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Based off of a real situation with a Russian I knew:

So Bitty has definitely called people a peach before. So at some point, after Jack is out to the team and Bitty has met them, Tater is helping with him something and Bitty says, “You’re a peach.” Tater is confused, but is like well that sounds nice, so alright. 

He goes to Snowy a little while later and asks what it means when someone calls you a peach.

And Snowy replies, “A peach…do you mean a bitch?”

Tater, “No…no…I am pretty sure it is a peach.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t bitch? People don’t usually say that…wait…was it Bitty?”


“It means you are sweet and I think that is also a fine.”

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Hi! :D I just wanted to let you know it's "Eden" not "Paradise". I just wanted to let you know that fellow starlight❤🌟

Hello, and thanks for your input! I do appreciate people correcting/making sure my translations are accurate. That being said, this is going to be a long-ish reply.

As I said originally, 도원경 doesn’t really translate to English. This is part of why I avoided the term “Utopia”, which if you read the book it’s from is no place (haha) I’d want to live, and the term of course derives from Greek. As for Eden, the problem arises that Eden is tied in so closely with the Bible. Paradise is, I feel, a more neutral term for this “place”.

If you are interested, I did a little digging into what “도원경” refers to in Korean. It has come to mean an enchanted land or Utopia (in the sense of a wondrous place that does not exist). There is an origin story for the term that I was going to summarize, but here is a Wiki page.

If you look at the hanja (桃源境), it literally is the place (境) where the peaches (桃) originate (源). So, long story short, 도원경 should be a lovely paradise full of blossoming peach trees that doesn’t exist.

Edit: Some might translate 도원경 as “Shangri-la”, but I find that problematic as well. Although it is based on somewhere in what would be considered “Asia”, as far as I know, the term was coined by a British author. So we once again have the problem of the word not actually representing the original concept. 

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For the non-sexual acts of intimacy prompts: ♟: Patching up a wound, Cullen x Inquisitor!

Alright, here I go with NO SMUT! Thanks so much for this prompt @follows-swallows​! It was sort of challenging, but I hope you enjoy! <3

SFW Dragon Age Fanfic Prompt
Rating: T 
Pairing: Female Mage Trevelyan x Cullen Rutherford
Word Count: 1k
Tags: Graphic descriptions of injuries, hurt/comfort, mild angst, fluff
Fic title inspired by: Dorian by Agnes Obel

The Inside Out On The Open by fereldenpeach

“Hold still.”

“I can’t! It fucking hurts!”

Cullen gingerly hooked his fingers through the line of torn fabric enough to continue the tear, carefully ripping it from Evelia’s body with the intention of preventing any further discomfort to his sore, exhausted, and maimed paramour.

The physical visit to the Fade had not been kind to the Inquisitor and her party—their bodies wracked, resources depleted, and minds bewildered with conflicting and unnerving visions meant to torment and torture what semblance of hope of which they all had desperately clung—an effort that was meant to keep them there—in defeat—for the rest of their days.  

The battle for Adamant had been nothing in comparison to the Fade, and Evelia had the wounds to prove it. Long ribbons of raw, red, and jagged flesh had burst across her right shoulder blade—her souvenirs on behalf of Fearlings converging on her from all angles. Dorian had covered her too late—a self-blame that had left him in tears at the edge of camp despite her insistence that she was fine, that she was alive, and all would be mostly right in the morning. Her stomach knotted at the thought of leaving Loghain behind—a decision that she knew would haunt her dreams for as long as she was living—but the burn and throb deep within the lacerations in her back would suffice as punishment for the time being.

Cullen said nothing while he inspected her wounds, his hands shaking as they continued to work her arms from her clothing, rending her partially naked there in his tent. He stole a glance back to the tent’s entrance, ensuring the flaps were secure and that no one would be able to glimpse her in such a state.

Why didn’t you bring Solas with you?” Cullen’s voice was calm despite the fear and irritation wrapped around his nerves. He opened a glass container, pulling its cork with a satisfying pop—the smell of elfroot swirled throughout the tent.  

“Dorian. I thought he and I could handle it. Solas has been—ahhh! Maker, Cullen, that’s fucking cold! It burns!”

