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Denial [a Mick Rory imagine]

Request: Can you do mick rory x reader …Like a romantic one where he trys to deny his feelings for you

a/n: i tried therefore you can’t judge

Everybody on the Waverider knows Mick is head over heels for you. The problem is…he doesn’t want to admit it to anyone. Or himself. He would rather eat away his feelings than approach them head on.

So when Len slipped you a hint about Mick’s feelings, you needed him to confess. Entering the kitchen, you see his green jacket and hear munching sounds. You cross your arms over your chest, scrunching your pale yellow top, “I knew I’d find you in here.” you quip, peachy flats shuffling over to the counter.

He stops chewing his sandwich; meat still dangling from his pout. “Whatdya want? ’M busy.” he mutters, black gloved fingers moving around the bread. His eyes shift toward you, quickly going back to his food. Didn’t you know not to bother Mick while he’s eating?

Breathing through your nose, you lean your elbows on the smooth gray surface. You rest your chin on the back of your hand, “So…a little birdie told me something…about your feelings…regarding me?” You raise an eyebrow, smirking. You tap your fingers on the counter, making the man stare.

“Don’t know whatcha talkin’ ‘bout.” he grunts, ignoring your pointed glare.

You huff a sigh, standing up, “Mick, I know you like me.” you coo; he places his sandwich down, brushing his hands together.

His steel toe boots clomp on the ground when he gets out of his chair. He squints his eyes, staring down at you. “Maybe I do. Maybe I don’t.” He mutters under his breath. Damn feelings, making him…feel. Mick loathes feelings.

Biting your lip, you stand on your tip toes, pecking his stubble coated cheek. “Well…um. That’s how I feel, so…” you blush looking down and putting your hands in your light pale pink pockets. You don’t know what came over you. Hopefully you didn’t mess everything up.

Mick eyes widen, rubbing his gloves on his jeans. “Ya missed, doll.” He snorts, crossing his arms over his wide chest. The arsonist forces himself not to blush.

Your eyebrows furrow and you glance up, “Wha-”

His dry lips are on yours to your surprise. They don’t move until he pulls back, frowning. “Have better aim next time.”

||❥ the coat controversy

j e o n g h a n ! s c e n a r i o


word count: 1,690

includes: a chilly winter day in which you ride the train with bf!jeonghan nd he contemplates snuggling u into his coat. 

request: some jeonghan jealousy

✎ okay so there ain’t much jealousy but aghh bro it’s so hard 2 be original and not use a plot everyone’s heard a thousand times but at least there’s wholesome fluff,, didn’t realize i wrote this then forgot to post it whoops.

Jeonghan couldn’t stop glancing at you from the corner of his eyes. Sure you appeared completely fine and dandy, armed with your woolly hat that had a pompom perked like a gumdrop on the top, a tiny quirk on your lips attributed from idly scrolling through your phone. He wanted to believe all was peachy-keen, but a litany of protests were rattling within his head.

This was the subway train after all, the sand coloured floors and dull silver benches hardly appealing on a winter day. Snow began feathering from the sky in fashion to powdered sugar, coating car roofs and clinging to fur hoods. Quite a beautiful sight, yet you insisted on taking the subway, Jeonghan crinkling under your sweet pleas a little too easily.

He wondered if you brought up the idea because you were cold and hoped the subway would offer some heating. However the minute you stepped inside, the same draft cloaked the air, any chances of nabbing seats by the heater purloined by the elderly couple who shuffled on just before you. It was always like this, similar to when your parents would advise you to dress warmer, yet their entreating’s would get brushed off out of petulant stubbornness.

“It doesn’t even look that cold Jeonghan! I’ll be fine in this jacket.”

He recalls eyeing you ineffectually, knowing his advice falls on deaf ears. Tucking a lock of hair behind your ear, Jeonghan sways your attention to the tree branches bobbing outside the glass panes belonging to your home, attempting persuasion one last time.

“Do me a favour sweetheart and go stand outside. I know you’ll get cold, so why don’t you check now rather than when it’s too late.” 

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  • “You look peachy today.” Will flops down next to Nico, grinning like a madman and apparently not bothered that Nico looks like he might just stab Will with his fork
  • Nico doesn’t answer him, just keeps eating slowly and gloomily like he’s planning his revenge on the sun itself for making him get up so early.
  • But Will just keeps talking, in his nice, melodic voice, about everything and nothing, like he doesn’t even care if Nico is listening or not.
  • Nico does listen though, because no matter how moody he is, Will’s brightness next to him is not something he can resist and slowly but surely, it spreads to Nico too
  • By the time Will gets up and offers Nico a hand “Come on let’s go.” Nico even manages to crack the tiniest smile
  • “You’re just looking for excuses to hold my hand Solace.”
  • “So what if I am?”
  • “Oh shut up.” Nico crumbles, and he doesn’t blush, stop grinning like that Jason and mind your own damn business.
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You can tell a lot about a person when things are bad. Actually I’m a firm believer that you don’t really know who you’re fucking with until times ain’t so peachy. When money is low and a person is still riding with you, nurture that relationship. If you have a falling out with a person and they maintain your secrets, cherish them. If a person truly fucks with you, hard times won’t determine their love, loyalty or respect for you.

