from planning the party. this was a great way to keep calum away while you set up your house.

you met the band at your house a few minutes later to help set up. they asked about how you kept calum away and you told them everything that happened that afternoon.

“wow,” luke said. “calum’s such a hoe sometimes, you know.”

“tell me about it,” michael yelled from the other room. “he ‘accidentally’ deleted all 152 pokémon when i let him play on my DS the other day.”

“wow michael,” ashton replied, giggling. “if that doesn’t scream ‘hoe’, i don’t know what does.”

you guys heard a phone ring. it was calum. you declined it. then, luke’s phone rang. then michael’s, and then ashton’s. you let it ring until it stopped.

“okay guys, we should hurry up with the decorating and getting people here before he does. it’s only a matter of time until cal tries to come and ‘apologize’.” you said.

“alright,” they all said in unison.

hours passed and everyone you invited was finally in the house, and you guys finished decorating. finally the time had come for you to finally call calum back and invite him over.

when he showed up, everyone hid in the kitchen. michael answered the door. when he walked into the kitchen, you popped out of your hiding spot and pulled him into a warm embrace.

“happy 3 years, babe.”

“Y/N!!” calum said worriedly. “i thought you hated me.”

“nah,” you said, motioning for everyone to come out soon. “i was planning THIS.”

everyone popped up with balloons and confetti shaped like gliterry hearts and yelled, “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!”

after you explained everything to him, he understood and admitted he was a selfish jerk. (also p.s., luke got him to admit he was a hoe, too. and michael made calum promise to get all the pokémon back on the DS.)

– i hope you like !! :) xx

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