Evelia squirmed, her fingernails digging into the meat of Cullen’s thighs and he paused his attentions on her injuries to band his free arm around her waist, pulling her closer so that her hips nestled between his open legs. Shushing noises slipped between his teeth, his fingers massaging into her biceps to distract and coax down her pain and anxiety.

“It was foolish.” Her voice was low, despondent, regretful. “I should have insisted that he come with us. I know things would have turned out differently had Solas been there.”

Cullen said nothing and instead rubbed a large dollop of salve between his palms, warming it in preparation of a second application. Deft fingers lightly patted the treatment into her wounds, taking care to prevent discomfort from the rough calluses of his fingers—and he nursed her despite her curses, watching as the skin around her torn flesh paled to its natural color—the magic of the herbs calming the angry inflammation branching within her veins.

Once he had finished, Evelia flashed her strongest healing spell throughout her body, using the power from the elfroot to hasten her recovery. Cullen tensed momentarily, but relief flooded his heart upon glimpsing her mostly smoothed back—only the largest of her wounds staring up at him from the mess of salve glistening in the glow of the lamplight.

“None of us expected you to physically enter the Fade, let alone your entire party,” he whispered, setting aside the salve in favor of a needle and suturing thread.

“I know. But it’s no excuse.”

Cullen hummed in contemplation. “Take a deep breath, darling. This will sting.”

Evelia did as she was told, filling her lungs to capacity as the needle pierced and threaded her flesh. Cullen worked as quickly and precisely as possible, and Evelia said a quiet thanks to the Maker during her long and careful exhale—grateful for her paramour’s expertise and skill, thankful for the elfroot’s numbing properties—and with that, the stitching had ended almost as quickly as it had begun. Cullen sliced off the remaining thread and proceeded to securely bind her injury. He wrapped the long, thin strip of linen around her chest, under her arms, over her shoulder, and tied it neatly so it would cause her as little discomfort as possible.

Cullen stood and looked down at her, assessing his work before reaching into his pack to withdraw a cream-colored tunic. Gathering the fabric around the collar of his shirt, he slipped it over her head before proceeding to gently pull her hands through the sleeves and smooth his fingers over her shoulders so her scarlet hair could cascade down her back. He took a seat next to her and reclined against his bedroll, extending his hand for her to join him by his side.

“Come, love.”

A small, sheepish smile spread Evelia’s mouth and she carefully stretched over him, snuggling against his shoulder and inhaling his warm and delectable musk. She nibbled at her bottom lip and he turned more to his side, looking over at her with a curious expression.

“What?” he asked.

“You’ve never called me that before—love.”

Without a second of hesitation, Cullen’s cheeks burned a warm pink that quickly flooded down his neck. But despite his blatant embarrassment, the look he bore in his eyes was unabashed—an intentional stare that relayed more than a simple glance as they flicked back and forth between the gray-green pools he’d come to search for from his earliest waking moment of the day until the Fade overtook his dreams at night.

“How do you feel?” he asked, cupping her cheek and gliding the pad of his thumb along her soft skin.

“Like I want to hear it more often,” she said.

His heart skipped a beat and Cullen was overwhelmed with immense excitement coupled with a nerve-wracking fear. But he drew in a deep breath, leaned forward, and kissed her—a delicate and familiar touch that suddenly felt different simply because his heart had slipped on his tongue. And it only made him long for more.

“I meant your injuries,” Cullen whispered, his lips grazing her jaw.

“I know,” she whispered back.

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You mean you’re not into shriveled and red lyrium addled corypeen??

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That was in reference to the tag that it’s a voice kink…I was trying to be funny so hopefully it came across that way ��

I was JUST ABOUT to respond to the first one and be like, “I mean…well…I’d have to see it first…” HAHAHAHAHA 

And YES it was funny! Lolololol!!

bearly-tolerable replied to your post: bearly-tolerable replied to your post: …

Ah dang…in my head �� I haven’t actually read any…but I’ll do a search and find some lolol or write some bahaha

I’m thinking this needs to be a thing. Maybe you and me and @fadedforyou should do a fanfic collab because NO ONE would read a crazy Coryphekink fanfic except for us! Hahahahaha!

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% Bakugou plis

[ % ] a CURIOUS TEXT. 


hey, peach cheeks, about that fucking exo song, kokobop 


it’s a sex song, isn’t it? don’t play with me sexually here, ya fucking peach. do you actually think of me sexually? if not, then wHY DOES THAT SONG REMIND YOU SO MUCH OF ME?? 