Under the Bleachers (A Larroth/Garrance oneshot. Laurance x Garroth.)

Laurance sighed softly as he sat down under the bleachers. He held his lunch icepack to his eye wincing at the pain. He was regretting getting into a fight with Gene but the older boy had it coming to him. It was bad enough he made him dye his hair red but he made it worse.. He felt tears falling from his eye as his disheveled hair fell into his view. His long locks now chopped to random lengths, mud and leafs stuck to it.

“You alright?”

Laurance turned quickly to the voice and blushed darkly at the blond boy. He scoffed and turned away. “Peachy now go away.”

The blond boy shook his head then sat next to him. “Don’t be like that. Your always alone or with those bullies the Shadow whatsits.”

The redhead rolled his eyes inching away a bit. “They are the shadow knights and they are my friends.”

“Friends don’t hurt friends. Your sister is going to flip when she sees that black eye.” He placed his hand on Laurance’s cheek and made him face him. “And your hair.. Why do you let them do this?”

Laurance pulled his face away and glared. “How do you know my sister?” he felt his gut twist in many directions as he glared at the mystery boy. He had Cerulean eyes, a cheeky smile, he also had an accent and was clearly not from around here. “Who are you anyway?”

“Garroth, Garroth Ro'Meave and I have class with your sister and she always talks about you also your last name is almost as uncommon as mine.” Garroth smiled softly and started getting the leafs out of Laurance’s hair. “You didn’t answer my question by the way.”

He sighed softly at the touch, he hated others touching his hair other then Cadenza but it felt nice having Garroth do it. He felt his cheeks go bright red thinking about it. “They are my friends.. or so I thought. I did everything they told me even dying my hair to fit in and now this.” Fresh tears fell from his eyes. “I tried so hard to grow my hair out to stand out but I was just another wall flower like the orphanage.” his body stiffened as he felt arms wrap around his shoulder,

“Its alright Laurance, honestly its better to be a wall flower then a somebody. Being a Ro'Meave means I have to live up to my father and be an example to my brothers. I have to be perfect but I’m not.” The corner of his mouth curled upward and he spoke again this time in a less proper and more gruff voice. “I even have to talk differently just to make him happy.”

Laurance laughed Loudly. “You sound like a pirate!”

Garroth smiled widely and put up his hand like a hook “I am Garroth and I will be king of the pirates!” both boys started laughing hysterically and fell backwards. Moments later the bell started ringing. And both boys sat up holding their stomachs. “Time for class. It was nice meeting you proper Laurance.”

“Same to you Garroth.. Thank you by the way. I needed that.”

“No problem Laurance. Though take my advice, ditch the shadow knights. Friends who hurt friends like they did to you are not worth keeping.” he reached into his bag and grabbed out a paper and scribbled on it. “If you need to talk here is my cell number. Though if its after 6 I can only text alright.”

Laurance took the paper and nodded. “Thanks, ill think about it.


Three years later, Laurance was lying down under the bleachers and opened his eyes, ‘That was nostalgic.’ His cellphone started ringing sighing loudly he reached for it. “Hello?”

“Laurance where are you. I need to talk to you.”

“Garroth? I’m under the usual spot, you know under the bleachers.” A yawned escaped his lips. “I was napping before graduation starts.” he heard a soft swear escaped Garroth’s lips and he smiled, it was rare for Garroth to swear but it was amusing. “Did you lock yourself out of your car again?”

“No.. yes. I’ll be there in a few minutes, Dante is picking the lock for me.”

A very faint voice spoke. “Tell Laurance I said Hi, also that I won our bet and Travis got his first kiss yesterday.”

Laurance groaned loudly hoping Garroth had him on speaker. “Great there goes my rare Agumon card set.”

Garroth sighed and started talking. “Dante says hi as you heard. So under the bleachers? We haven’t hung there in a while.”

“Yeah I was tired and needed some place quiet.” He yawned again loudly.

“Alright, go back to sleep I’ll be there soon.”

