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Healthy Breakfast on a Budget

Those of us who live and are one the lower end of the income spectrum know eating healthy can be incredibly difficult. I do my best to feed my family of 7 on about $100 a week, and most of the time I’m successful. (Sometimes I do go over a little out of necessity.)

One way I’ve learned to cut costs is to find cheap healthy food that I can rotate through during the week. You don’t need to eat crepes or fancy omlettes or fresh berry smoothies in the morning to eat with good nutrition. So, here are some simple breakfasts I rotate through with my kids that are healthy and cheap:

Breakfast 1: 
Oatmeal with berries
2 strips turkey bacon

Breakfast 2:
2 hard boiled eggs
1 slice whole wheat toast

Breakfast 3: 
2 scrambled eggs
oatmeal with banana slices

Grocery list:
Great Value old fashioned oats: $1.60
Frozen berries (12 oz): $3.90
Oscar Meyer turkey bacon: $3
18 eggs GV brand: $2.50
Whole Wheat bread: $2

TOTAL: $14.30 (with estimated tax around 10%)

Okay, so I know $14 seems like a lot here, but it really isn’t when you break it down. The old fashioned oats will give you 13 servings. If you are using oatmeal 4 times a week, that container will give you roughly 4 weeks of breakfast. FOR $1.60!! (There are certified gluten free oats available for around $3 too, if you need to be gluten free.)

The frozen berries will also give you up to 12 servings (three weeks if you eat it with your oatmeal, because let’s face it, OATMEAL IS DISGUSTING PLAIN).

The turkey bacon will not only give you two strips 2-3 times a week, but you can use it with other meals. (BLTs anyone??? You’ve got everything but lettuce and tomatoes and those will only be another $4 and they’ll last more than one meal too!)

And the 18 eggs? If you eat two eggs once a day you’ll get 9 days of meals with these. 

And if you only have $15 to your name? You can eat these for EVERY meal and you’re good for at least a week. You don’t need to buy more than you will actually eat. It will help curb binge eating, you’ll have everything you need, and it will help lower the waste of food (seriously, how much food do you think goes bad sitting on the grocery store shelves??).

I know eating healthy when you don’t have money for a lot can be intimidating, but I promise its not impossible. I hope this helps anyone looking for some help!

*Please keep in mind this is for one person. You can figure out servings for bigger families and the cost will adjust a little bit. Make sure you’re feeding your children properly and not giving them a ton more calories than they need and you’ll be able to help combat childhood obesity too. If you live in a fresh food desert check out canned food! Low sodium and “packed in water” options are available and can be as beneficial as fresh fruits. I personally LOVE canned peaches. (: