“The girl who got me into cosplay and anime is ruining it for me.”

(I’m sorry but can I take the time to gush about how wonderful these two cosplayer are? I love that Sae has the purse, too. I’m sorry if you don’t like Peach Girl but I felt like in the beginning of the show/ a good bit into it Sae just ruined everything, solely because she had just so much power over everyone-which was kind of the vibe I got for you but I don’t really know because your confession is just the one heart- breaking sentence :( You should never let anyone have that much power over you, sweetie. I really wish I could give you better advice, and I don’t really know if you want my advice, but I can’t since I don’t know your situation. But I do know that you should NEVER put your happiness in somebody else’s hands, EVER. Only you can decide if you’re happy or not, if someone is hurting your feelings/taking advantage of you or whatever it may be, you either need to take to her and work things out, just very nicely say “you know, I like cosplaying with you and all, but could you please not _ because it hurts my feelings” or however it may go, or if it’s really a bad relationship, you need to break it off.  It doesn’t matter hat kind of relationship it is, if it’s unhealthy than I really hope you’ve already/will cut ties. I understand you may not agree with my opinion, and I could be utterly wrong about the situation, but it’s never good when you can say someone is “ruining” something for you. If you love something, and it makes you happy than you should hold onto it with all your heart.  If you ever need to talk to somebody I’m here. Much love, best wishes, and Happiness always - your friend, Annie <3)