The phone went silent. Laurance ran a hand through his hair and sighed softly. He missed his red hair but since that indecent he was nervous to grow it out again and the soccer team never allowed that much hair for safety reasons. His mind started to wander to what Garroth needed to talk about. School was done for them so it couldn’t be about homework, Laurance was staying in town to work at a diner and not going to collage but Garroth never said what his plan was. It was strange they are best friends but he never heard about any plans after school, only about his brothers and that creepy girl Ivy stalking Garroth. His eyes wandered to the opening in the bleachers and saw bright blue shoes peaking out. “Hey Garroth.” He smiled as the boy came into view but the smile faded as he saw the frown on Garroth’s face. “Whats wrong dude?”

The blond sat down next to him and wouldn’t meet his eyes, “I’m leaving town for a while. My father is insisting I study under him for the next year before I go to collage.” Garroth sighed and pulled his knees to his chest. “I didn’t know how to tell you but after today I’m gone.”

Laurance felt his chest go tight from anger but it slid to sadness. “You hid this from me? Does anyone else know?”

Garroth nodded slightly. “Aph and Katelyn know because Vylad told Aphmau.” He looked to Laurance searching for any signs of anger but he felt his heart break at the sad look on his best friends face. “Laurance I’m sorry.”

The brunette stood up angrily. “Why didn’t you tell me!?”

“I didn’t know how! How could I just go ‘Hey Laurance I’m leaving for two years nice knowing you!’ Its not easy!”

“Just like that! How is that hard.” Laurance growled softly. “There is more of a reason then I don’t know! What is it?”

Garroth’s face froze for a moment then he looked away, “Nothing.”

“Bull, you cant look me in the eye when you lie.”

Seconds later Laurance fell backwards and Garroth was on top of him crying. “Laurance you do not understand do you?” He leaned closer and rested his forehead on Laurance’s. “How in Irene name can I just say that when I care about you.”

Laurance’s eyes went wide as he thought about the scene at hand. Garroth on top of him crying, the words spilling out of his mouth the hidden message. “You.. but what about Aph..”

Garroth let out a shaky breath. “I like her to.. but I like you as well.. But I was scared to tell you like I was scared to tell her. But now that I’m leaving this is my last chance to tell you.” he was shaking in fear and felt horrible about lying to Laurance this whole time about his emotions. His body froze as arms wrapped around his torso. “Laurance..?”

The brown haired boy smiled softly and leaned upward pressing his lips to Garroth’s “It’s ok Garroth. I’m not angry. Sadden yes but not angry.”

The taller one sighed heavily then relaxed “Thank Irene. Does this mean you like me to?”

Laurance shrugged. “If I didn’t I wouldn’t have let you stay on top of me would I?”

Garroth’s face went bright red as he pushed himself off. “I am so sorry I didn’t mean to, oh my Irene that is embarris-” his words stopped as a hand covered his mouth.

“Garroth shut up already.” He smiled and kissed Garroth’s forehead. “Send me a text whenever you can alright? We have a graduation to attend to.” He stood up and helped the blond to his feet. “Lets go.”

Garroth smiled wildly and followed Laurance out of the bleachers.

This was a present to my friend IngaPotejto on twitter to make her feel better while Instagram was being a butt. Thank you @sinner-sebby for beta reading and I hope you enjoyed this one hour written oneshot XD

Also all characters are own by @aphmau I just wrote a cute story about them.

Imagine Sonny proposing to you

Basically a part two to this imagine

Imagine Sonny proposing to you

“Sonny,” you hissed as you hurried behind him, holding tightly onto his hand.

“We’re almost their, Y/N. Just a little more walking. It’s not too bad.” he reasoned.

“That’s easy for you to say. You aren’t wearing 5 inch heels and a dress that keeps getting caught. You could have said we were coming here after dinner. I would have packed hiking gear.” you shot back.

“Just a little further.” he reassured speeding up slightly and dragging you along gently.

Then suddenly you stumbled forward crashing into Sonny’s back. He was quick enough to steady you.

“Are you okay?” he asked concerned.

“Just peachy, can’t you tell? Sonny, can we please go back to the car?” you pleaded looking down at yourself to inspect the damage you’d done. Looking down you saw that your heel had broken off, “Damn my shoe.”

“When you see it it will be worth it and I can help with that.” he reassured with a smile.

Then suddenly he  grabbed you and swooped you up into his arms. You put your arms around his neck and leaning you head on his shoulder.

“Is that better?” he asked looking down at you.

“Much.” you nodded kissing his cheek, “I still don’t understand why we’re going to the park at midnight. Can’t we come back during daylight?”

