Peaches N Cream by 112.  Back in the day,  this was THE song to hook up with.  Throwback.


Snoop Dogg FT Charlie Wilson - Peaches N Cream (Official Video) (New)


Review: Snoop Dogg - Bush

I want to rave about Peaches & Creme cotton yarn for a moment. I made these two dishcloths not too long ago. I was really curious of several things. 1. How well would this yarn absorb. 2. How well does it dry? 3. Would it get smelly or moldy? 4. How well would it hold up during a wash. 

I’m happy to report that these have worked really well in the kitchen. We use them just to wipe stuff up, dry the counters and such. The yarn is really absorbent and dries quickly. Because it dries quickly, it does not get smelly or moldy. 

Yesterday we put them through their first wash. We have a pretty old washing machine and dryer so I wasn’t sure how gentle the gentle setting would actually be.. But, anyhow.. We washed and dry them on the gentle setting, cool water. They help up really well, the stitches tightened back up and I saw only minimal shrinkage. 

I’m really happy with these. I cant wait to be done with all the Xmas presents so I can continue turning my giant cone of cotton yarn into kitchen stuff.