((so i guess you can already tell from my not-so-subtle memes and texts that im a kpop stan ,,,,,)) 

@ past me: it’s been three years today since you tried to kill yourself, and you’ve been clean ever since. i am so fucking proud of you.

you’ve come a long way. you figured out you are a lesbian, and you stopped talking to the person you were horribly dependent on. they weren’t right for you, they never gave you the care that you put out, and they dropped you like a hot potato but you needed that– you snap the dead heads off petunias so they will blossom.

also, you ended up meeting kd lang this month. for real. you thought you were going to have a heart attack. i’m still surprised you didn’t.

but yeah, good job @ present me. keep it up. finish cleaning your room so you can paint it that really pretty peach colour.

title Bitters
summary We’ll be alright.
pairing itasaku, tobisaku, hot messes
rating grandma, i’m sorry for the end

Part i | Part ii | Part iii | Part iv | Part v | Part vi | Part vii | Part viii | Part ix (here) | Part x | Part xi | Part xii | Part xiii | Part xiv | Part xv | Part xvi | Part xvii | Part xviii

The street was slick with rain. The asphalt gleamed. Its various and tiny imperfections filling with water. Each groove and hole shimmering, reflecting upside down lights. 

Sakura sat at the window, staring down her sullen reflection. Listening to the shriek of the espresso machine in the background. The scrape of metal chair legs against the tile. Closing her eyes, she let the emptiness pool inside her- like she was one of the ruts in the road. 

“Ah, this was why you didn’t want to meet in the training hall,” said Rock, settling in the chair across from her. Eyes still closed, Sakura frowned.

“Rock, where are your manners?” she scolded. 

M’hou yi si, Aunt Cheng,” he replied. And she knew that he was humoring her. Could hear the smile in his voice. She opened her eyes, hand curled in front of her mouth. Rock’s eyes trailed from her face to the reddened skin peeking out from her chest. His thick eyebrows rose.

“May I?” he asked?

Sakura shrugged her coat off her left shoulder. Her newest tattoo was still raw and scabbed around the edges. But it was unmistakably a tiger curling over her heart. Its body wrapped over her left shoulder, the tip of its tail resting against her spine. It almost looked as if it was jumping off the back of the phoenix on her tricep.

After a while, she pulled her coat back on. She was by no means shy about her ink, but this was a nice cafe in the Mid-Levels. There was no need to draw attention to herself in a place like this. Although, from the looks the owner kept shooting her from behind the counter, she guessed that she had already been recognized.

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I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 56- Then stop me, Darlin’

When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…

Chapter 56 - Then stop me, Darlin’

[Negan and Blake get closer in her kitchen, and a lot of playful teasing ensues, while Blake tries to make them dinner.]

Warnings: Dirty talk/ mentions of smut/swearing

Blake couldn’t help but moan in Negan’s mouth as his lips moved hungrily against hers.

She could feel a heat rising within her, and a warmth -a need, which she had not felt since the pair had been back in Negan’s bathroom all those many weeks ago.

Blake heard Negan drop his barbed-wire covered bat down onto the kitchen counter beside them, as one of his hands ran up, coming to linger at her collarbone…..and the other snaking its way slowly around her waist, pulling her body flush with his.

Blake tugged her lips from his for a split second, her eyes now dark, lustful and full of want and she stared at him, panting hard.

Negan…” she uttered breathlessly, allowing her eyes to close momentarily. “…we need to stop…”

She couldn’t do this here…..not with anyone from Alexandria able to burst in on them at any second….

But Negan didn’t seem to care…his thumb drifting down the throbbing pulse point at her neck.

“Then stop me, Darlin’,” he murmured back, as he began to press open-mouthed, lingering kisses to the place on her throat where his tanned digits had just been.

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savvylittleminx replied to your post: Hmm…been a while. I think some Dragon Age trash…

Whatever you feel like showing us but wowzah on the Cullen pic! My heart is still fluttering after seeing that one. XD Welcome back! Missed you, kept your seat warm by the cookies and Cullen plushie.

Thank ya, thank ya! It’s good to be back and among the living again! Fingers crossed I can get some juicy smut posted tonight! 😘

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The Fainting Room

Month of Fanfiction - Day 11 - Smut. Fenris/f!Hawke, 2709 words, nsfw. Some ridiculous PWP set during Mark of the Assassin.

