Usher shoulda used this kid’s video for “Scream” instead of his own… 


Okay gals, listen up!

All of you, get rid of your disposable makeup sponges IMMEDIATELY!  They’re cheap, ill-shaped, and verrry porous, resulting in poor application and having to buy foundation more often because it all got sucked up by your drugstore sponges! I received my Beauty Blender in a Birchbox over a YEAR ago and I’m still obsessed with it.  It is by far the best makeup tool I own, and on the days I skip skip using it, I instantly regret it because my makeup shows my pores and fine lines… AND the days I really take the time to use it properly, I ALWAYS get complements on my skin!  I have expensive foundation application brushes and other sponges, but I swear by this thing.  

Here’s the training video from the Beauty Blender website… a little cheesy yes, but it shows how totally simple it is to use the sponge to apply your makeup.  The best part is that you can use it with the foundation, concealer, cream blush, finishing powder, and mineral makeup you already own and make it look truly amazing! No wait… the best part is actually that it’s hot pink :) 


External image

Oh! One more thing! As with almost everything, you don’t need the “special” Beauty Blender cleanser! Dawn dish detergent works exactly the same!