Christine Chen. Certified nice girl and awksome co-producer/friend of Wong Fu Productions (Philip Wang, Wesley Chan, and Ted Fu)

This is our (belated) birthday surprise for Christine. She’s been really nice and sweet to us. Which is why she truly deserves our appreciation. Through this video, we are hoping that she’ll be inspired to continue doing what she’s been doing.

On behalf of the Filipino Wongfuloves, and probably the Wong Fu Productions fans around the globe, we wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTINE! ♥ 



A Dream - David Choi

Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars


Christine Chen

Wong Fu Productions

Filipino Wongfuloves


Go send her some love Wongfuloves!! :] ♥


Just wanted to do a quick update about the online community support group for girls. I am, at this moment, reading up and researching on how to start a forum. 

Thank you to everyone who’s left a message, emailed and commented about the support group. It really does mean a lot. 

I did want to ask you guys for name suggestions. So if you have any or just even other types of suggestions, please feel free to email me so I can respond back to you. Someone had made a wonderful suggestion of making daily/weekly youtube videos that contained inspirational messages to post on the site. I really liked that idea! 

Go to –> Say Hello and send me a message!


sending you a big virtual :: huggg ::

* I'm SO Excited!! *

Quick forum update:

I promise you I’m working on getting it up and running soon!

Here’s proof that the first step has been done (registering!)

External image

I know kinda boring huh

Now to customize it and make it pretty for all you ladies :]

Give me some time to figure all this out… I’m definitely starting from scratch.

But rest assured I will do my absolute best not to disappoint you <3


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