Yours and Sonny’s anniversary had been a few days ago. Unfortunately, while Sonny had the day off you had to work. He had said it was okay but you could tell he was disappointed. So on that day you said you’d drive to Staten Island during your lunch and you could eat together. He organised this picnic for you both at Carisi Point. Which is what you had dubbed this little alcove on the local park embankment. Sonny had grown up in that park, they took family picture and you recently learned it’s where Sonny’s Mom had told his Dad that she was pregnant with Sonny’s older sister. It was definitely part of the Carisi family history.

You had a lot of dates their too. Sometimes it was just a stroll down the embankment and sometimes it was Picnics. He’d taken you their when he had asked you to move in with him. It was also where you realised that you liked Sonny. You’d driven him their when his car had broken down and he was going to the park to take pictures of his sister and his niece. He ended up taking pictures of you as well, that day.

Anyway, on your anniversary you had tried to make the picnic he had organised. You got their late due to tariff which meant you could only stay for a short time. Surprisingly, his whole family were their too. Which confused you because it was a Thursday in the middle of the day and Carisi family dinner was that night. When you their you could only stay for ten minutes. You greeted everyone, shoved some food in your mouth, apologised and then left. He asked if you could stay for a few minutes and you were about to give in when your phone rang and dragged you away.

You didn’t see Sonny for the rest of the day. When you finally got home, it was technically the next day and Sonny had already gone to bed. The next morning you apologised profusely and said on Saturday you could have a do over anniversary and they could do anything he wanted. Let’s just say he liked the idea. A lot.

On Saturday, despite it being his day, you’d woken up early and surprised him with Breakfast. You hadn’t made it, you had bought from the place around the corner from your apartment. You’d technically been banned from the kitchen. You’re not supposed to put plastic bowls on the stove whilst lit, who knew?

After he ate, he told you to get ready but didn’t tell you where you were going. It was surprise which you didn’t usually like but you trusted him. He took all the backroads so you didn’t know where you were going. You ended up at the arcade, Sonny went to as a kid. You’d loved arcades your entire life but could never go because your mother didn’t approve. Sonny had taken you to your first one on one of your dates at the start of your relationship.

You guys spent most of the day their. Having a competition as to who could win the most prizes for the other. You ate burgers and fries and played on the dance machines until you fell over laughing at each other. Together you’d won an entourage of stuffed friends which you mostly gave away to the kids but you guys kept the biggest toy which Sonny had won. It was almost as big as you were.

It was on the best days of your life and when you went home you thought that was the end of it. You went to flop onto the couch when Sonny told you to put on your fanciest dress because you were going out to dinner. Which you had half-heartedly protested but you were secretly excited.

During dinner you noticed that Sonny was a bit off. It was great, amazing even but he seemed nervous. You were curious as to what was up but didn’t make too much of it. Dinner just reminded you why you loved Sonny. He knew everything about you. He had moved the candle from the middle of the table because he knew you’d lean over ad try his. He explicitly told the waitstaff that it wasn’t his birthday because he you knew you’d try to tell them he was. And he made sure they put extra extra cheese on the garlic bread.

Also it didn’t hurt that you got to spend three hours looking at the person you loved the most. Just talking. You thought about how you wouldn’t change this for the world. The word ‘love’ was too limited to describe how you felt about him. Your Dad, being a scientist, had always told you to find your favourite piece of stardust and you had found yours.

After dinner you had assumed once again that this was the end of the night especially considering it was midnight by that time. But once again Sonny had other plans. He told you he wanted to show you something at the park. You protested saying you’d already seen Carisi point millions of times over the past four years not even the three you’d been together. To which he responded not like this.

And that brings you back to now.

You and Sonny stumbling through the park into your formal wear so he could show something secret.

“Because, you can only see it at night.” he informed allusively still walking.

“If I’m right about where we’re going. I’ve seen it many time and always during daylight hours.” you assumed.

“Not like this,you haven’t.” he whispered into your ear.

After a few more minutes of walking and protests you arrived at Carisi point. He eased you down onto the embankment.

‘So what’s the surprise?” you asked standing lopsided in-front of him.

Without saying a word, he grabbed your shoulders, span you round and pulled you close. Instinctively, you grabbed his arm. Then you finally saw it. Carisi point was illuminated by an overhead floodlight but the sea? Illuminated by the nearby Brooklyn. Bright lights against a pitch black sky. A visible beauty that you could only see by the low glow of the the floodlight.

“Wow.” you breathed marvelling at it.
“See.” he whispered before picking you up again.

He carried you to the wall that skirted the river. He eased you down so you could sit on it. He faced you towards the water so you legs could dangle off the edge. He sat bedside you, facing the other way.

“So was the broken heel worth it?” he chuckled as he watched you stare out to sea.