Maker damn it, those Orlesians were not kidding.

Duke Prosper had poured her two fingers of some peach liqueur—“said to enhance sensation,” he said as his gaze slithered up her décolletage like a slug—and the tiny little sips her corset allowed had seared their way down her constricted waist to pool between her legs, heating her up to the very core.

“You’re distracted, Champion,” giggled Sister Nightingale. “Something on your mind? Or should I say … someone?”

Her eyes glittered, and heat crept up Hawke’s face as she had the distinct impression that the redhead knew exactly what manner of drink swished in her tulip-shaped, short-stemmed glass.

Someone was on her mind alright. In fact, she blamed him as much as she did the blush-coloured liquid in her hand: they’d been at it like nugs since he’d returned to her, and the couple of days it had taken them to travel to the Vimmark Mountains had felt like another three years altogether.

Romantic getaway, my arse, she thought. So far it had been more of an exercise in self-denial and discipline. Now instead of looking for a way inside the castle, she found herself stealing glances around the garden in hopes of catching a shock of silver hair.

Likely playing cards with Varric somewhere, the truant, while the silk of her stockings was sizzling off her legs from the heat underneath her skirts—

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is jinyoung known for being associated with pikachu? how come he sometimes wears/is given pikachu wristbands at fansigns? (i thought pikachu was mark's thing, unless jinyoung is just repping his bf hahah)

hahaha no~ Pikachu is Mark’s thing ^^ Jinyoung said he likes Bulbasaur (cause it looks pitiful 👀)

But Jinyoung does end up with Pikachu often ^^ I think Mark either gives them to him or Jinyoung steals them XD

Here’s one time when Mark gave his pikachu wristband to Jinyoung ^^

and then sometimes the fans just give Jinyoung pikachu stuff to support markjin ^^ like at the recent fansign~

I’ll put more under “keep reading” cut ^^

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Some Coffee Shop AU

Word count: 440

Ship: Prinxiety

Summary: Just a short lame coffee shop AU based off of something that happened today.

The smell of baking bread filled the small coffee shop as Virgil entered, the quiet chime of a set of wind chimes jingling as as the door swung open. He inhaled deeply, before sighing contently. After a quick glance around, he moved towards the counter.

He took one of his earbuds out of his ear as the person in front of him left to sit down. He hummed softly as he looked at the display case.

“Good evening Virgil, little late today, aren’t we?” the cashier asked. Virgil blinked. The cashier worked almost every evening. He figured he recognized Virgil, with his purple hair and black clothing choices, but was just surprised to see that he remembered his name.

“I’m sorry… you know my name?” Virgil asked, his mouth still agape and eyebrows raised.

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@fadedforyou @bearly-tolerable AHHHHhahahahaa y'all are killing me! But yessss this needs to happen!! And I know this won’t get much readership but I NEEEED IT!

And at least @star–nymph and @i-don’t-even-like-elves seem interested!!

And I know most of the fandom is gonna be like WHY YOU DO DIS? NOOOO!! And I’m gonna be like fandom YESSSSS! We’re just having fun! Hot, steamy fun.

“It‘s not red, it‘s peach“

(A/N): First of all, I‘m sorry for being absent. Second, this idea popped into my mind on the bus earlier today so I cannot promise that it‘s good. Enjoy x

Words: 528

Originally posted by nxstx

You stumble into the bus and plop down onto one of the empty seat, just like every other school day. Bus rides are probably the most tiring 30 minutes out of your whole morning routine - if you‘d call oversleeping and then try to look remotely decent a routine - thanks to those obnoxious kids at the further back and constant angry adults that complains about everything that breathes. For some reason the bus is immensely cramped today, including the standing seats. Suddenly someone gets pushed down onto the seat next to you with such a bounce, that their shoulder brushes against yours, making you turn your head to look at them. 

“Shit, sorry“ 

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A Mile In His Hoodie

This mostly came from a random discussion with @xladymalice and as a personal resolution to put more of my work on tumblr.  The biggest inspo was from @ravi-0-li-nsfw and their Clotheswap comic.

