peaches and schemes

Here’s some fanart I doodled up in like 10 minutes for @peanutbuttergamer and @spacehamsterg‘s playthrough of Super Mario 3D World! And I couldn’t resist drawing my two favorite Mario characters either

it was 11:30 at night and I was watching episode 9 and literally the second PBG said that someone needed to draw fanart I was like “oK I’LL DO IT”

Pink: Peach’s basic color

Yellow: Gives Peach the color scheme of Princess Daisy

Red: Gives Peach a similar color scheme to Pauline

Blue: Resembles Peach’s blue outfit from MarioGolf (Nintendo 64)

Green: Resembles Peach’s green outfit from MarioGolf (Nintendo 64)

White: Resembles Peach’s wedding dress from Super Paper Mario

White/Red: Resembles Fire Peach from Super Mario 3D World

Black: Gives Peach a similar color scheme to Shadow Queen from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door