“Definitely, why didn’t you show me this before?” you questioned.

“I was waiting for a special day.” he responded tucking a star hair behind year.

“Well it’s our redo third year anniversary.” he pointed out.

“Yeah, but you could have done this on our first or second.” you said.

“Today’s special.” he commented still looking at you.

You nodded your head before looking out again. A comfortable silence fell over you both.

“You remember when I first you brought you here?” he asked suddenly.

“Hmm, your car broke down right before you had to meet your sister so you could take pictures of her and your niece and you needed me to drive you here.” you remembered.

“Right and do you remember what I said?” he continued to ask.

“Everything Carisi happens here, got grounded for a month and you had your first kiss here, not much else though. I do however remember is you taking pictures of me. Which I never saw by the way.” you chuckled as you poked his side.

“Oh you mean these.” he smirked producing a small stack of pictures from the inside his suit jacket.

“Oh my god,” you squealed taking them out of his hands.

Flicking through, you saw the blurry ones with your annoyed face shinning through and then you saw the ones that you took together. You saw that unlike you Sonny didn’t look at the camera he was too busy looking at you.

“Sonny, why don’t you ever look into the camera lens like a normal person?” you asked giggling as you still flipped through.

“Why would I look into the camera lens when I can look at you?” he flirted looking at you..

You raised an eyebrow and then kissed him.

“You’re one smooth talker.” you chuckled handing him back the photos.

“I try. Ah, YN. I wish I could spend every moment I have left with you.” he whispered leaning into you.

“But you work with me, live with me, your in a relationship with me. You’re practically always with me.” you pointed out.

“I know but it still isn’t enough. Do you want to spend the rest of your days with me?he asked his voice serious.

“Of course. Their isn’t anyone else I’d rather be with. Who else is stupid enough to  stick around this mess.” you reassured turning and putting your hand on face.

“You sure?” he asked leaning into your hand.

“I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.” you smiled.

“Well alright then,” he said easing your hand off your face and kissing it.

He pulled it gently so you had turn your body round. So now your feet were dangling inches off the embankment instead of water. You were confused as he slipped himself off the wall and was on the floor.  Still holding your hand he positioned himself.

On one knee.

“Sonny…” you breathed only to stop when he put his finger to his lips.

“When we first met you four years ago. I thought I knew what being in love was like. I thought I had been in love but then you came around. With that beautiful face and proved me wrong, like always.  You showed me what love is. What love really is. My whole life I watched my parents who I know are god made soulmates and knew I wanted the same for myself but I didn’t fully understand what they had until I met you. It’s wanting to spend the rest of your life with someone. It’s not wanting to spend a second away from someone. It’s being so in love that you’re not the most important person in the world anymore. It’s someone else. And for me it’s you. I love everything about you. Your sarcastic comments, your complaints, your smirks, everything. I know you’ve had a hard life. You spent it all putting other people first. You’re the strongest woman I know. I want to show you what it feels like to be number one because you’ll always be my number one. I know you don’t believe in God but I believe he brought us together. To save each other. Before we started dating you always talked about finding your favourite piece of stardust and I can only pray that you’ve found that in me as much I’ve found it in you. So Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, will you make me the luckiest and happiest man on the planet and marry me?” he asked producing the ring from his looking right into your eyes as if they held the entire world.

His world.

“Yes,” you answered, “A billion katriilon times yes.”

He shakily slipped the ring on your equally as shaky hand. It was small and blue. The same colour of his eyes. You knew it was his grandmothers as he had shown it to you before you had started dating.

Then he swept you up once again. Lifting you up so you were technically above him so you had to lean down to kiss him. He then lowered you down and you wrapped your legs around his waist.

“I knew you were hiding something from me.” you smiled as you gently hit his chest.

“But it worth hiding, right?” you beamed back at you.

“Oh yeah.” you agreed before kissing him again, “We need to call and tell everyone.”

‘Not right now we aren’t. It’s the middle of the night.” he protested as you kissed every inch of his face.

“You’re right and anyway I think we’re going to busy for the rest of the night.” you winked.

He smiled at you before while still carrying you running back to the car. Ready to start the rest of your lives.