Title: A Mile In His Hoodie

The Underswap Bros make a visit to the Tale universe, and Papyrus notices that his Swap self seems to make Sans happier in a way he can’t.  All he wants is to be the one to make Sans legitimately smile again.   But what’s a completely identical object of Sans’s happiness to do?

Rating: M (to be safe)

AO3 Link

‘I didn’t expect this,’ Papyrus thought as his brother managed to power a machine that connected two universes together.

'I didn’t expect this,’ he thought as he stared with awed eyelights at what appeared to be another universe’s version of HIMSELF, and of Sans.

'I didn’t expect this,’ was his primary thought when conversing with them, finding them to be the polar opposite of himself and his own brother.  While that version of Sans was enthusiastic, energetic, and outrageously friendly, the other Papyrus was…


…he was like Sans.

That Papyrus (“Call me Paps.”) came out dressed in an oversized orange hoodie, khaki cargo shorts, and sneakers that were half-untied with no intent to retie them in the near future.  He was slouched, hands in his hoodie pockets, eye sockets half-lidded and eyelights soft and hazy, with a cigarette almost ALWAYS between his teeth.

That Sans—dubbed 'Blue’ by his own Sans—scolded Paps about the smoking, lamenting that it was rude to smoke in someone else’s home, and although Paps had conceded, Papyrus still smelled the mellow, thick aroma wherever he went.  He wasn’t a big fan of the smoking; it was quite a horrible habit, and an expensive one.  He often wondered where Paps kept getting the cigarettes anyway.

Blue confided that he wondered the same thing, figuring it was easier to impose a few restrictions rather than banning the habit outright.  Papyrus could understand; his brother DID have a gross ketchup habit and although he hated seeing bottles of it in the house, it was better than Sans spending all of his time at Grillby’s drinking it.

He enjoyed spending time with Blue and sharing their stories of grandeur in their respective homes, but while he and Blue had their time spent in the house, Sans and Paps always seemed to be out.  At first Papyrus thought it was Paps being courteous with his smoking and taking it outside, but when he went to look around, Paps and Sans were always gone.

They returned after various amounts of time, always grinning and laughing with the smell of the cigarettes heavy between them.  It made Papyrus’s nasal bone twitch, but since it wasn’t happening in the house, he didn’t comment on it.

He didn’t comment on a lot of things, though.

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Yoongi walked into the bar and craned his neck to look around. Your cream colored sweater stood out to him, he remembered it from so many nights of cuddling. Smiling to himself, he took a deep breath and walked up to you.

Hey, stranger. He said and you turned, your eyes still had their engaging sparkle that made Yoongi smile even wider. Showing you his gummy grin, you broke into a smile as well. Standing up and throwing your arms around his neck, you sighed.

Hey, right back at ya! You exclaimed and laughed at the look of surprise on Yoongi’s face. There was something about being around him that just felt natural. You didn’t feel like you couldn’t hug him or greet him warmly, you just wanted to be around him. He sat next to you and ordered a drink.

What are you drinking? He asked and you lifted the copper mug to your lips.

Moscow mule with peach vodka. You replied and Yoongi rolled his eyes. Whaa? You exclaimed and he scoffed.

You always order girly drinks. He murmured and you tsked.

There is a man right over there drinking a Moscow mule. You pointed at a man sitting down the bar and Yoongi looked at him.

Still a girly drink. He muttered and you shook your head.

Well I like a guy who can tune into his feminine side. You nudged Yoongi and he looked at you intently. The bartender came up and looked at Yoongi.

What can I get ya? He asked and Yoongi looked at you.

A Moscow mule. He replied, still looking at you. You laughed and shook your head, the bartender made up the drink and Yoongi took a sip. Looking at the cup with consideration. Eh, not bad. He said and you pinched his arm.

I know right? You laughed as he rubbed the area that you had just pinched. So how have you been? You asked once the giggles had worn off. Yoongi got a little quiet, before nodded and taking another sip of his drink.

I’m good, tired, constantly working, the usual. But good, I guess. He said, but the words didn’t match his rather unhappy tone.

Yoongi. You said firmly and Yoongi looked at you. I think I know you better than this. What’s actually bothering you? You asked. It was strange how easily the two of you could avoid talking about the elephant in the room. Both of you were so comfortable with each other even though your breakup seemed to loom in the shadows, lurking and present. But Yoongi seemed to crack.

