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Hello, please call me Peachfur, it's nice to meet you! :D So, I just had a thought, do you think it would be possible for a Clan to be camped in an abandoned amusement park? Like, that seems like it might be a really cool concept, but I'm not entirely sure of how to go about with it. (Not even to mention where the other Clans would be based, because what do you even do with the others after you've set one up in an amusement park, oh my god. ...Maybe circus cats.)

Hello, Peachfur! It’s wonderful to meet you too!

I think it’s certainly possible for a clan to be camped in an abandoned amusement park; pretty much anywhere there is a food/water/shelter setup, cats can and will find a way to adapt to it. And I certainly agree this is a cool concept; one that could make for very interesting world-building and clan culture.

I think a first thing to decide is where is this park located? Is it very close to a city? Then perhaps you have a couple urban clans here, a more city-based one, and this park one. Perhaps some cats moved to the park because there were no people and therefore it was a little quieter than the city proper.

If the park is more ‘out there’, maybe there’s a forest nearby or fields where other clans could live.

Or perhaps this park is a transition ground from ‘city’ to ‘wild’, and you could have a very urban clan, your park clan, and a clan in a forest/lakeside/meadows/etc. The possibilities are pretty generous here!

I can see an abandoned amusement park having good shelter in a variety of manners, along with probably a fence of some sort that might be a barrier to some threats. It could be overgrown and have rodents and birds living there, and so would have prey. Altogether, I can see it being an attractive territory.

I hope this helps you some; if you ever have any more questions or very specific questions, you are welcome to ask in as much as you like! I think you have a great concept here, and I’d love to hear how it develops for you. ^_^

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Hello, it's Peachfur again! :) So, while working on my amusement park clan, I also had an idea for their neighboring Clan, Bright Clan (named after both their founder, Brightface)! They're an incredibly large Clan living in an urban city and not all of the Clan can stay in one place, so I thought that maybe instead of just one camp that there could be multiple camps throughout the city? (As well as a chain of Deputies, who all gather once a month to keep everyone up to date) :) I love them tbh.

Hello, Peachfur!

What a cool concept! It sounds like a great base for some unique world-building. Perhaps each camp is like a clowder, with mollies who have kits and a few guards and a deputy, and then toms and mollies who currently don’t have kits patrol around and guard the borders and hunt for cats in an assigned camp?

I think it’s definitely a good idea, interesting and plausible; it makes sense that such a large clan, especially in a place like a city, would need multiple camps. The question would arise is do any of the camps ever start feeling like they want to be a clan in their own right? How often does each camp engage with the other, and interact with your amusement park clan?

Definitely a great catapult to some awesome world-building! I look forward to hearing how you expand this new angle. ^_^