  • ❝ My first time out, I missed the heart too.  ❞
  • ❝ I put the box next to the milk. I saw it on the food channel.  ❞
  • ❝ So peachy with a side of keen, that would be me.  ❞
  • ❝ I think it’s pretty safe to say I’m not going to see anyone who’s invisible. ❞ 
  • ❝ In the end, we all are who we are, no matter how much we may appear to have changed. ❞
  • ❝ I honestly don’t think there’s a human word fabulous enough for me.  ❞
  • ❝ Oh, my name will be on everyone’s lips, assuming their lips haven’t been torn off.  ❞
  • ❝ You’ll always be in the dark with me. ❞
  • ❝ The next few months are going to be quite a ride. ❞
  • ❝ It’s not about wrong. It’s not about right. It’s about power. ❞
  • ❝ Come for the food, stay for the dismemberment.  ❞
  • ❝ Wait — that gets your sad noise? People’s lives are in danger, and you give it up for the Yorkie?  ❞
  • ❝ You feel really responsible? You are really responsible!  ❞
  • ❝ I know I hurt you… and everyone… and I’m sorry.  ❞
  • ❝ Wow, that was so close to being empowered.  ❞
  • ❝ I need to fix this. I don’t usually get a heads up before somebody dies.  ❞
  • ❝ I’d love to backpack across the country or, I don’t know, fall in love, but I won’t. I just never will.  ❞
  • ❝ There is something bad down here, possibly everything bad. ❞
  • ❝ You think we haven’t seen all this before? The part where you just cut us all out. Just step away from everything human and act like you’re the law.  ❞
  • ❝ It is always different! It’s always complicated. And at some point, someone has to draw the line and that is always going to be me!  ❞
  • ❝ There’s only me. I am the law.  ❞
  • ❝ Did everybody have their Crazy Flakes today?  ❞
  • ❝ I’m not even sure there’s a me to help.  ❞
  • ❝ And also, it’s a classroom, you chowderhead! ❞
  • ❝ His physical presence has a penis!  ❞
  • ❝ We’re outlaws with hearts of gold.  ❞
  • ❝ I mean, I was afraid to talk to you in high school, and now we’re, like, mortal enemies. ❞
  • ❝ We’re gonna have to fight to the death, aren’t we?  ❞
  • ❝ You’re not leaving this graveyard. Can’t let you. ❞
  • ❝ I’m here to kill you, not to judge you.  ❞
  • ❝ You know you were a lot more fun when you didn’t have a soul.  ❞
  • ❝ You faced the monster inside of you and you fought back.  ❞
  • ❝ You risked everything to be a better man. And you can be. You are. You may not see it, but I do.  ❞
  • ❝ I’m beyond tired. I’m beyond scared.  ❞
  • ❝ There is only one thing on this earth more powerful than evil. And that’s us.  ❞
  • ❝ Um… why is that guy tied to a chair?  ❞
  • ❝ We cannot afford to fall apart now.  ❞ 
  • ❝ I’ll pay you to talk about Star Wars again.  ❞ 
  • ❝ I see more than anybody realizes because nobody’s watching me. ❞
  • ❝ You’re not special. You’re extraordinary. ❞
  • ❝ Okay, you know there’s a better word for that, right?  ❞
  • ❝ You think I’m losing sight of the big picture, but I’m not.  ❞
  • ❝ I should move out. Leave town before it is time for me.  ❞
  • ❝ Oh, thank God. If I had to explain all these weapons? I had nothing.  ❞
  • ❝ Aside from getting rescued, what is that you do?  ❞
  • ❝ Why can’t you just masturbate like the rest of us?  ❞
  • ❝ You’re scared? That’s smart.  ❞
  • ❝ Damn. I never knew you were that cool.  ❞
  • ❝ Tell anyone we had this conversation, I’ll bite you. ❞
  • ❝ You really do think you’re better than we are.  ❞
  • ❝ We’re all on death’s door, repeatedly ringing the doorbell, like maniacal Girl Scouts trying to make quota.  ❞
  • ❝ You just wanted me because I was… unattainable. ❞
  • ❝ Please, let’s not go over the past.  ❞
  • ❝ You’re insufferable.  ❞
  • ❝ You listen to me. I’ve been alive a bit longer than you, and dead a lot longer than that. ❞
  • ❝ When I say I love you, it’s not because I want you, or because I can’t have you. It has nothing to do with me. I love what you are.  ❞
  • ❝ I’ve seen your kindness, and your strength. I’ve seen the best and the worst of you, and I understand, with perfect clarity, exactly what you are. ❞
  • ❝ You’re a hell of a woman. You’re the One. ❞
  • ❝ I don’t want to be this good-looking and athletic. We all have crosses to bear. ❞
  • ❝ I want to wrap my hands around some innocent neck and feel it crack.  ❞
  • ❝ Thank God we’re hot chicks with superpowers. ❞
  • ❝ One way or another, it can only mean an end is truly near.  ❞
  • ❝ Oh my god, are you twelve?  ❞
  • ❝ Are you just gonna come here and go all Dawson on me every time I have a boyfriend?❞
  • ❝ Make your choice. Are you ready to be strong?  ❞
  • ❝ Well, now aren’t we gonna discuss this? Save the world or go to the mall? ❞
  • ❝ The Earth is definitely doomed.  ❞ 
Tangible// Choi Youngjae

Originally posted by choiyoungjaeappreciation

Pairing: Youngjae x Reader

Genre: Sad/Fluff

Summary: You had felt worse than you ever had, and somehow, he knew.