It’s just I keep thinking I made a mistake. He murmured, you moved closer to his stool as he took another sip from his mug. Resting the copper down on the bar top, you watched him caress the cup for a moment before looking into your eyes. I think I made a mistake ever breaking up with you. He said with such ferocity that your eyebrows involuntarily shot up in surprise. I know I probably fucked up with you, but you at least deserve to know that I’m sorry. I’m sorry for not giving us the chance it deserved, all I could focus on was work and getting through another comeback, that I didn’t think about how you felt. Since I saw you at the airport, I keep on remembering all the times you would cancel things or change plans just to fit into my schedule. I didn’t think about you how I should have. He blurted out and you watched as he scanned your eyes for some form of comprehension. You looked down at your mug, before looking back up at him.

You’re right. You didn’t give us the chance it deserved, I did sacrifice a lot for you, and I worked really fucking hard to try to make it work, when you were willing to throw the towel in at the first obstacle. Yoongi looked down with a sadness to his face. You touched his hand that was sitting on the bar and he looked up at you. But it was the wrong time for us to be together. You said to him. I wanted so badly for it to work, but once we broke up, I was able to achieve my dream job, I moved into a new place, I made friends and lived my life. You told him and he gave you a small smile. Maybe the world just wasn’t ready for us to be an item.

Yoongi understood what you were saying and a part of him thrilled in the fact that you didn’t condemn the relationship, you condemned the timing. Then something caught his eye. A glint of a diamond. There around your neck was the one year anniversary gift that he had gotten you, he smiled as he saw it dangling around your neck. Without warning, he tangled his hand into your hair and brought your face up to his, covering your lips with his own, he felt the shock run through your body before the reciprocation. He felt you press your lips against his, then a smack on the bar drew you two apart in shock.

None of this at the bar! The bartender said sternly and your wide-eyed expression made Yoongi laugh out loud. He placed a few dollar bills on the counter to cover the drinks and took your hand, dragging you out of the bar. As you walked into the night air, you started to bellow a hardy laugh that Yoongi had missed so dearly. He held your hand firmly as he looked around for the street signs.

Woah! You said, stopping Yoongi from quickly pulling you along. He turned to you in confusion. We need to talk about what the hell just happened in there. You said, looking back at the bar that you had walked out of. We were talking about how it was a good thing that we broke up and then you kissed me and now we are here. You recapped, turning back to look at Yoongi, who was now right in front of you.

This. He said, his hands gently touching the pendant that you had put on a couple days prior. This made me get the confidence to kiss you. He muttered and you looked down as he gingerly touched the diamond necklace. If you don’t want this, then I will stop. He said, dropping the necklace and your hand, but you quickly shook your head.

No, that’s not it. You said, taking his hand in yours.

Then, can you follow me? He asked and you nodded.

The two of you walked down the road, before turning a corner. You recognized the place and smiled up at Yoongi, who smirked. As you walked into the kebab shop, the digging of the bell on the door made people in the shop look at you, but quickly look back to their own food and tablemates. The two of you sat in a corner of the restaurant, sitting next to each other in the booth. Before you could pick up the menu, Yoongi turned to face you.

Last time, it was a case of bad timing. I didn’t appreciate everything you had done, but I know better now. I’ve seen the world, I’ve done so much, and yet at every stop, I could only think of you. The way you would bring positivity into every situation, the way you would smile at me even when you were sad, and the way you made me feel. How I could be myself around you, I could just be Min Yoongi. I want that back again. He said and you looked at him.

How do I know that next time when work gets hard, you won’t do this again? You asked and Yoongi looked deep into your eyes.

Because I know what life feels like without you, and I don’t want that ever again. He murmured and you smiled at him. Turning back to the menu and in the most unromantic way possible, you opened it up and exclaimed.

Lamb kebab time?! As you said that to him, Yoongi threw his head back in laughter.

People will come and go in your life. Relationships might not always work out. But Yoongi looked at you and saw his past, his present, and his future. He saw someone that would make him smile on the darkest of days, but also someone who could cry to him when you were upset. He watched as you happily dug into your food and smiled at him with grease dripping down your chin. Shaking his head, he wiped it with a napkin. It was just like before, but this time around, the timing was right. Life was weird like that, it sometimes introduced you to the right people at the wrong times, but it was your job to make sure they stuck around for when the time was right. And that’s what you two did.