Author’s Note: This is for my favorite youngjae stan whom I love so much , i hope she reads this and feels a bit better ^.^

xoxo Sara

You hadn’t felt like yourself in what felt like forever. Everything in your life seemed to be falling apart at the seems; you hated you job and dreaded going to work everyday to a new manager whom you’d met maybe once, while helping customers who seemed to care more about the loud conversations they were in than the questions you had been asking about their order. You hated school, too; for some reason, you couldn’t stop procrastinating, even when you knew something was due, you never decided to finish it early to get it out of the way, and that has gotten you into trouble with your professors.

Not to mention, your home life didn’t seem so peachy-keen either. You had felt unappreciated since the moment you had entered this new home, almost as if you were an outsider in the one place you’re supposed to feel comfortable in. And you hated it.

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BTS Reaction to the Kid They're Babysitting Saying "You and Y/N Should Get Married and Have A lot of Kids"


Anonymous: “Bts reaction to the reader babysitting a kid with they and the kid tells they that they should get married and have a lot of children?”

(T/C/N) = The Child’s Name

Jin: Babysitting was no easy task for you since you weren’t a motherly type at all. However, things became much easier when Jin offered to join you. Babysitting with Jin would be a walk in the park, considering his caring nature for BTS, it would also be no surprise when the children took a liking to him. Things were all peachy until one child insisted that you and Jin should marry and have children. Jin would immediately agree with the child’s comment and discuss future wedding plans and baby names in a childlike manner. Eventually, when time permitted he would remind you of the child’s words and convince you in any way possible of the idea.

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Suga: It would take a while until Yoongi would finally give into your begging for him to help you babysit your nephew. Yoongi would most likely want to do other things than to sit and watch a kid for a couple of hours. When you would leave to make food or clean, Yoongi wouldn’t talk to your nephew–he would most likely act as his usual self as if the kid wasn’t even there. But when your nephew would tell him “you and (Y/N) should get married and have a lot of kids,” Yoongi would smile at his words. He would simply reply “yeah, we should.”

Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie

J-Hope: Hoseok would love to come along with you to babysit, just as much you would want him there. Being the energetic, fun and loving person that he is, you knew he would make the experience fun for both you and the kid. You and Hoseok would both be playing with the kid when he would suddenly say that you and Hoseok should get married and have a lot of kids. While you would be embarrassed, Hoseok would just laugh. He would joke around and say “yeah, (Y/N) we should, out kids would be so cute” or “how about we adopt you for now” to the kid while throwing him over his shoulder, pretending to steal him.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Rap Monster: Namjoon would probably awkward around the kid. He probably wouldn’t know how to act and would talk to him as if he was a grown adult rather than a kid. He would talk to the kid about philosophy and ask him if he needed help  with homework, even though he was just in preschool. When the kid would tell him that he and you should get married and have lots of kids, Namjoon would get so embarrassed. He wouldn’t know what to say or how to react and would end up  laughing embarrassingly.  Because of how flustered he would be, Namjoon would probably end up asking the kid “do you even know where babies come from?” You would have to physically cover Namjoon’s mouth with your hand before he ended up scaring the kid with the birds and the bees talk. 

Originally posted by bwiyomi

Jimin: Caring for children was like second nature for you considering the fact that you practically raised your younger siblings. In an effort to make the day a little brighter for the children you decided to invite your boyfriend Jimin along. Jimin would be quite hesitant with the children at first, he would second guess himself constantly wondering if he was even caring for the child in the right way. But after some time, Jimin would become more comfortable around the children and vice versa. The children would also make some nonsensical comments Jimin would simply laugh off, however, when the comment about marriage and children arose Jimin would freeze up and become so flustered and overwhelmed with shyness. Jimin would turn to you for moral support and you’d basically force him to reply to the child and you also found yourself jumping into make Jimins response sound less awkward. When the night came to an end and Jimin felt a bit frisky he’d ask you about the marriage and children you so eagerly wanted earlier.

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V: It’s no doubt that Taehyung loves kids, so it’s obvious that he would be great around your niece which of whom you have to babysit. Taehyung would play with her all day, whether she would want to play dolls or dress up, or just a simple piggyback ride. When your niece would tell him that he should marry you and have lots of kids, it would catch Taehyung off guard. He would want kids for sure with you, but in the future. He would never want to pressure you into anything, especially if you weren’t ready. Therefore, Taehyung would simply pinch your niece’s nose and say “we will in the future, but for now we have you!”

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Jungkook: Babysitting with Jungkook was quite difficult because he would often act like a child himself. You would often find Jungkook playing patty cake, duck duck goose and tag with the kids. Jungkook would become so invested in the games he would ignore the children’s comments. However, when a child made the comment of marriage and children Jungkook would instantly snap out of game he was playing and make direct eye contact with you. He would also arch his eyebrow and make sure he got your attention to say “ did you hear that Y/N , we should get married and have kids like T/C/N says.” 

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Don’t fucking shit on someone for what scares them. It doesn’t make you look tough or strong. It makes you look like an insensitive, narcissistic ass, and it makes them feel weak and ashamed.

Just because you aren’t scared of it doesn’t mean it isn’t scary, it means it didn’t scare you.

Blair Witch Project didn’t make you jump? Fine and dandy.

Aren’t scared of bugs? Peachy keen.

Like riding rollercoasters? Simply wonderful.

It’s okay to be scared and it’s okay to not be scared, but the definition of scary does not entail what you perceive as scary. Whether it’s movies, irl events, phobias, anything. Don’t ever fucking put someone down for expressing fear. They are not weak for being scared.

Title: Fairy

Pairing: Destiel

Rating: Explicit

Word count: 3,629


Dean could still fucking hear his brother laughing in the motel room. He’s shut up in the bathroom and the space is feeling a lot more cramped and tiny due to his very unwelcome new appendages.

“I swear to God Sammy I am going to fucking kill you if you don’t stop laughing.”

A laugh tapers off breathlessly. “I’m sorry - ” , no he’s fucking not, “- I’m so sorry I swear I’m going to check a few things and I’ll leave you alone and go research at a diner or something ok. Are you sure you’ll be fine alone?”

Dean scowls at the reflection he can’t avoid in the bathroom mirror. “Fucking peachy.”

He’s naked from the waist up. Sure, he’s maybe put on a little pudge around his waist - he’s never going to give up pie - but he’s muscular and stocky, broad, tanned - perfectly fucking masculine thank you very much.

The sparkly pink fucking fairy wings on his back kind of ruin that.

Dean tries to turn around and catches the tip of one of his thin wings against a towel rack, cursing and tugging back around. Leaning against the door with his shoulder blades, back arching out from it, he scrubs a hand over his face and looks at himself again.

They’re kind of like butterfly wings but the edges aren’t smooth, they ruffle with curly little frills. The pink is darker around the edges, magenta or some shit, fading to a light kind of pink in the middle. Like a good rare steak. But fucking wings. They shimmer iridescently like oil in sunlight, all fucking sparkly and pink.

That witch was just dicking with him to give him pink wings, and Dean is going to make sure the bitch pays for it.

After he gets rid of the wings.

Sam’s voice is near to the other side of the door when he says, “Dude we really should call Cas in on this one. He could probably - ”

“No! Hell no. Not happening.“

"Dean he might be able to fix this with his mojo or whatever and spare me a night of research, and you a night of moping.”

“I don’t mope.”

“Whatever. I’m calling Cas.”

Dean gives up ‘assessing his situation’ - hiding, wallowing, moping - to fling open the bathroom door.

“Don’t you fucking dare.”

“What’s your problem? You know Cas isn’t going to judge you for those, or whatever.”

“I said no.”

Sam rolls his eyes and gives a 'supreme’ bitch face to Dean before he opens his big Sasquatch mouth, “I pray to Castiel -”

His high pitched squawk is satisfying when Dean tackles him to the ground.

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Anger and Stimboard Requests

Everything was peachy keen nice and clean but then my dad walked in my room and told me we’re gonna go see the school play from drama club! No thanks. It’s weird that the Lil’ Ultimate Drama Class doesn’t want to see a play but you don’t understand. The director of the play is horrible! They’re an unorganized mess! I used to be in the plays but this one I knew was going to be horrible. I know it’s a negative view but it’s super true. I guess I get to see my other friends in the play and watch the whole thing crash and burn like the last play but I’m still sour. I would’ve added an image to this post but I’m on mobile. This news like literally just happened. So uh to cut things short can I maybe have some stimboard requests? Not many but some, the other mods can take them to. I just wanna have something to do during intermission and before the play starts. If it wasn’t rude I’d work on them during the play, it’d probably be more interesting then the play itself. Sorry for the sudden negativity.

-Mod Kotoko Who Is If You Can’t Tell In A Mary Kin Shift That’s Why I’m Pretty Sour